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  1. 2 direct licenses for a gross total of $91 CTR lowest for quite a while at 0.37
  2. New Scientist magazine, print, 26/01/2019 p.25, Katarzyna Bialasiewicz Vegetarians share baked potatoes and healthy salad together during veggie lunch - Image ID: MNGDY4 p.39, Radim Beznoska Chinese Giant Salamander, Male, Prague Czech Republic - Image ID: E5JEHY ISSN 0262-4079
  3. I've had one of those licenses last year and got paid for it - low $$.
  4. Hi Olivier I believe that the camera you have is a fixed lens point and shoot compact camera and this might possibly be the issue. Have a look at this blog post. It states that "Almost all compact cameras, fixed lens cameras – SLR-like bridge cameras and all mobile phones cannot produce images that meet our guidelines"
  5. December was a good month for volume, but amounts were quite low. 5 for $76 gross.
  6. Had one newspaper sale reported this morning too (had found the image in the Metro last month so was expecting it).
  7. Waitrose weekend magazine, print edition, 20/12/2018 p.16 Meibion The Montol Festival in Penzance celebrating the Winter Solstice - Image ID: KWCE91 p.39 Martin Williams Antony Gormley's Another Place installation on Crosby Beach, near Liverpool - Image ID: M0XXEA p.38/39 Simo Bogdanovic Winter snows comes to the Hoo peninsula, Kent England. Sight of the proposed fourth London airport. - Image ID: CPW73A p.41 Francois Roux Macy's (Department Store) with Christmas lights and holiday window displays. Midtown Manhattan, New York CIty - Image ID: HC8BC5 p.41 Clifford Norto
  8. Came across an Alamy stock photo in this book: "Unsheltered" by Barbara Kingsolver ISSN 9780571346981 Russell Watkins Wallpaper peeling off a wall during home decoration. Image could also suggest disuse or dilapidation, renovation, improvement - Image ID: DHMD88
  9. Waitrose Weekend Magazine, 13/12/18, print p.37 Nathaniel Noir Cyclists holding hands after a race at the Herne Hill velodrome, World Cycling Revival Festival 2018, London, UK - Image ID: P8NFAY
  10. My first licence for a black & white image sold last week. Sweden, Newspaper, Bulk Discount, Flat Rate mid $$ but sold through a distributor
  11. I had three of those calendar sales pop in over the past couple of days so November is now starting to look good for me.
  12. New Scientist magazine, print, 27/10/2018 p.17, imageBROKER: Mantis shrimp (Odontodactylus scyllarus) in front of hideaway, Gangga Island, Bangka Islands, North Sulawesi, Indonesia - Image ID: BREPTC p.22, Dorothy Alexander: dynamic view as crowd of cyclists & rollerbladers swarm out of Angel glorieta onto Paseo Reforma on glorious car free Sunday - Image ID: DYGTE2 p.25, roger askew: Newly graduated Oxford students throwing mortar board hats into the air - Image ID: KH5BPB ISSN 0262 4079
  13. Weekend Waitrose Magazine (print), 18/10/18 p.35: Tetra Images Portrait of Yorkshire terrier - Image ID: B27RJ5 p.37: Ann and Steve Toon Galloway Forest Park, the UK's first International Dark Sky Park, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, UK, May 2014 - Image ID: E6GNDP p.47: Garden World Images Ltd Young Tomatoes in Grow Bags - Image ID: J1WAWB
  14. Personal use license, I wonder whether someone is waiting for the delivery
  15. It works fine for me. I'm using Windows 7 and the latest version of Chrome.
  16. New Scientist 15/09/2018 (print) Andrea Izzotti p12 Big Horn Ovis canadensis portrait - Image ID: MHHY1T Age Fotostock p38 Pin in the form of a lion. Period: Iron Age II; Date: ca. 9th century B.C; Geography: Iran, Hasanlu; Culture: Iran; Medium: Bronze, iron; Dimensions: - Image ID: KNN34W World History Archive p38 Golden Bowl of Hasanlu - Image ID: E1GG3X ISSN: 0262 4079
  17. Waitrose Weekend Magazine (print), 13/09/2018 p.43 Anna Stowe Botanica Spring flower beds of tulips and primulas with flowering cherry trees in the Town Gardens, Swindon, Wiltshire, England, UK - Image ID: B0C7MM
  18. Alamy Quality Control doesn't work over the weekend. And as it was a bank holiday weekend, they also didn't work yesterday. Images usually get approved very quickly on here so you will probably have them approved (or rejected) today or tomorrow.
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