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  1. Hi There's nothing really wrong with your pictures or keywording, although I think you're partially overkeywording pictures. If it's not in the picture, don't keyword it (e.g., the olympic games related keywords on the picture showing a public transport map), and if it is not relevant or accurate, don't mention it either (e.g., the two cats "enjoying the sun", but they are in the shadow, and basically just irrelevant background of a bedroom picture). So, if nothing is really wrong, why are you still not successful? It's very simple and is mentioned in oh so many "newbie looking for adv
  2. Greetings from NW London! My name is Todor and although I have been with Alamy for a few years, now, I have not really been as succesful here as with other agencies. It is 2017 and I am going to have to learn the Alamy way to succeed here. I am sure I have been going wrong somewhere along the way but am not really sure where! If you have any advice on what not to upload and where to focus my craft to get more sales here please let me know. Thanks in advance. Todor
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