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  1. My workflow is RAW-tiff-jpeg. That's LR5.6>CS2, with an occasional stop in NX2. But let me point out that we can in fact edit jpegs non-destructively in LR: http://lightroomkillertips.com/qa-is-lightroom-destructive-to-jpegs/ To the OP: I must point out that the Alamy forum is not a basic photography school. This is a good place to develop an understanding of high-end information about the stock business, details of digital editing, and pro shooting. You are not there yet, not in a position to understand or benefit from such information. Nobody here has the time to type out pages of b
  2. arterra - Thank you for your comments which respond to my original question. I found what you said helpful and I appreciate it. A bit mystified by your last remarks about my not appreciating having folks posting pot shots at me that are just rude and unhelpful. M. Chapman, Phil Robinson and MDM - Thank you for your helpful responses. Phil Robinson - "...maybe you should try to rise above it." I agree. Good point. Now that I've had a bit to cool off and think about it I am sorry for popping off the way I did. Not a sterling moment for me, eh? To all of you though, who've offered he
  3. Seriously you guys? Did you have mothers? Did they not ever tell you if you can't say something nice then don't say anything at all? Sarcastic, belittling, disrespectful responses are neither helpful nor welcome. You don't know me or what I am trying to accomplish and what resources I have available. In short you know nothing and have nothing worth while to say so in future when you see my post just shut up and go away. Does posting petty responses like this really make you feel better about yourselves? What pathetic lives you must lead. Give me enough money to sink the Queen Mary
  4. Hi, Newbie here. I just looked at my profile on the Members List and I see that everyone but me has three things showing to the far right. For some reason there are no "Friends" or "PM" buttons for me. I've looked through the profile editing/changing pages and don't see a way to get those buttons going. Can any of you explain to this simple mind what I am missing?
  5. Hi, I recently read a fellow photographer's advice that we should do any pre-submission editing in RAW. After we are happy with the photo then convert to JPEG and submit to Alamy for QC. It had never occurred to me to do that. I try VERY hard to get my photos the way I want in camera but occasionally I want to do a little editing and have always done so in JPEG. What do you all think? Asking for advice/opinions. Thanks Oh...PS. Just don't want to dive into the Abobe PS and LR mess so am looking for a free photo editor that I don't need a PhD. to learn. Tried GIMP about a year
  6. OK. That was quick, painless and informative. Thanks very much for the responses guys. Marking this post as "Solved." : )
  7. What? Why? This public forum is specifically for members to share and discuss issues having to do with Alamy. Why should discussions about getting paid be muzzled? Seems a perfectly acceptable topic to me. Also, from reading the OP's comments it looks to me as though he has been in contact with MemSer. I get that it would be a MAJOR bummer if these forum pages degraded into gripe sessions which drag on and on, and just become in nature full of nothing but negative posts. But come on, most of us are here on a business basis. Getting paid is a critical part of any business venture. If a mem
  8. Greetings, New Alamy member here. In the past few days I've got around 23 or so photos approved and they are now "for sale." For kicks I decided to come into the Alamy site as a buyer and use one of my search words and see what my photos looked like in the search que. Currently 20 pages in and have yet to see one of my photos. Now I believe that if I keep going eventually I will see my photos but this questions occurs. Human nature being what it is will buyers actually hang around and search 20 + pages in? Will my photos ever even be seen? The photos that do appear on the fir
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