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  1. Ok Thanks, I will go back and re-read the new contract. I remember when Alamy used to pay contributors 70% but stock photography has been in a downward spiral for a while. Although Alamy is still one of the best agency in this business for editorial stock.
  2. Hey Everyone, Been a long time since I’ve posted on here. My question is, exclusive vs non-exclusive. Seems a lot of contributors are changing their alamy portfolios to non-exclusive. Just wondering why. I’ve searched a little in the forum and read the contributors are moving to non ex but didn’t find an answer why. Also feel free to post why or why not you make your photos exclusive. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
  3. Had an awesome month! 21 sales and one of the sales to be used for a large mural wall in a Nashville country music museum. One licensed for television, a nice change from the bread and butter sales of editorial websites/newspapers/magazines and travel guides.
  4. Many times you don't have to offer a print, just a medium-res digital file will work. In this day of the "it's all about me" facebook life style, hand the person your card with the picture file number on the back. Tell them you will send them a picture that they can use for facebook or what ever (watch their eyes light up) if they send an email and make sure they mention the day and file number. Also tell them if the picture is good enough after processing it, you might even ask them to sign a release to use for your portfolio or even get published. Many times they will sign a release right th
  5. Betty, that article uses a Hama variable ND lens as an example. Those will run you about 50 bucks, and are truely worthless. A good Variable ND filter will set you back $300 - 400 and worth it. You should look into some reviews on B+W, or Heliopan filters. http://philipbloom.net/2011/06/04/the-best-variable-nd-filter-i-have-used/ http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/765517-REG/Heliopan_707790_77mm_Vario_Neutral_Density.html
  6. Anytime you can get a release for people or property, get it! especialy if it is easy to aquire. Without a release you could be losing sales and money, maybe hundreds or thousands.
  7. Pet packaging and advertising pays well (pet food, toys, treats, etc) but a release is almost always required and with all t's crossed and i's dotted. Companies pay a small fortune for design and development for thier packaging and don't want to be set back with image rights issues. For editorial use no release required.
  8. If I were keywording that I might even think about separating the two syllables and quote it "golden rod" or [golden rod], [golden rod gall fly]. Even though I don’t think quotes or brackets do anything but take up space. No wonder my ctr is not so great and my rank is suffering.
  9. An Iphone SLR lens mount, for Canon and Nikon mounts. Wow, but I wonder how well it works? Anyone tried one of these? A sincere question not trying to be spammy. https://photojojo.com/store/awesomeness/iphone-slr-mount/
  10. I think that even if there's no logo on hot air balloons you still need a release, many balloons are custom made with custom color patterns that make them identifiable property. I wouldn't bother with editing out the logo's or trademarks, not worth the time.
  11. I've had one sell 9 times mostly for $180 textbooks - Sorry cant show that one there are very few shots of it on alamy Had this one BFGDB1 sell 5 times, then it went viral and is now all over the web and it has not sold since I've had several others sell 3 or more times
  12. They are great to have in your bag, saves a lot of time in switching filters. My advice is to buy only the best either Hoya or Heliopan, well worth the extra money. The less expensive Chinese versions tend to have a color cast and can make images a little soft.
  13. I've gotten rid of most my digital stuff from before 2008 when I was using 6 and 8 mp cameras. I went through some old files from 2009 and 2010 on exhd's and found a lotta shots that I over looked because I was in a hurry and some with poor color or not exposed quite right. A little photoshop and fixed 'em right up. There are some great shots I would have thrown out, glad I didn't. I have a ton of 35mm and 6x7 negatives I need to scan and digitize some day. That's a whole nother story!
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