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  1. Are you suggesting uploading panoramas as his first uploads?, if we keep it simple by using the min. 3000px on the longest side for STANDARD formats (3:2 4:3) he will have no issues with file sizes.
  2. "That's what I was pointing out, a panoramic with a longest side of 3000 pixels would be downsizing, it wouldn't meet the Alamy spec. " Depends on the aspect ratio ;D
  3. I was just trying to simplify it with a minimum 3000 px , it doesn't seem to be getting through though
  4. 1:1 = 3000 x 3000 4:3 = see above Panoramas = Why would you ever downsize a panoramic image when the whole point is to increase pixels!!!???
  5. These were guidelines issued when the dinosaurs roamed the earth, I wish they would ditch this and just say that all files have to have a minimum of 3000 pixels on the longest side, would save a lot of hassle!!!
  6. Anyone else having a shocker this month zoom wise? well down on the usual!
  7. There is a very particular tattoo that pic editors seem to want, and no not I'm telling anyone what it is! 🤣
  8. Measures were updated around 8.30 this morning but doesn't work for me now either
  9. That's firefox btw, in chrome the correct icons show up!
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