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  1. A lot of my concert photos and fashion shows are shot at 800 and 1000 iso with a Canon 1D MK IV, so it really depends on the make and model of our camera.
  2. Many of my photos here where shot with an M1, so I guess the answer is yes.
  3. Photography is an ongoing learning process, but I agree with Philippe Alamy is not a photography club.
  4. I had no problems uploading my images, could be your internet speed causing the long delays.
  5. I shoot with Canon and Olympus bodies, and in both cases I noticed that my Pro grade lenses do focus faster than my cheaper non Pro grade lenses. Of course you need to compare $1,400 compared to $199 price difference for similar focal point lenses.
  6. We have no cable where I live in the country, only satellite service. My download is 5.19Mbs and upload is 1.56 Mbs and 643 PING, and of course everytime it rains I loose my internet all together.
  7. Funny, but very possible lolll
  8. Welcome to the group, out of curiosity what photo did you sell?
  9. I I often shoot images in Montreal, buildings events and all.
  10. I joined Alamy back in 2007, and made my first submission in November 2016. When I first started doing spot news photos for newspapers they only accepted B&W prints or negatives. Times have certainly changed.
  11. I mean she has had photos sales from Alamy through Newzulu.
  12. It is recommended, and a good idea to make a backup file of your RAW photos on an external drive or site, so if anything happens to the originals, you can always retreat your backup file, I know this but rarely follow up on, Last week my house was robbed. Along with my photo gear, they stole my laptop which contained a good number of my photos from this past Winter. I say a good number because I don't have a copy of all my images backup anywhere. My photo gear will be replaced, but some of my photos are gone forever.
  13. I think content is more important than quantity. My girlfriend has a few hundred photos place with Newzulu and makes regular sales, she has even had photos brought by Alamy.
  14. I'm trying to uplaod images by FTP through Photo Mechanics. Yesterday it worked fine as usual, but today I get a Error; Socket error sending data to server?
  15. There is a short instructional video at the image manage page that can answer a lot of your questions.
  16. I have 22 images with high discoverability and 310 with poor and not sure why?
  17. I started in November 2016 and have uploaded 233 images, and will continue to add a lot of new images in 2017
  18. Gross income of $26,000 and $28,0000, that is very impressive.
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