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  1. I have just discovered one of my images being used on the website www.spotlight.it-notes.ru - when you log on to this website it displays Windows 10 SpotLight Images. Not only is the owner of this website using my image illegally, he is also using a play on the Microsoft logo/brand/name to display them. The owner is basically uploading images from Windows Spotlight Images to his own website fraudulently. I will be perusing this matter without limits. It might be worth other contributors checking to see if their images are being used fraudulently? In the interim, any advice would be most welco
  2. Well!!!!!!!! I think that's settled then! Many, many thanks for the response from everyone - very much appreciated!
  3. Hi Fellow Photographers! I'm Peter from the UK and I'm new to Alamy. Whilst I'm fully conversant with my Eos 5D MII and can take some great shots, I'm not technically bright. I'm looking for advice on which j.peg setting to use to give me the correct file size required to satisfy QC. Any help would be much appreciated? Many Thanks Peter
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