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  1. Financial Times – 06/05/2019 print

    p.2, Louisa Svensson A person looks at Jupiter Asset Management on a computer - Image ID: RM0AK6

    p.3, BRIAN ANTHONY The Leadenhall Building, London, England, U.K. - Image ID: H45BGJ

    p.24, Oliver Knight Exterior view of the Wellcome collection building housing medical archives and museum, 183 Euston Rd, London NW1 2BE England - Image ID: BBHP6T

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  2. 8 hours ago, Nigel Kirby said:

    Guardian Online 02/05/19
    Katharina Brandt      EU Exit ID document check app (application) icon on a mobile phone screen developed by the Home Office to be used for applying for UK Settled Status - Image ID: RA2A0F

    Thanks Nigel for reporting this one. 

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  3. Waitrose weekend magazine, 04/04/2019


    p.3, Stephen Barnes/Food and Drink Purple Crimson Pacific Asparagus and Green Asparagus for sale at a Danish food market. - Image ID: G7NYY1

    p.29, Ivan Goric, Famous architecture installation in Zadar: ''Greeting to the sun˝- Image ID: C8HWA1

    p.31, dreamer4787, Blue summer landscape in Komiza town, Vis island scenery. - Image ID: JYHN9E

    p.31, Peter Barritt, Outdoor fruit and vegetable market in Dubrovnik Dalmatia Croatia Europe - Image ID: B8ENYG

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  4. Waitrose weekend magazine print, 21/03/2019


    p.2, Trinity Mirror/ Mirrorpix, Centre Point, 101-103 New Oxford Street, Cambridge Circus, London, 4th May 1967. Image ID: ET096C

    p.8,  Ashely Cooper pics, Plastic debris washed ashore at Ardtreck Bay on the Isle of Skye, Scotland, UK. Image ID: CFJX2B

    p.8/9, redbrickstock.com, Underwater view of Great Barrier Reef Australia - Image ID: BCBB45

    p.43,  John Glover, Hever Castle Kent mixed daffodils in Spring lawn yellow spring flowers flower daffodil - Image ID: B288N0

    p. 43, Steffie Shields, Telamonius plenus 'Van Sion' - Image ID: RR0MAP

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  5. Waitrose weekend magazine, print 14/03/2019

    p.6,  PaulPalladin, Alarm clock isolated on white - Image ID: G77B13

    p.27, Peter Lane, Red Squirrel at Newborough Forest Anglesey - Image ID: GG18GP

    p.31, PhotoStock-Israel, Roasted shelled walnuts on white Background - Image ID: BPDAW0

    p.39, Deborah Vernon, Cleaning a garden greenhouse, removing algae, moss and grime to let in light and help control pests and diseases. Male gardener, UK - Image ID: M7R78D

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  6. Waitrose weekend magazine, 14 February 2019


    p.2, JHB Photography, Dulse Seaweed - Image ID: B1GDRD

    p.9, Bettina Strenske, London, UK. 22 June 2017. Helen Browning, Chief Executive of the Soil Association. Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales, Patron of The Soil Association, attends a reception with supporters of the organic food movement to mark its 70th Anniversary. The Soil Association promotes healthy, humane and sustainable food, farming and land use. - Image ID: JE1P45

    p.30, Cultura Creative (RF), Couple looking at elephants at watering hole at sunset, Etosha National Park, Namibia - Image ID: EFKNX4 (possibly not via Alamy)

    p.30, Cultura Creative (RF), Couple leaning against misty canal bridge, Venice, Italy - Image ID: J0C6AM (possibly not via Alamy)

    p.31, Trish Gant, View of Gardens and Great Fosters House, Stroude, Egham, Surrey. - Image ID: B39C6J

    p.41, David Bartlett, Erica x darleyensis "Furzey", Ericaceae - purple mauve flowering heathers in late winter - Image ID: R6HWBW

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  7. Waitrose weekend magazine print, 31/01/19


    P. 17 tilialucida Chocolate heart truffle on white background - Image ID: KMBFYR

    p.17, Kevin Britland a glass pot of Marmite on a white background - Image ID: CRA0J9

    p.39, Andrew Desmond, Fallow deer in Dyrham Park, England - Image ID: CT31W2

    p.45, Trevor Chriss Helleborus × hybridus Harvington picotee Lenten rose hellebore - Image ID: D5481P

    p.45, Tom Meaker Close up of viburnum tinus flowers in bloom - Image ID: MYHY3K

    p.45, Radim Beznoska Betula pendula commonly known as East Asian white birch, silver birch or warty birchsilver birch or warty birch, white tree trunks - Image ID: HTBM4C

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