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  1. Hello Volks! I have recently bought a camera where you can select different options for the format of the photo: 4:3, 3:2, 16:9, 1:1. I would like to know if Alamy accepts every format of photos and if you can suggest to me which format is the best for a common use by Alamy's customers and why. Thank you, regards Lorenzo
  2. Thank you, Kimba for your tips. Indeed sometimes we skip the opportunity of taking some photo of a subject that seems not interesting for us, but that instead can be meaningful for somebody else in this world! I will go to see also your portfolio to learn some more from you. Regards, Lorenzo
  3. Thank you and ciao Carlo! I will come to watch your photos to understand what kind of subjects you were mentioning (shop interiors, food markets...) which are more reliable to be sold. What do you mean by "supertags"? Regards, Lorenzo
  4. Than you for you adive, Bob. As for most of the people I take photos when I go travelling, but it is true that I should take also "situation" "activities" photos since they sell more. Regards, Lorenzo
  5. Thank you for your advice, Chuck. Indeed some of my descritpion and tag works are light, I am not always inspired when I do that :) Wow, 100 licneses a year it sonds great! Regards, Lorenzo
  6. Hi Steve! Thanj you very much for your comments, I really appreciate! I agree with you with all the advice you are trying to give me for the photos of mine you showed. Most of my photos comply with good lightning and good compositions, but some don't. I should improve and it is good that a 3rd person like you ask me to pay attention. Just some comments of 4 of my photos you showed. For the first one, you should know that one of these medieval towers is really leaning, it is not perfectly vertical. So it is not a pure defect of my photo :) https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/
  7. Hello! I am an italian amateur photographer who is uploading most of his photos on Alamy. I try to vary my subjects, but most of the photos I upload are taken during my short or long trips. I have not uploaded a big number of photos yet, but I am quite regular in doing it, every month I upload some more. I am not very satisfied of my sales and this year I had no sales up to now! That is why I kindly ask you to give me your advice, tips or any comment to allow my photos to be more used by Alamy's customers. Thank you very much in advance, Ciao! Lorenzo
  8. I don't think so, but as somebody else said there is not submission number on the email they sent so it is a possibility. Thank you
  9. Yes, it is true. It will be clear with some submission number in the email
  10. Hello Volk! It happend to me the following so I would like to know if you can help and say what the best is to do. I received, as usual, an email from Alamy saying that the last phots that I had uploaded passed the Quality control. So I went on my page of Alamy to insert all the usual information (tags, place...) to these photos. But I could not do it as these photos appeared to be still on quality control! It is the first time that this has appened to me. I tried to write an email to contributors@alamy.com, but I got back only an automatic reply saying that due to Covid-19
  11. By the way Geoff, I have understood correctly, you are suggesting me to choose the license of image image ID H9J6BA. from RF to RM. May you show me hot to change the type fo license? Thank you again. Lorenzo
  12. Hello every1! I beg your pardon for this question (probably stupid) or if that was already asked before (I could not see it tough), but I have a question here as a newby on Alamy: I have uploaded a phew photos (and I have already passed the control for the first photos and been admitted to Alamy) and some of them are "on sale" (and that's ok for me) while some others are "ready" but they are not "on sale". Since I uploaded all the photos to sell them, how does it work with the "ready" photos? How can I put them on sale? Thank you for your help! Lorenzo
  13. Hello! My name is Lorenzo and I am from Udine, a town in the North-East of Italy. It is located at about 1 hour south from Austria, 40 minutes western than Slovenia and 2 hours eastern than Venice. Clear no, uh? It is about 2 years I am taking photos with my reflex (a Pentax) and I enjoy it a lot. I like especially panorama pictures in the nature or in some historical places, but I like taking photos to animals too. So hello to everybody and thank you for your support! Lorenzo
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