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  1. Thank you all for the quick and helpful replies! Much appreciated!
  2. Hello all I uploaded 45 images in August and kind of forgot about them as I had more regular sales from another site. I've logged back in and I have made 7 sales! Woohoo! Here's what it says: Summary for statement period 01 February 16 to 10 January 17 (7 item(s) totalling $44.22) Yet my current cleared balance is only $8. I'd be very grateful if you could help with the following questions: 1) Is that $44.22 mine? Or do Alamy then take my cut from it? 2) Why has only $8 cleared? $27 worth of sales were in October! 3) Is that amount in USD or AUD? I'm based in Australia and can't work out what currency the sales are in. 4) Do people have any opinions on what payment method is best when I reach the threshold? I was going to do bank account, but the information required doesn't quite match up with Australian bank accounts (we don't have swift codes). Thanks in advance! Matt
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