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  1. On 03/06/2021 at 06:39, Betty LaRue said:

    My son, Jeff and I have been discussing the merits of an inversion table to help my back. He said he would buy one for me. Thing is, we didn’t know if it would help.  Yesterday, I had a dental appointment. I thought it was for a crown but it was for cleaning, the crown is at the end of the month.

    I digress.

    The dental assistant leaned my chair way back, with my head lower than my legs. I felt a slight painful twinge when I felt my back stretch out, then it was gone. 2 seconds. I was in this position for at least an hour, because when she finished, I had to wait for the dentist to come take a peek.

    When I left the dentist’s, my back was 95% pain-free. That lasted until noon today, then what I felt gradually come back was still only 50% of my worst. That answered the question of whether it would help my pain. People with bad backs often just use these for a few minutes at a time, depending on the angle. You must start at a slight angle for a month before increasing.

    I sent Jeff links to the two Teeter inversion tables I prefer, either will do. 
    I have a 5 foot ladder with large strong plastic steps that when folded makes a solid front. I laid the feet on the bottom step in my garage. The angle is maybe 20-30%. I reclined on it for 10 minutes awhile ago, and again, got relief. It’s not the most comfortable way to go and I had difficulty getting up. I had to roll off! 😁 It’ll do until the real thing comes. I’ll just try not to splat my nose on the cold, concrete floor when I do my roll. 😂  I have a large finished basement, so I have room for it.

    I might not have to have surgery after all. I was a hair’s width away from making an appointment with my neurosurgeon to discuss surgery. Never ending pain can wear one down and eventually make one cry Uncle.

    I have an inversion table and certainly recommend giving one a try.

    I bought mine second hand and it works well.

    I don't have a bad back per se, but I can be a terrible sloucher and find the need to stretch every now and then.  The inversion table lets my back and neck stretch gently under my own weight. I only stay inverted for a few seconds (maybe 10 to 15), but it works well for me. I feel taller afterwards.

    I recommend when you first use it to go slow and lay flat before tipping all the way over. The same when you are returning to upright. If you go too fast, it will make you feel unwell and possibly dizzy too. Best of luck with it. Hopefully you can avoid surgery.

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    I have been quite slow uploading since I signed up, but I almost tripled the number of images uploaded between last December and now.(I'll try to double what I have now in 2020)

    I do not post to the forum very often, but I like to read the posts and learn from all of you experienced Alamy-ites.


    My pre-2019 average was 2 sales per year. I made 5 sales in 2019. 4 were within a fortnight in March/April which got my hopes up, but I didn't get another sale until Sept. Some of the sales were for very small amounts, but one was for $$$ TV use, which gave me my first payout.


    I know my positive results for 2019 seem very small by comparison, but are milestones for me. Here's hoping for more in 2020.

    (And thank you everyone for sharing your insights and experiences via the forum.) 



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  3. On 12/18/2017 at 15:32, chris24 said:

    Lovely light here in northern NSW Australia.It's 39 degrees C/102 F air temperature rising to 56 C/128 F  in the sun. . Had two days of summer thunder storms so it's very humid. No electricity for a few hours while a mobile phone tower is is hooked up to the grid. Too exhausted to go down to photograph the action,


    Similar temps in Melbourne, but we are still waiting for our thunder storm! The pre-storm heat is quite uncomfortable.

  4. I made my first sale in March 2017 after signing up in October 2016.


    It was just a small sale, $20 of which I get $10. But I was pretty excited about it as I only had 28 images uploaded at the time.


    Unfortunately it was my only sale so far, but it inspired me to go out and shoot more stock, and I am very slowly building up. Fingers crossed I'll have 100 images by Monday. Only 900 to go before all those sales come rolling in!! ( I can hope, can't I ?)

    I'm also enjoying lurking on the forum and learning about the industry from all the generous people who are so willing to share their experience and knowledge with us all. 


    My pre-Alamy portfolio is event photography (equestrian events) and performing arts (theatre) with images full of people (with no releases) so I am starting my stock albums from scratch.

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