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  1. For what it's worth, I changed all of my photos to RF or RF Editorial early this year (2017). Prior to this change, RM probably accounted for 90% or so of the photos, but I don't have the exact number. I didn't make good notes of the dates, but basically from February through March. I did this based on Alamy's recommendation, and the fact that they allowed changes and added RF Editorial as on option. I didn't expect that I would see a statistically significant change, and that has been what has happened. But here are the numbers. Year Sales Gross Revenue (all numbers per Alamy's dashboard) 2012 64 6085 2013 40 2735 2014 37 3261 2015 25 1643 2016 62 3411 2017 65 3920 There is little difference between 2016 and 2017. However, just to confuse things, there are two additional possibilities. First, 2016 was a big recovery from 2015, so if this was a beginning of an uptrend then changing to RF might have stopped or reduced the expected increase. Second, the long term trend has been down, and 2016 could have been a fluke. Thus 2017 would have been expected to return to the long term downtrend and then the somewhat flat 2017 could represent a big increase from the expected downtrend as a result of changing to RF. For the first 3 months of 2017 (Jan - March), there were 6 RM sales for $202 and 5 RF sales for $465 -- but one RF for $365 really distorts these numbers. In short, my annual numbers have such a large variation that it would have taken a very great increase or decrease in sales and revenues to allow any meaningful statement as to the effect of my change to RF. I would hope that Alamy has generated meaningful numbers that together with actual feedback from customers led to their recommendations. Robert
  2. Rick, I don't think that statistics on RF only searches would be of much use. I get them occasionally, but fairly rarely. My best guess, and it's only that, is that most buyers will do a general search in hopes of finding exactly what they want. If the buyer finds an image that is much better for their purpose than its closest competitor, then the RM vs. RF distinction probably doesn't matter much. However, if two or more images are both equally acceptable, then the preference for lowest price and / or RF over RM might make the difference in which is licensed. Robert
  3. Abert's Squirrel, taken (and uploaded) in December 2009, $50 gross, $25 net. One of 4 sales for the same amount reported together -- two squirrels, a bird and a butterfly. Robert
  4. Alamy has a diversity algorithm in the search that ensures a variety of photos from different photographers having similar rank. (without it, all of one photographer's images would be displayed before the next photographer got any -- even if his rank was very close). I've never seen any discussion of how often this algorithm changes, so the shifting might only be the result of changes to the parameters in the diversity algorithm and not to any changes to the actual images available. Robert
  5. Truck hauling wind turbine blade in Arizona, USA -- reasonable price by current standards. Taken in 2009
  6. Rick, With regard to your comment that you have some challenges getting out to shoot. May I make a couple of suggestions. First, while you don't want too many similars, you also don't want too few. For example, your photos KF1XMD of the old John Deere tractor and DK5MH4 of the CAT Dozer. I would have taken front views of both, and a full size side view of the John Deere. (Assuming that you could have gotten access for those views.). I've had similar photos of equipment sell, though not for high prices. In fact, six in November though all for $21.74 gross, 10.87 net. Your photo KB230X of the pumpkins and gourds on sale could also have added a tighter shot from the front for just the pumpkins and just the gourds. I noticed several shots of signs in front of stores -- Taco Bell and Walmart come to mind. But no shots of the store itself. Perhaps you were unable to get out for the shot, but if not you were there anyway. One or two wouldn't have hurt. I'm not talking taking 5 or 6 slightly different views, but 3 or 4 very different views would go a long way towards getting your target of 1000 for next year. Since you don't know the buyer's need, you can hardly select the one best shot. While I don't do many shots of objects in the studio, I do see a lot on Alamy so perhaps some do have luck selling them. Your studio background together with objects in the household might be worth a try. Good luck. Robert
  7. A more or less average month. Higher than normal number of sales with 11, but only slightly above average net revenue. Total sales (all numbers gross/net) $381.42 / 188.45. Highest $119 / 59.50, lowest the first distributor sale in months at $11.36 / 3.41. Of interest, there were six sales of similar subjects at $21.74 / 10.87. This brings my total net revenue for the year to slightly above all of last year. So I'm happy. Views were down somewhat at 4710, but zooms at 31 were above average giving me a CTR of 0.66. Interestingly enough, 4 zooms showed up yesterday including one for a search of what I would have thought was a fairly common subject. I had all 3 of the 3 views, with one zoom. And since the subject could be easily duplicated, I'm not sharing the wealth. Unless December is spectacular, I'll still be at about 1/2 of highest sales in 2009 and 2012. Robert
  8. East Fork of Black River in the White Mountains of Arizona, USA Dos Cabezas Mountains with snow and low clouds, Arizona USA Snow on yuccas (and on cholla and prickly pear in background) in southern Arizona, USA
  9. Montezuma Quail (Fool's Quail), male, in Arizona USA
  10. Caterpillar 415F2 loader working on paving job. Just $21.74 gross, $10.87 net. But for only a 758 x 505 pixel file
  11. Arizona Sycamore leaves against sky in Arizona, USA
  12. I regularly use a Canon 1.4x extender with my 300 mm f4 lens, and a 2x extender with my 400 mm f2.8 lens. The 300 mm + 1.4x combination is noticeably softer at wide open (f5.6), so I always use at least an f8 setting for that combination. With the 400 mm + 2x extender, I find that I need at least two stops -- f11 -- to keep the image sharp. This isn't usually a big problem, since the smaller aperture is normally required to get sufficient depth of field anyway. The few times I tried cropping rather than using the extenders, I decided that the extenders gave the better image. And with most smaller birds, even with the extender significant cropping is required for an acceptable photo. Robert
  13. David, When you are trying for very long shots of wildlife, you will find that mirage and haze become real problems. It isn't just the lens that leads to soft images, it is often atmospheric effects. I've taken many photos of sandhill cranes in a field with Canon telephoto lenses that looked great in the viewfinder, and were totally useless when viewed on the computer monitor. I hadn't thought it was that hot a day, but the effect of mirage was incredible. I've seen some surprisingly good photos on birding and / or hunting sites of digiscoped images. They made good documentary photos, but would not have been useable as stock photos. Robert
  14. 3 foot diameter steel pipe for natural gas pipeline in southeastern Arizona. Editorial use. $50 gross.
  15. I had a CTR of 0.99 for October, which is very close to my best since mouse overs were introduced. My CTR has historically been extremely variable. I think it has more to do with who is doing the search -- some buyers seem to zoom frequently while others don't. I've had something like a 100 views on a general search term without a zoom -- as part of a search of 10,000 photos without any zooms. And I just had 6 zooms out of 19 views on one search when only 100 photos were viewed with a total of 8 zooms. As long as my images continue to be viewed at a reasonable rate, I don't worry too much about CTR or rank. Robert
  16. 5 sales for $432.98 gross, $216.50 net. (all numbers will be gross / net). High was $149/74.50, low a presentation for $19.99/10.00. No distributor sales. About average for number of sales and a little better for net revenue than my recent averages. Also, $109 in DACS payment, so I'm just a little below my total for all of last year. Views of 3940 were down for the year, but zooms at 39 well above recent numbers. This gave me a CTR of 0.99 which is close to the highest I've had since Alamy began mouse overs several years ago. I'm happy with how October went. Robert
  17. I just had an image that I uploaded in September 2006 sell for the first time for $105 gross. Somewhat unusual, as it was viewed, zoomed and purchased on the same day. It was a snake, and since Alamy has only 35 images for the search term used, I won't go into any more detail. My point is simply that images shouldn't be deleted just because they haven't sold in a long time. Some probably should be deleted if you have added others that you know are better, and you don't want to take a chance on a search returning the poorer images first. I haven't done this, since I still haven't learned why one of my photos was chosen rather than another, and as such I would be as likely as not to delete the ones that buyers might actually want. Robert
  18. U-Haul truck pulling trailer in southeastern Arizona, USA. Presentation -- $19.99 gross/ $10.00 net. Taken from an exit ramp on a rural stretch of Interstate 10. Robert
  19. I did a quick search for the words "and" and "just" (without the quotation marks). Both returned no images -- they are obviously being ignored by the search engine. If the word just is ignored, then the search for just eat was just a search for "eat", and there are over 1,000,000 images available. A quick search for "just eat" (without the quotes) gave the same 1,000,000 plus. If yours was one of those returned, you're probably doing very well with your rank. Robert
  20. Terrestrial Gartersnake, Arizona, USA View from Kelly Grade, Smoky Mountain Road, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Utah, USA Cottonwood Canyon from Cottonwood Road, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Utah, USA Robert
  21. Thanks for selecting my photo of the little foxes. I was really lucky that day to see them and have them cooperate. Considering that they were wild and in an area where they could be hunted, I have no idea why the mother and pups let me photograph them at close range. Robert
  22. 5 sales for $226.18 gross / $113.11 net. High was $175.00 / 87.50, lows were 2 at $9.99 / 5.00 each. Slightly below average for the month, but I'm still a little ahead of last year at this time so no complaints. No distributor sales. Views were 4775 with 17 zooms for a CTR of 0.36. About average for the views, a bit below average for zooms and CTR. Robert
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