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  1. Waitrose weekend magazine, print edition, 20/12/2018

    p.16 Meibion The Montol Festival in Penzance celebrating the Winter Solstice - Image ID: KWCE91

    p.39 Martin Williams Antony Gormley's Another Place installation on Crosby Beach, near Liverpool - Image ID: M0XXEA

    p.38/39 Simo Bogdanovic Winter snows comes to the Hoo peninsula, Kent England. Sight of the proposed fourth London airport. - Image ID: CPW73A

    p.41 Francois Roux Macy's (Department Store) with Christmas lights and holiday window displays. Midtown Manhattan, New York CIty - Image ID: HC8BC5

    p.41 Clifford Norton Melton Mowbray Leicestershire January 24th 2017: Morning haze gives way to clear blue skies with golden winter colours, local photographer feeds visiting swans by hand, crisp reflections as ducks and gulls walk on an ice covered pond. ©Clifford Norton/Alamy Live News - Image ID: HJDCG8

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  2. New Scientist magazine, print, 27/10/2018


    p.17, imageBROKER:  Mantis shrimp (Odontodactylus scyllarus) in front of hideaway, Gangga Island, Bangka Islands, North Sulawesi, Indonesia - Image ID: BREPTC

    p.22, Dorothy Alexander: dynamic view as crowd of cyclists & rollerbladers swarm out of Angel glorieta onto Paseo Reforma on glorious car free Sunday - Image ID: DYGTE2

    p.25, roger askew: Newly graduated Oxford students throwing mortar board hats into the air - Image ID: KH5BPB


    ISSN 0262 4079

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  3. New Scientist 15/09/2018 (print)

    Andrea Izzotti p12  Big Horn Ovis canadensis portrait - Image ID: MHHY1T

    Age Fotostock p38  Pin in the form of a lion. Period: Iron Age II; Date: ca. 9th century B.C; Geography: Iran, Hasanlu; Culture: Iran; Medium: Bronze, iron; Dimensions: - Image ID: KNN34W

    World History Archive p38 Golden Bowl of Hasanlu - Image ID: E1GG3X


    ISSN: 0262 4079

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