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  1. Hi Mirco, and thanks It will be interesting to see the response to the photos eventually. I'm still in a learning process when it comes to keywording. Time will tell if the images will be found at all.
  2. Thank you, Marianne I'll do my best
  3. Hi Robert, and thank you for your advices. I will keep that in mind. And, I'm pretty sure that I will manage to keep my images below thousand a year Btw, ten more photos has now passed QC, and I'm just finished captioning and keywording...
  4. Of course Thanks for pointing that out
  5. Hi Cristoph, and thank you for your input! I have edited the keywords now, as you suggested. I'm still in a learning process here, so I appreciate the feedback
  6. Most impressive. When do they occur? All year round? Mostly late summer, autumn and winter, when the sky is clear and cold. It will be stronger and brighter as you go further north.
  7. Thank you all, for commenting. I see now that I can't choose category - and that's one thing less to concentrate about Jansons: We have the northern lights in Bergen, now and then. Here is the link to a aurora photo from my own porch. I have a lot of photos from coastal environment to process, so be patient It will be interesting to see how this leads
  8. Hi everyone! I'm a new member here, and a newbie in stock photos as well. But, I'm willing to learn from the best My test submission has passed, and I have captioned and keyworded them. But, how can I choose in which category they will pop up? I can't find that in the guidlines... Anyway, here I am
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