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  1. How do the numbers work? I have 5067 passed image 299 failed images Total 5366 Yet the left hand panel has 5612 images. I have lost 246 somewhere.
  2. Also, in the submission list on the left hand side, why do I care how many images I have submitted? I can see that I have had 45 failed images over 10 years so what?
  3. Other than the lack of a "ready" status it's as it always was- images go live when the database updates, usually late afternoon these days. If you mean images with the minimum annotation to go on sale, it's under the discoverability tab. It's a lot easier to get rid of stray spammy keywords in a batch now- I've just done a couple of hundred in ten minutes or so, although because tags are not alphabetical it takes a few update cycles to be sure you've got them all. Oh, and I wasn't in IT for 25 years. How do I tell which images I have filled in the (now) optional information for? Before it was mandatory so it flagged, now it is optional, I can't see a way of finding out which ones haven't been filled in. Also, why is an image considered optimized with 50 tags? That makes no sense. I can fill it with rubbish and it is "optimised".
  4. This new tool is horrible. I have no idea what images are on sale, or not. The filtering is terrible. I worked in the IT industry for over 25 years and under my watch, this would have never made it out of the door. Alamy - you really need to do something about this, it's terrible. If you need someone technical to come in, talk to me.
  5. They look like what I used to use when I went fishing; http://www.baitbank.co.uk/bait-product-range/casters-castors/
  6. I am covering a local "Question Time" hosted by one of the local civic societies on Thursday. I found out via the local paper and it will have all of the local candidates there.
  7. Try these links; http://digitalchemicals.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/my-ipad-photo-workflow.html http://discussion.alamy.com/index.php?/topic/2130-ipad-application-for-newsworthy-images/
  8. I submitted a set on Good Friday evening. There must have been someone in the news team as they changed the lead image.
  9. Are you sure its not a Larch? https://www.youtube.com/embed/ug8nHaelWtc
  10. I ended up writing my own. It goes through my website and does a google image search against each one and then emails me the result. Not perfect but fine for my own use. I've been thinking of doing this for a long time, but I always assumed that Google would block me after a while when their server detected that it was getting hundreds of accesses from the same place in quick succession. Presumably you haven't had any such problem? Alan Sorry just seen this message. You need to pause between image searchs otherwise Google will stop you. They need to release a proper API to the image search.
  11. I ended up writing my own. It goes through my website and does a google image search against each one and then emails me the result. Not perfect but fine for my own use. Thats fantastic, fancy sharing hehe? its exactly what im after. It would be fab if there was a programme you can link your alamy page to which would notify you if it found a matching image pop up somewhere. I would love to but it is not in a form to release easily. It is a PHP script that I run on a Linux box at a scheduled time each day. At the moment, it gets the list of files from the database of my website. If there was an easy way for me to get a list of my Alamy pictures, then I could convert it.
  12. I ended up writing my own. It goes through my website and does a google image search against each one and then emails me the result. Not perfect but fine for my own use.
  13. You have similar thoughts as I do. Great minds eh. The problem for me is that I shoot live music and my focal lengths go from 24 - 600+. Having seen some of the Fujis with longs lens on them I think I am going to stick to DSLR for that.
  14. I am having the same thoughts about what to buy. I am going for the X100. My thoughts; 1. Fixed lens / fixed cost - not having to worry about another lens. 2. I am keeping my DSLR gear so we have all of the focal lengths covered on that. 3. Need something small and light. 4. Needs to be high enough quality for Alamy.
  15. +1 This is business knowledge nothing to do with photography. Whenever you start out in a new industry, you put together your business plan, work out what you are going to do, look into tax issue etc etc.
  16. Paul, Think around the problem. Whilst shooting the top leagues are glamorous, like you said they are so tied up in red tape that it becomes impossible to sell. Same in music. Try and shoot one of the big bands and you get presented with a ridiculous release that virtually prevents you from selling. I tend to avoid these now and shoot the smaller / more established bands. Less glamorous but makes money. Bands like the Proclaimers. I was the only photographer when they visited Reading and ended up with a picture in the Telegraph. Shoot the lower leagues. My local paper has loads of photos of Sunday league matches. Approach the non-league papers. Think projects - unusual grounds, stories of clubs, older players. Try and turn them into magazine articles. Have a look at some of RedSnappers work. For example, the story of the Morris Minor - how can you do that for football? You will then find you are crossing into news more and build your experience from there.
  17. Paul, I think the main thing is to focus. If sport is your love, concentrate on that for the moment. Forget news. When I started, I only did music photography. Now I am comfortable with it, then I am working on more general news. When starting in a new field there is so much to learn that you can loose focus on what you are doing. I know you are doing football at the moment but expand your range into other sports. Going indoors for something like basketball brings up a whole different set of challenges. If that is your chosen field, that have a looking at joining something like the SJA - http://www.sportsjournalists.co.uk/ Andrew
  18. OK getting techie but it sounds like there is a script which delivers the image instead of linking direct to the image. The script hides the true location of the file so that you can never link direct. Also probably something in the script to ensure that it is displayed correctly i.e. with a frame. Probably a bit of jQuery in their as well to detect the print screen.
  19. Thats the one. It worked for me just going to Measures and then clicking on All of Alamy.
  20. Did you click on the search term to see the results?
  21. Minimum price for what ? Editorial use, commercial use, local newspaper, national newspaper? There are too many variables when pricing an image. End use is the important factor. That is why we use agencies. We defer to their skill and understanding of the market to get the best price / deal for both the photographer and the agency. Remember the agency takes their cut from the license fee so it is in their interest to get the best price possible. Submitting to a stock agency is all about volume selling, you can never look at an image in isolation. Yes, you may only get $6 for this sale but for the next sale, you may get $300. Average fee - $153. Thats a better number. If you have a truly unique and valuable collection of images, then probably selling through Alamy is the wrong place for you.
  22. Thanks. Useful to know as my plan is to buy an X100 in the next couple of weeks. Just need to finish having a clear-out at home to raise the funds.
  23. One of the shifts I mention was waiting all day for Cheryl Cole outside of the Dorchester Hotel. It rained and snowed and god was it boring. Never again. She never came out (infact I don't think she was inside). But the money was reasonable and I never took a single frame (apart from one to setup the camera). +1. Paid to sit outside SuBo's house all day when I knew after an hour or so that she was out. There was always the chance she would return so I sat it out. I managed to wangle my way into a neighbour's house to watch out the window though so I was nice and warm The other Sun togs must have been busy that day. Lucky you. The other job I had was for a Holby City actress that had given birth and I was asked to wait outside the private hospital in London for her. This was the day after the birth. However, the baby was delivered via caesarean section and there was no way she was coming out that day. The photos of her were taken 3 days later. I knew that I wasn't going to get the photo but took the money anyway
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