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    I can't find my images in advanced search, or when I click on images counter under my avatar.

    The images were showing previously





    I suggest you review your keywording. What are you trying to achieve by adding keywords like 'hotel', 'tourist', or 'swimming' to an image which contains neither the mentioned object, nor a person carrying out that activity?


    Do you assume that of the 95+ million images on Alamy there's not a single image of a hotel, so if a client searches for 'hotel' he will buy your image of an empty beach instead?



    I didnt do that on purpose, I am a beginner here and I thought that I have to write a description so I wrote a paragraph like "Photo taken in golden sun hotel during my visit ... bla bla bla"


    I will change it to relevant comma separated keywords.

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  2. Regarding Property release & Model release, as I read in Alamy instructions if you couldn't provide these, then you can only sell the photo as RM only.


    As I understand it a the property/model release is like permission to use your photo commercially if it contains a building or people in it, but how an RM covers that while it is only about limited use of the photo & the photo can still be used commercially by end user?

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