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  1. Thanks for the info Betty and Harry. I used to use film and print in my home darkroom but didn't know about the term rebate.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I used photoshop for a composite of 10 images so I guess these are rejected due to the borders between them? Single images from now on.
  3. What does 'film rebate' mean? Looked but couldn't find an explanation. Just had my first rejection in 202 submissions for this.
  4. They look good to me, not a fan of over saturation.
  5. GS you were right, sale back (same image same fee). Waiting for November now when they refund again!
  6. It would be more useful to everyone if Alamy only reported a sale after all the games had been played so we would know it's genuine and would get paid!
  7. The sale didn't clear so I guess it was never paid for! Sales shouldn't be reported unless they've been purchased. Thanks for the positive slant Geoff. Yes Alamy should have a time limit (1 month max).
  8. Thanks for the replies. It's a refund! A decent $75 sale refunded after 4 months +. Surely it had been paid for given the amount of time that's passed, reverse image search to be done I think. That was my best sale on Alamy and the only sale this year so a little deflated to say the least.
  9. Fair point, a couple have sold but I will be concentrating on uploading real subject matter in the future.
  10. 3 1/2 months since a sale, will there ever be another!
  11. Thanks for the replies, it's just that this will be my 1st payment from Alamy and I'm unsure of the process.
  12. Earlier today it stated that I'd get paid on Dec 1st, now it says Jan 1st! On Jan 1st will it say Feb 1st! Anyone else?
  13. Just noticed I have about 30 images which were moved from 'images not for sale' to 'images on sale' which have not been keyworded. Anyone know a reason for this?
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