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  1. 19 hours ago, Patrick Cooper said:

    Edit: Ive read the info in the link provided but couldn't find any text that specified that you have to be a photography student to receive the 100% sales. Is this mentioned elsewhere on the site?


    Hi Patrick,


    it confiirms it here


    Alamy is a a photography business, I guess there would be no incentive to them if they'd offer the scheme to all students no matter what they study. 

  2. WAITROSE Weekend Magazine,  print, 29/03/2018


    KD44M8 Fountains and reflecting pool of the Forum Torrin & Grassi in summer. Nice, French Riviera, Alpes-Maritimes, France;   Francois Roux


    J34F67 Beautiful view of traditional Gondola on famous Canal Grande with Rialto Bridge at sunset in Venice, Italy;   Scott Wilson


    H949RJ Various sorts of ice-cream, ice-cream parlor Fenocchio, Nice, Cote d'Azur, France;   imageBROKER

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  3. The Monocle, 6 January 2018





    Ian Dagnall, HKMA90, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. The Charles Engelhard Court at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 5th Avenue, Manhattan, New York City, NY, USA

    Michael Coyne, H9AH68, A pedestrian on a mobile phone passes a large mural on a wall in Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


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