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  1. Ahh okay thank you! I don't mind in honesty. $12 is fine really I was just confused why I couldn't get it to equal that. And indeed it is, I thank Byran again for this as otherwise I wouldn't have had a clue! It seems a little bit dodgy that they can use it and 3 months later you have to find it yourself if they haven't reported it but there we are. Thank you.
  2. Hi, So I started with Alamy on the 01/01/17 and made my first reported sale two days ago on 30/03/17 of photo HGBFXM yet there was a reported finding of this photo in the February found an image discussion http://discussion.alamy.com/index.php?/topic/6982-have-you-found-any-alamy-photos-february-2017/page-11 from the Sunday Times on the 19/02/17. The details given from the sale on 30/03/17 were: Country: United Kingdom Usage: Editorial Media: Newspaper - national Print run: up to 2 million Placement: Inside and online Image Size: 1/4 page Start: 01 February 2017 End: 02 February 2017
  3. Don't worry unless you have been told its a fail, I've uploaded 3 batches this year all -30 images, the smaller with 15 took three days the next were cleared early next day after a post dinner upload. I've only ever had a couple of errors, the first time was a soft image a few years ago and one image last April year, which had Chromatic Aberation, the problem being the batch then failed, sometimes they seem to take longer, especially if you think I'll tag them later, like watching a boiling kettle, it seems to take longer :-) You're not notified of a fail in advance. You only find out wh
  4. I find that I gain at least two to three f-stops when shooting in low light with my Sony e-mount Optical Steady Shot lenses. Same was true with my Sony DSLR (sold it after I switched to mirrorless), which had in-camera stabilization. If you are shooting in "normal" light at average shutter speeds, then image stabilization isn't going to make any difference -- i.e. you won't see any changes in the results if you turn it off. That will be why then thank you! I always try to shoot in the best possible conditions. I'll using it less in the light to save battery and see if I can notice the d
  5. Alright, thank you both. It just seems odd that after 8 batches of next working day QC that this one is taking a lot longer. Oh well, I'll just wait and see then! :~)
  6. I'm not complaining or griping here but I am curious to know if anyone else has noticed longer QC wait times in the past week. Batches uploaded last week were reviewed within 1 working day. This week, I uploaded a batch on Monday (9th) and they are still awaiting QC (13th) which is (depending on my upload time on Monday) 4/5 working days. Thank you all!
  7. I always leave steady shot on (using Sony a350) but I did once try it without and I can't say it made a difference for me?
  8. I must have focused slightly oddly but it was an incorrect reason it that there was no reason for it fail. There's a bit more information why in the long post above. Thank you for your comment though - it's something I now know I need to work on.
  9. Indeed. Thankfully mine were trains which helps avoid slight confused! And that's just a shame when you cannot use your own photos because of reasons like that.
  10. This post will be a series of quotes from both the email sent to contributor service and previous posts in this thread for those interested. Again thank you all for your help and welcoming attitudes. Here begins the story of a mistaken reject... (Not to worry Alamy). I emailed contributors@alamy.com and within quarter of an hour received a response from Shelley. I guess you mean Contributor Service now - contributors@alamy.com - MS - Member Services is a bit yesterday and doesn't work any longer. Here is what she said: This supports both the suggestions from chrumu an
  11. Yes it was their error I have no found out, but I do know why. Just typing it up as "the solution" now but more so for the interest of everyone who has helped with this query.
  12. I cannot notice this on the roof vent myself, but can on the chimney. How would I prevent further purpling like that? Is it ISO related? Thank you.
  13. I'm not entirely sure what counts as glamour, but they were pictures exclusively of a train and a platform.
  14. Isn't it law that you are permitted to take and use pictures for whatever purpose on from Network Rail property? As for the actual trains, this I don't know. The operators were First Great Western (defunct) and Virgin Trains East Coast. If you have a look at Network Rail's website you'll find (https://filming.networkrail.co.uk/home.aspx) extensive information on what is required for commercial filming (which I take to include photgraphy) at their stations. They backed down last year on removing all images taken on their premises when it was pointed out to them that these were not comme
  15. I am not quite sure the image is completely sharp / in focus in a logical area. So if failed, I would say it was the wrong key / reason. But do send them an e-mail and clear it up. Alright thank you, I'll be sure to query it then as there was one which did pass which I cannot tell my difference in focusing but then I do have to auto-focus as my eyes are blurry so maybe I could not tell when reviewing on pc.
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