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  1. In some competitions it must be indeed a means for cutting out the average Joe, in photojournalism competitions they ask you a proof that you are one, but there are also photography sites which are really are there in order to make make money through entry fees. One photography site charges as much $60 to enter with a series of photos its competition. That's a lot of money just to cut out the average Joe. In a way they cut out the poor Joe.
  2. "Somebody once joked about a potential future where photographers paid to have their images published - doesn't see so improbable these days." Well, is already happening as far some Competitions and Awards are concerned. I am sure that was a joke too few years ago, to pay to enter a competion. A well-known photography site asks minimum entry $20 fee, in return for exposure and a chance to get published and win awards.. And you can submit as many images you want, so there is no limit to how much you can pay.
  3. @Mark, Niels many thanks for your replies. I know Picasa is very simple (and free), and not really for pro-use, but found it easy and convenient too use it. I will have to swich to LR then.
  4. Does anyone know how to put headlines to IPTC when uploding a group of News pictures to Alamy via Picasa? Caption, and Tag's work OK, but can't find a section for headlines. Any ideas? Many thanks in advance Orhan
  5. A bit off topic but, what is exactly the CTR, and why it is important? I am still newbie around here.
  6. Thanks Craig. I appreciate the advice. Will do that once it is actually is 28 days. I re-checked and it was 5 April last time I passed QC, and been waiting since 12 of April. So my mistake there. But I am Chris on this one. Nearly a month I am trying to guess too the reasons. I have almost 50 photos in the queue. It feels like a punishment really.
  7. Well, I'have been waiting for more than a month now, and there is no sign as to why at all. Not happy.
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