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  1. I'm creating illustrations using 3D software but these are not vectors. Looking through the Alamy guide, they only mention vector illustrations that should be uploaded as eps files. They do not mention anything about any other type of illustrations. So my question is, am I able to submit my 3D illustrations and if so, could I send them as jpegs?
  2. I thought one of the criteria that has to be ticked for uploading images to Alamy was that "No sharpening has been applied to the image". Are you all saying that you ignore this and sharpen your images to Alamy?
  3. I've got my whole PC backed up on Backblaze. ( auto backs up any changes at all times so if my PC dies a death, I can recover everything. Cost me just over £3/month. If my house burns down, I still have everything backed up. I also have all of my pictures backed up on an external HD. Yes, there is a risk of hacks, etc. just as there are when you throw out your rubbish in the bin, but I can't think of anything where there is never a risk. For my data, I'm giving the company a bit of faith. I'm sure it's in their interests to ensure they do their best for security for their customers,else it would be disastrous for their profits and image. If you want to remain 100% safe, just don't go on the internet and unplug your Ethernet cable then no one can hack you.
  4. 2 sales - the first sales since 2012 - of the same image. $856 gross. (Still waiting payment ) Details - (I would love to have seen this if it were displayed on a billboard. Can't find the web site one) C71A7R Country: United Kingdom Usage: Advertising/Promotion Media: Outdoor Display – Billboard/Transit Ad Industry sector: Telecoms Print run: up to 20 Image Size: Full area Start: 10 June 2014 End: 10 July 2014 Country: Worldwide Usage: Non-Editorial Electronic and web uses Media: Web advertisement, single design Industry sector: Telecoms Start: 28 June 2014 End: 28 September 2014
  5. Same with me. After more than a couple of years of being here I've finally sold something - twice. Expected a payment by now of $450 but heard or seen nothing. My details seem ok.
  6. Something that I find strange is that Alamy seem to be the only stock agency that offer you the option to sell RM. I've looked at other stock sites, Shutterstock, etc, and they only seem to insist on RF where you must upload model and property releases. I could not find anywhere in their pages any option for RM. Because of this, I've only stuck with Alamy. Is this true or am I missing something?
  7. It's such a mine field and seems that anything and everything is owned by someone or other - apart from the sky - that I mark model releases and property releases as - no, I don't have any. That way, I'm covered (I hope). So this limits me to RM licence only. Which is fine.
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