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  1. Hi Thanks for answers and tips. I have only 5 sales so that mean not big problem to me if some of buyers have that image (in this case, vector ) still available, in light box. I simply can delete that 5 images on site where I want to go exclusive. I asked agency where I want to go exclusive, to change caption, tags, that mean like "dead" image but they said that if you have ON ANY WAY image on other stock agency, then I can not claim that I sell exclusive on that site. I think that they just follow their terms, that in "practice", real condition is that I can go exclusive. Simple, my im
  2. Hi I do have one more question for some contributors with more experience I guess. If I go exclusive on any site, who will check me am I really exclusive, selling only on that site ? Support or buyers ? I asking that because I changed all tags on every image on Alamy so they are "dead" for search engine now...If answer is buyers, they can not reach to my images so it is almost same when I delete it... don't know, maybe I am wrong Thanks in advance.
  3. Jill: If I want to go total exclusive, all images need to be exclusive on that site. These 311 images sell to me very good, they have many views every day and if I delete it and again after 45 days upload it, I will lose position on search algorithm on that site... This will be gambling for me. Hope it make sense Joseph Clemson: I am talking about top 5 microstock agencies, not sure where you upload it. Mostly process is very simple and you have also option to delete image immediately, no need to wait 6 month like on Alamy. Thanks for advise me to check my previous agencies, I will for sure
  4. Thanks everyone to answering and making this more clear to me. Everything you said is right. Yes, I give them permission when I accepted on their terms and I am aware of that. When I asked other stock sites to remove my account, they accepted immediately and delete it even in few hours, just asked the reason why I want to do that. So "their terms are bad and Alamy is good", I mostly talking here about terms ... Please do not understand me wrong, I do not want to hurt somebody and I do not saying that Alamy is bad, I just want to say that FOR ME no sense to wait 45 days because other stock
  5. Thanks Niels for answering. Yes I know that but also I know that in this case, they are selling my images without my permit. Also I am sure that support have option to delete my account now, but no, they want to follow their terms and NOT TO HEP contributors. I can say that this is bad support !! (based on my experience).
  6. Hi, I decided to go exclusive on other site, I deleted all my accounts on other stock sites except Alamy, they say that I need to wait 45 days. Simple, I want to delete it now because I want to go exclusive on other site asap! I know about contract bla bla, that we agree with terms who say that need to wait 45 days BUT also support say that they have a right to sell image who we already sell here on site (they are still available to buyers who already bought it...something like that) ?! is this even legal ?! I also find some post on internet that some people who delete account on Alamy aft
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