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  1. Yes, I added Gatwick airport departure lounge! I also notice London eye has 220,563 images where I have no chance at all of competing, however one of my images pops up at lot for the search because I have the keywords 'people queueing rain' they happen to be queueing for the ' london eye' Thanks for the help, much appreciated
  2. How do I overcome this though, as it doesn't seem very fair to me that I can't rise to prominence in these very popular searches, that's why i mentioned 'time' being a factor in rank
  3. The one thing I have noticed only being here for a couple of years is that I have improved my ranking considerably for most searches by consistently uploading and selling images every month and if the subject has only 3-5000 images total I can guarantee to be on the first page of a search most times and with larger searches on pages 1,2 or 3. However, I have noticed a discrepancy with popular themes, for example, 'Gatwick airport' returns 6064 images, I was expecting to be on the first 1-2 pages, but my two images are on page 5 of the search. So the question is why? Length of time submitting perhaps?
  4. Your rank will determine where they place your uploaded images on the page (1st, 2nd, 3rd page of images, etc) Sales will push your images further up the page Probably 😉 Once you start don't ever ever give up 😁
  5. Working photographers get free entry, nothing to do with alamy
  6. Who on earth is giving red arrows, have you never heard of 'banter' 🤬
  7. I didn’t say I wasn’t going, I’m just going to avoid you 😜
  8. Which begs the question, how many more images have you uploaded since then?
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