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  1. Good Afternoon guys. First of all I just have to say Wow what an amazing community you are here, it's really something great, I did not expect so many responses and advice. Thank you so much all of you. And you are right that I am new to editorial photography so I will try to get better with the captioning and keywords. To be honest I thought that the caption of a photograph is not that important if the words are in the keywords section but apparently that was a mistake. I will have to remedy that when time allows. I will also try to learn and take more editorial-suitable images if possible. B
  2. Hello guys, I just wanted to ask those with RF only images who started on Alamy in the last 12 month if and when did they have a first sale? I started roughly 8 months ago and still no sale. I have 133 images with good or optimized discoverability and 1542 images with poor discoverability. All the images are fully keyworded. I was hoping for some sale to show me that it is not a work in vain to optimize the rest of my photos but it did not happen so I will probably not bother with the rest. Just wanted to ask around to see if this is not normal and that my images are probably not interest
  3. Hi, may I ask why a tiny unrecognizable person 2 km away at the edge of the photograph cannot be sold under RF license here and elsewhere it can?
  4. Hello guys, I have a question regarding keywords - can/should I put the same keywords in essential, main and comprehensive fields or is this not necessary or is it considered keyword spamming?
  5. Hi all, thank you for your replies. So you all basically upload just to Alamy? Guys who are here a few years may I ask how are the sales here? Is it growing for you or declining? I must say the typical microstock is declining rapidly with more and more people submitting and more and more photos on the sites.
  6. Hello guys, I am new here and I would like to ask for advice regarding the license type. I have some photos that I have been selling on other sites as royalty free and I would like to upload them here as well. I assume I can only upload them as royalty free and nor rights managed, am I correct?
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