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  1. Thanks Paulette, yes very good hunting for our feral cats. They originally lived feral in the East end of London and were taken in by a fantastic cat rescue. Then neutered, wormed, vaccinated and released on our farm. They have been here two years, having a grand life. I am adding new images daily, including more of people with animals. I have some good ones of haymaking but am wondering if it's okay to include our Land rover?
  2. I'm laid up after surgery at the moment with my leg in a plaster cast. On the good side it means I have time to go through hundreds (hubby says thousands, lol) of my images of the farm. So now taking more interest in my old broken fences, muck heaps, scruffy farmer holding a goat etc, many thanks for pointing those out. If I add people do I need a model release from every single one? Most are friends, so not a problem. But some people in my shots are strangers who I can not contact. Sorry to sound stupid but humans in stock photos is a very grey area for me.
  3. Hi Geoff, thanks for your reply. I have lots more images ready to add, some are goat selfie's, animals eating, sleeping, jumping. I would love to get pics in the rain but goats don't do rain. One drop of rain and they run inside. I do take plenty of sunsets, but always too busy feeding for sunrise shots. Yes I do have a milking machine so could add that, thanks. Our farm consists of thirty acres of goats, pigs, poultry, ducks, horse, dogs, cats etc. We are very lucky to be in an area of outstanding natural beauty so have fantastic views. We also have every type of wildlife which I really mus
  4. Hi everyone, thank you so much for taking the time to have a look at my images and reply. I have taken all your advice on board. Yes I really must get out and photograph more subjects. With over two hundred animals needing attention 24/7 I tend to be stuck on the farm. All good advice, many thanks.
  5. Hi everyone, I have a few images on here, but no sales yet. I would appreciate any suggestions with my key words? Or any other constructive criticism regarding my photos. I love taking photos of my life on the farm, but am very much the amateur photographer. Regards Darrell
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