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  1. After 2 failed submissions - finaly got accepeted again. Will have 99 online once i edit these. Slowly but surely building my port.
  2. Great sales guys. I was approved 12/4/12. Have 76 pics online (very small i know) Have some pend with others ready to go. Maybe one day a sale will come along -- but i still have a ways to go.
  3. thought of putting some of my pictures in lightboxes. what are the benifits or disadvanatages of doing so?
  4. nothing but bad luck for me this week. drug reaction put me in bed for 4 days. a failed QC and wha appears to be a second on 2 days in a row. time to fall back and punt. cllear mt head and get myself back to normal. only thing my little chichuchua hasn't deserted me. he my be just 3 lbs big he has a big heart.
  5. if i start not to make any sense please forgive me. that edicine is making me ill.
  6. that's what i said in anotjer post. if someone has multiple fails making them wait is understandable. i had 13 batch passes befre this one failed.
  7. what i'm saying is that those that have proved themselves are being pentilized the same as those who fail QC more often. shouldn't the proven ones get cut sone slack (so to speak)?
  8. just added 20 more - if passed will give me 98 online. this week has been slow - i had a reaction to a prescribed drug. (won't be take it any more). but next week should be good to go.
  9. this is a new forum and everybody deserves a fresh start. lighten up on him unless he deserves it. there i had my say on the matter,
  10. 1 failed the whole batch. Oh well i have more to go.
  11. at least for those that have quite a few approved. 13 batches straight ought to count for something. i can see waiting if you don't pass QC regularly.
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