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  1. How was your 2018

    ? Care to share
  2. DACS 2019

    Exactly what I was looking for, thanks.
  3. One Lightroom Catalog or Many?

    Yep, specially with several cameras on the go I import thus: [location]_[date]_[number].jpg Never had a repeat Or better if you use photo mechanic to ingest and cull your images
  4. One Lightroom Catalog or Many?

    You shouldn't be doing that, have a look at this website. She is Adobe's principal lightroom specialist
  5. DACS 2019

    Will have a read later, thanks
  6. DACS 2019

    Someone may know this: I currently let Alamy sort out my DACS payments. Usually magazines. If I sell a couple of images through another agency that specialises in book covers. How do I claim for these? Do I just claim direct?
  7. Images sold in January

    Used in the current bun
  8. Dry January

    None for me, EVER
  9. Attention Live News Shooters:

    You can't, there is no mobile version, I think Julie is suggesting a course for mobiles using shuttersnitch or Press IPTC, etc
  10. Attention Live News Shooters:

    I think you need a better phone
  11. Attention Live News Shooters:

    PRESS IPTC, easy enough to setup, used it before I was given an iphone. Not as many options as shuttersnich but if you are confident of sending your jpegs on the fly to alamy, you can.
  12. Attention Live News Shooters:

    Just use ShutterSnitch, very easy setup (iPhone only)