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  1. Male Vermilion Flycatcher perched on sprinkler.
  2. Sold on the 30th -- Round-tailed Ground Squirrel at the mouth of his burrow. Reasonable price.
  3. A relatively poor month for me -- but 2 sales on the 30th saved it from being really bad. I'm still slightly above last year at this time on net revenue so I'm happy. 4 sales for $130.70 / $65.37 gross / net. High $60.93 / $30.47, low 2 PU / presentation at $19.99 / $10.00. Views and zooms down with 3277 and 14 for a slightly below average CTR of 0.43. Robert
  4. Rick, I'm a bit puzzled by your question. Did you submit these and get the automatic reply of too small? Normally, Alamy just bounces the files that are too small and not the entire submission. A couple of points. As far as I know, and I'm no expert, the 300 ppi ( or dpi ) refers only to print standards and has nothing to do with file size or sharpness. Only the actual pixel size matters. Alamy requires a minimum uncompressed file size ( not jpeg size ) of 17 MB. Your smaller file, 3324 x 1801 pixels, gives 3324 x 1801 x 3 = 17,959,572 bytes or 18 MB, so I wouldn't think it would have been rejected for size. ( length x width x 3 where the 3 is for each of the three RGB colors in each pixel ). Is there any chance that you downsized the files before saving and uploading to Alamy? Check the actual pixel dimensions of the image as submitted. The file sizes you quoted for jpeg files are for compressed files, not the original file. The size of the jpeg file will depend upon your compression setting and the nature of the subject in the photo. A high compression setting ( low number in Photoshop ) and a mostly blue sky might give a jpeg file size of only 50 KB, while a low compression setting of a scene with lots of fine detail like small branches might give a jpeg file size of 10 MB for the same number of pixels in the original file. With my Canon 5D Mark II I've never seen an image that I'd call sharp at 200%, although they can be very good at 100%. Robert
  5. I cannot help with how well German editorial images sell on Alamy, but I do see quite a few for sale here. A couple of comments on your images. Unreleased model / property should be marked RF editorial only if sold as RF -- the optional tab on Alamy Image Manager. Your M7R76D for example. You also need to work on captioning and tagging (keywording). For example M7R7G6. I would have the name of the chapel (if known) and its location in the caption. Your tags have France -- wouldn't think this appropriate for a photo taken in Monaco. Inappropriate tags can lead to views that won't be zoomed, which will tend to lower your ranking. You have made a good start -- nice photos and good variety. Best of luck. Robert
  6. Marbled Godwit Female Northern Harrier in flight
  7. Presentation use, natural gas compressor station near Lordsburg, New Mexico, USA
  8. About average for number of sales with 7 but above average for amount with $698.66 gross / $349.35 net. High was $300 / 150, low $36.19 / 18.10. No distributor sales. I'm now somewhat ahead of last year at this time for net sales. Views and zooms were both below average with 3735 / 19, which gave an average CTR of 0.51. All in all, I'm happy with how this year has gone so far. Robert
  9. Taken in 2004, uploaded 11/2008. For a fairly good price. White-crowned Sparrow
  10. There is no way that I know of to avoid having your images returned on a search if the searched words occur anywhere in the tags or captions. Individual words within phrases in a tag are presently searched, although I think I read somewhere that they would have lower relevance that individual words in their own tag. The buyer can use quotes to require the exact phrase. For example, "washing up" in the search should not return your images. I have seen such exact phrase searches only rarely in my Alamy measures. Some years ago, before tags, Alamy was going to allow contributors to require exact phrases in searches with the double quotes, but it never went live. Your only hope is that your competitors have the same problem. I'm always getting hit with searches that return my images from New Mexico -- the state in the US -- when the searcher was looking only for Mexico -- the country. Robert
  11. A slow month, but still better than last February, so there is still plenty of hope for the year. 4 sales for $239.61 / $109.69 ( gross / net ). High 149.00/74.50, low two presentations at 19.99/10.00 Much lower views and zooms with 2915 / 13 for a CTR of 0.45 (only slightly lower than average on the CTR). Robert
  12. Nice to have a sale on the 1st, even if it was only a presentation. And it was one of the small percentage of my sales where the image was zoomed. Parry's Agave in bloom in Arizona, USA. Taken and uploaded in 2009. Robert
  13. Zooms can vary greatly for no apparent reason. Last year my high month was 39 zooms, low 17. Since mouse-overs began in 2009, my high month was 47 and low 3 (and the 47 came years before the 3 when there were fewer images). Changes in zooms only appear to somewhat correlate with what might be re-ranks. My impression, and it's only that, is that some viewers only view a relatively few images and zoom many of them, while others view a large number and zoom hardly any. I've seen searches that included a few of my images that had 15,000 or so total views with no zooms. Not good for the CTR, but then my competitors probably took the same hit. I only consider that the ranking has changed to help or hurt me when the number of views changes sharply. Zooms and sales just seem too random to provide any guidance. Robert
  14. A below average month on sales with 5 sales for $147.37 gross / $50.21 net. Mostly distributor sales. High on the gross were three at $39.13, and on net one at $12.35 -- difference of direct versus distributor percentage payment. Low was a direct at $5.28 / $2.64. The only bright spot is that the monthly net was a little above last January, and last year was a fairly good year. Views were 4025, zooms 24 for a CTR of 0.60. About average on all three. Robert
  15. Bulk distributor sale -- one of three that came in today. Not great prices but consistent with prior sales. Western Diamond-backed Rattlesnake -- detail of tail and rattles.
  16. I added 1242 in 2017 for an increase of 10% over the end of 2016. Numbers per year have ranged from a low of 175 to a high of 2090, with the first submissions in 2006. Total now is about 13,754. Robert
  17. 65 sales for $3920 gross / $1930 net. Plus $110 for DACS to both. The best year in number of sales but not revenue. Number of sales up 3 or 5% from last year. Net revenue (including DACS in both years ) up 18%. 2012 was my prior best year for both sales and revenue. Compared to 2012 sales according to the Alamy Dashboard were up 1 or 1.6%. Interestingly, I only have 51 sales on my spreadsheet for sales compared to 64 for Alamy but gross revenue is very close to the dashboard -- must have had a number of Novel Use or something 2012 that I didn't bother including. By my numbers, gross income was down 34% and net income was down 42% (I've forgotten when the change was made from 60% to 50% for the contributor. This might account for the difference). Average number of images in 2017 was 13,122 compared to 10,140 in 2012 for in increase of 29.4%. Completely consistent with what everyone is reporting on lower sales prices. Robert
  18. December was a little bit above average with 8 sales for $362.47 gross / $166.54 net. Views were well down at 3554 but zooms not so much at 21 for a CTR of 0.59. High was $89.00 / $44.50, low a distributor at $3.39 / $1.02. Four sales on the same day for $50.00 / $25.00. All in all, not a bad month for me. Robert
  19. Steve, Welcome to Alamy and the best of luck with your sales. A couple of comments on the images you have uploaded. I would include the scientific name when you have it in the caption as well as the tags where you have included it. Also, I would add a general location to the caption and tags -- maybe just Spain or Andalucia, Spain. Sometimes it matters to a buyer where the photo was taken. I don't do detailed locations as I doubt buyers would be interested on my animal photos. In my case, just Arizona USA not Bonita Creek, Cochise County, etc., unless there is a good reason. Also, I'd add some commas to the caption to make it easier to read: Scarce Swallowtail Butterfly, Pear-tree Butterfly, and so on. Robert
  20. Betty, I started to separate out prior sales, especially those that had been renewed. But then I decided it was more trouble than it was worth since RF prices now seem to be competitive with RM, so someone renewing probably would get an RF image for the renewal price and not be unhappy. My highest RF as I mentioned was $365 gross / $182.50 net for RF Editorial Only. But I just had an unrestricted RF (animal) through a distributor for $3.39 gross, $1.02 net. Granted it was for only a 691 x 461 pixel size. When I first started with Alamy in 2006, RF prices were generally much higher than RM prices for editorial use, but that doesn't really seem to be the case any more. I've always hoped for the lucky high dollar commercial RM sale, but in 11 years I haven't had one so losing that possibility probably doesn't hurt me. As an aside, I've never really liked the idea that images could be restricted from commercial use based on their marginal content -- that ought to be up to the end user. For example, a photo of a mountain lake in a national forest would be marked as no model release if fishermen on the far bank could be seen at 100%. But the photo would be perfectly acceptable for commercial use at a lower size where the fishermen would be at most colored dots, and probably cloned out anyway. Robert
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