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  1. Unless I completely misunderstand RAW files, the bit depth for 8 bit RAW files would only be 1, not 3.  The sensor pattern consists of red, blue and green  (2 green, 1 red, 1 blue ratio).  So Russel's 5472 x 3448 pixels would give only 18,867,456 bytes.  A somewhat greater bit depth, saw 10 against 8, would take this up to 23.5 MB.  Also, some programs report file size in the computer definition of Megabyte:   2 to the 20th power or 1,048,576 bytes, which introduces another complication.


    When the conversion is then made from RAW to other formats such as tiff,  each original pixel is replaced by a computed RGB pixel:  3 bytes for 8 bit depth or 6 bytes for 16 bit depth.  Hence the much larger file sizes for tiff versus RAW.




  2. Railroad tracks in desert near Vicksburg Junction in western Arizona, USA  (Arizona and California Railroad).  Another A to add to Bill's -- taken Feb. 21, 2008.  The first time this one sold, although others in the series have sold before.  It also joins the rash of $15/7.50 direct sales that many others have reported.  This is my 4th such sale in the last two days.






    Railroad tracks through desert near Vicksburg Junction Arizona - Stock Image




  3. El Cabo Wind Farm in east central (between Willard and Encino) New Mexico, USA.  From what I could find online, the blades sweep an area 114 meters in diameter, the hub height is 95 meters, and the power rating 2.1 Megawatts.  The design of the farm calls for 142 of these turbines for a total of 298 Megawatts.  Note the stairs at the base of the near tower.


    A high $$ gross sale,  but after distributor commission not so great net.






  4. A reasonably good month.  Number of sales at 9 was slightly above average,  as was the dollar value at $450.15 / $225.10  (all figures gross / net).  This puts me slightly above last year at this time for net revenue.   No distributor sales this month.


    High sale was $175 / $87.50, there were 2 at $100 / $50 each, and the low as $7.49 / $3.74.  There were 1-A, 5 Bs, and one each of E, H, and M.  The M was the high sale, and the first sale of an image taken this year.  All were RF.


    The number of views at 3251 was slightly below average, but the zooms at 12 were well below average giving a below average CTR of 0.37.




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  5. A slightly above average month for sales  -- both number and amount.  Leaves me just slightly lower for this year compared to last year at the same time.


    8 sales for a total of $449.99 / $229.01  (gross / net).  High was $171.99 / $86, low $7.99 / 4.00


    It was a good month for the oldies:  1-A, 4-B, 1-C, 1-E, and1-H.  Most of these were first time sales.


    Views and zooms were both below average as was CTR:  3246 views, 14 zoom, 0.43 CTR.


    In all, not bad.





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  6. Way above average on sales with 16, but only a little above average for revenue with $471.07 / $228.96  (all numbers gross / net).  The high was $149.00 / $74.50 with one other over $100 gross, but the lows were 6 at $13.72 / 6.86 each and 6 bulk distributor sales to China -- probably the same outfit as several other members have posted to the July sales thread -- at $3.96 / $1.19 each.  This leaves me a little above last year at this time on net revenue.


    Zooms were way down at 9, views down at 2435, giving a lower than average CTR of 0.37.


    An interesting month.

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  7. Jed,


    You might want to look at Keith Morris's  (RedSnapper) posts and portfolio.  He's done very well with photos not far removed from his town.  (Admittedly Great Britain and not Canada as I'm assuming you are).  You don't need photos of exotic, and expensive, locations to make a meaningful addition to a low income.


    Also, every month in the last year or so there has been a thread on photos sold.  Look at all of them.  You'll get plenty of ideas.  Just remember that there's plenty of competition, and you will need several thousand images of a variety of subjects to make regular sales of common subjects.


    Another thing to remember is that this is a business.  If you obsess over every image -- both taking and editing -- you'll run out of time before you get the required number and variety.  This doesn't mean taking photos of just anything or ignoring post processing, just don't try to make each image into a masterpiece.  Unless you're one of those who has a great understanding of what sells -- in which case a small portfolio of well edited images will work very well.  But then, if you are one of them, you wouldn't have asked your question.


  8. Alamy seems to be using the computer definition of Megabyte:  1,048,576 bytes   ( 2 to the 20th power bytes ).


    Therefore, your image needs 17 times 1,048,576 or 17,825,792 bytes.  Photoshop shows the size of the image in MB as per the computer definition above.  So if Photoshop is showing 17 MB or greater you are good to go.


    For a standard jpeg ( 8 bit color depth ), each pixel has 3 bytes of information -- one each for red, green and blue.  So you need a minimum of 17,825,792 / 3 or 5,941,931 pixels.  


    Any combination of length and width that gives at least this meets the requirements.  For example, a 1.5:1 aspect ratio, the standard 35 mm format, with a 3000 pixel length on the long side would be 3000 x 2000 pixels or 6,000,000 total pixels.  A square format would require 2438 pixels on each side.  Alamy has no requirements for aspect ratio, so just look  at your pixel dimensions and make the multiplication.




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  9. A little above average for number of sales but a bit below average for value.  7 sales for $213.38 / $102.02  ( gross / net ).  High was $59.99 / 30.00.  Low 3 distributors at $7.80 / 2.34.  The net for the first 6 months of this year is almost identical for that of last year.  Nothing to complain about.


    Zooms at 3481 were a bit below average, but zooms at 25 were about average.  This gives a CTR of 0.72 which is a bit above average.




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  10. Below average sales and revenue with 3 sales for $172.84 / $85.66  (all numbers gross / net ).  High was $149.00 / $74.50, low a distributor for $3.85 / $1.16 .  Net revenue for the year is still slightly above last year at this time, so I'm still happy.  There was one other sale that was refunded the same day.  Not for a large amount so it didn't hurt too much.


    Views were below average with 3419, but zooms about average with 26 giving me an above average CTR of 0.76.  




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