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  1. Taking the op's caption, let see what we can do: Augustas Serapinas, Chair for the Invigilator - light blue, 2019, sculptural installation, Arsenale exhibition, 58th Venice Art Biennale 2019 Exhibition ---> \e1\ Arsenale exhibition \e2\ etc Venue ---> \v1\ = 58th Venice Art Biennale 2019 Artist ---> \a1\ = Augustas Serapinas \a2\ = Cathy Wilkes \a3\ etc Work ---> \w1\ = Chair for the Invigilator - light blue, 2019 \w2\ feather up a duck's backside II \w3\ etc Type ---> \t1\ = sculptural installation \t2\ = painting \t3\ = watercolour etc So using the correct news format: {city}, {country}. \{day}\ {iptcmonthname3}, {iptcyear4}. \v1\. \e1\. \a1\, \w1\, \t1\. Gives me: Venice, Italy. 20th May, 2019. 58th Venice Art Biennale 2019. Arsenale exhibition. Augustas Serapinas, Chair for the Invigilator - light blue, 2019, sculptural installation. All you would need to do is change the numbers for the different artists and works and save as you go along. yes Sally should have put AND code replacement
  2. For example, if I type this in the keyword window ---> \s1\ It brings up this: storm waves, stormy sea, stormy seas, stormy weather, Weather, Stormy weather, Storm, Storm Seaside, Gale, Gales, Gale force winds, Waves, Ocean, Sea, Stormy day, Stormy morning, Gale-force, Extreme weather, crashing waves, bad weather So, footballer with number 1 on his shirt could be ---> \f1\ = West Ham goalkeeper Adrian makes a fine save Art gallery exhibition, artist 1 ---> \a1\ = Artist Joan Miro Art gallery exhibition, artist 2 ---> \a2\ = Artist Pablo Picasso Picture ----> \p1\ = Blue I, II, III Typing this in the caption: \a1\, \p1\ gives Artist Joan Miro, Blue I, II, III so typing this {city}, {location}, {country}. \{day}\ {iptcmonthname3}, {iptcyear4}. gives me this: Hastings, East Sussex, UK. 6th May, 2019. I never ever have to type in the current date for a caption anymore make up your own ones for whatever match, art exhibition, photo shoot, etc you are attending before you get there So with the op, I'm sure he would have had an idea of the artists exhibiting and artworks, all of that could have been pre written along with dates, location, etc
  3. So they were using the necessary tools to get the job done, you didn't, so why are you blaming alamy for your failure to get these news pictures uploaded on time? Have you not heard of Photomechanic and variables? ps. the only thing I make you right about is the alamy opening times, should be open on a Saturday morning at least!
  4. You currently have 2 sales, which one will be refunded first, place your bets
  5. If I compare with last year (my first full year here) my views have shot up, so have my zooms. I just wasn't expecting a blank month!
  6. I'm scratching my head at this one how do you go from at least 5-15 a month to zero sales? May isn't looking any better with no zooms or licenses yet. I'm exclusive in all my images. September October November December January February March April $433.32 $798.66 $313.04 $290.27 $212.67 $764.85 $326.44 $0.00
  7. Excellent, so shoot the event as if it’s live news upload via archive and it should be available after the overnight update the following morning.
  8. Nobody is stopping you formatting the caption as if it was live news! Get creative so you don't reach the 150 character limit. πŸ˜‰
  9. The comment about the green faces has now been deleted! but an event that attracts nearly 100,000 people if you include the Mayday Bike Run is a major event in my book (I'm there every year) I should add along with Getty, PA, local Hastings Observer and others!
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