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  1. Why not restrict ONLY upon learning Alamy licensed image -- NOT BEFORE?!! Why lose opportunity for other agencies' licensing in advance of something that may or may not happen??? Jeff, you really give great advice. Myself and I am sure others really appreciate it. It is nice to get info from someone that doesn't have a self righteous snippy attitude. I have so much to learn.
  2. Do you mind telling us what you got per sale? .......... ..... No need to answer. I think I know Thanks Clement for your feedback. I am learning from everybody. I see after looking a your photos you can take a picture of anything and everything, dead animals on the road, cars wrecked, inside Library's, street corners, car transports, Hallways. The possibilities are endless.
  3. Thanks for the information. I rechecked that photo. I didn't realize I hadn't ticked the editorial only box on that one. Thanks for the constructive feedback, Niels.
  4. Yes, I do realize that Matt. I am looking at this as an ongoing hobby at this point. It will continually pay off for past work. That is really cool about your recent sale. That is how I look at it.
  5. That was $950 gross trade book cover exclusivity for ~10 yrs? That DOESN'T require removing it from one's other agencies. It can still be licensed for all non-trade-book uses, e.g., newspapers, magazines, posters, postcards, etc. It means informing one's other agencies they CAN'T licenses it to trade book publishers for 10 years... If other agencies don't accept restrictions, then Y E A H, delete AFTER Alamy licenses it. But "I haven't made a dime" sounds like it wasn't licensed... :ph34r: Jeff, I saw on some of your photos you have Rm and RF checked at the top of the page. Do you do that on everything? What do you suggest. Thank you so much for your input.
  6. Thanks for the info Jeff, No they obviously chose another photo. But being so new I was so honored. Either way it did get me motivated permanently. I love stock photography.
  7. The reason I ask is the first part of Dec 2016 I started Alamy with about 50 photos. Into January nothing. I got bored and stopped. February I was notified by Alamy that a buyer wanted to use one of my photos as a book cover and wanted to know if they chose my photo I would have to remove the photo from the other sites. At the time I had stopped with all this and only had one other site. They said the price would be 900+ and I as you would imagine with only about 50 photos uploaded. I was immediately fired up and haven't calmed down sense then. That is why I don't want to get in that situation. If I am approached again I don't want to say no if I can't deactivate a photo from another site soon enough. The thing I have found that the sites I have made my sales on are the strictest on accepting photos. Alamy accepts all my photos and I haven't made a dime, hmm. One site will be one month and I have 12 sales.
  8. Thanks John, Can you do RM on more than one site. Will you run into the issue of not being able to stop a photo on sale right away from site A, because it sold on site b.
  9. You sell photo rights to a photo on one. Alamy lets you delete it but doesn't remove it for 6 months from the buyers for 3 months. At 6 months it is deleted completely. It looks like you can get into quite a quandary. I have no sales on Alamy yet but 18 elsewhere. !2 are on another site. I have been on for almost a month.
  10. Great ideas Betty, I will get started on that. Thankfully, I am receiving this info now instead of after having thousands of images uploaded. I am still waiting for my first sale on here. All this information should make a huge impact. I know this is a numbers game. Once you have everything inputted right. Each photo sold is like renewals every month for past work. Thanks Betty!
  11. Thank You, all for the very constructive advice. I love it. I have already made most of the corrections. I am now about to ID better.
  12. Thanks Robert for that info, I am learning and all photos with errors will be corrected. I really appreciate the advice
  13. Thanks for the info, I thought a crane is the same as a heron. I looked it up and they are different. Thanks for the info, Issue corrected.
  14. Thanks, That should create more income on a sale correct?
  15. Hi Everyone, I am new at this and I have a lot to learn. How do you make a determination to sell Rights Managed or Royalty Free?
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