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  1. All 5 images passed QC so I guess uncompressed size was correct.Thank you for your assistance and looking forward to joining the community.
  2. I can also only see file size (Disk size) in lightroom.Anyway,thanks for all the responses,I think I have an idea to calculate it now.
  3. Thanks Kumar Any ideas on how I can calculate what the actual uncompressed size is ? I export with lightroom, but it does not give any info on the images uncompressed size. Apologies if all this has been asked before but I tried to do a forum search and cannot seem to access old topics. Cheers P.
  4. Hello I resized JPG images to over 24Mb as required but now cannot upload because it system say it exceeds upload size ? I uploaded the normal files around 7 - 10mb each and now they will most likely fail QC. Your guidelines say it must be over 24mb but your system will not allow me to upload such a big file. Am I doing something wrong ? This is my first time submitting images.
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