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  1. I have often submitted news items on the weekend without any issues.
  2. Trying to keep my sensor clean is a losing battle with me.
  3. Dog sled race in L'Epiphanie,Quebec,Canada
  4. Montreal's imperfect Christmas tree, Sold to Germany for editorial use 1 transmission in a television show.
  5. Benvenuto to alamy, my Italain is a little rusty.
  6. Welcome to alamy, looking forward to seeing some of your work.
  7. This often stumps me. When I do fashion shows, is it business and entertainment, or lifestyle. For grave yards, which ones do I choose, not knowing which category is best.
  8. I think I fit into the group of old Canadians, even if the Ed Sullivan show was before my time lolll
  9. Usually between 7 to 10 photos, then wait for them to pass QC. Once that happens I tag my ten keywords and add my optional information.
  10. Welcome, from chilly Quebec. As they say the more the merrier.
  11. Welcome to the Alamy group
  12. Welcome to the Alamy group, great looking initial submission. Best of luck.
  13. Welcome to the group, you have great images.
  14. Welcome to alamy, you have a nice selection of images. It takes time and a lot of images before you photos start to show up on the first pages of a clients image search.
  15. Usually my weekend photo submissions are validated by Monday afternoon, this week they where validated on Tuesday.
  16. Welcome, and the best of luck, and patience. I started uploading photo in November and made my first two sales last week.
  17. My first camera was a Pentax P30, shot a lot of Kodachrome 64 with it, and used B&W print film for my spot news photos for the local newspaper.
  18. Welcome to Alamy. Glad you survived Irma, I am from Canada. With Alamy your photos are distributed pretty much worldwide, and your photos will also show up on the Getty search site as well.
  19. I have been uploading images here since November and still waiting for my first sale, but then I am still a long way from thousands of images.
  20. Welcome, Norway, land of the midnight sun. Must be great for shooting photos
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