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  1. GS-Images, you act like this whole thread is some kind of bad, cancerous growth on the otherwise immaculate forum that this is. "Playing with adults" are you assuming I'm 5? Funny how you instantly decide that because I am wondering why Alamy removed images from an unsuitable camera, you quickly go into superior mode and make yourself look "big". I understand my first thread was not very good, but that's done now. So when you say I should learn the basics, as if I don't have any photography experience, and have taken no clases, it's insulting. But then you go into politician mode, doing a
  2. What so you mean, based on my portfolio? I am not offended, but rather I'm curious as to what you mean by that. Did you see the pictures I uploaded before the retroactive QC removal, or just based on quantity?
  3. I don't disagree with that by any standards. I too believe that in order to compete, you need to invest. The thing is, as more of a hobby for me, it's still a couple years out for me to be able to justify at least $500 on hobby equipement. I've had over 3 years to learn how to use cameras, but only recently has it been an interest bigger than just pictures of trips. I was at best buy earlier today for a different product, and I spent a bit of time playing with the cheaper DSLR they had in stock. No problems with using them. My pictures would've passed QC if it weren't for purely technica
  4. My main goal in joining Alamy was to do this as a hobby, maybe make a couple bucks on the side, even though I know the yield won't be very high with that method. My goal isn't to be someone with 10,000+ images making lots of money. Thats why I am not really considering DSLR yet.
  5. Edit: i agree ^^^ The problem for me is this: first of all, I don't really have a budget for a new camera, as I just bought the WX500 in April, so I won't be in the market for a new one for at least, at LEAST a year. Also, I like have lots of zoom, which is something the rx100's lack. Which logically leads me to DSLR, but those are even more expensive.
  6. Sorry, the WX500. Its pretty good, for the price of $300. All my pictures that I submitted are good quality, and are above the minimum megapixel threshold, by a lot, so image size isn't an issue.
  7. Hey guys. So, after I'd spent some time editing, uploading and keywording 20 pictures - all passed QC - I get an email from alamy today. They said a QC glitch allowed my pictures to pass by, even though the camera I have "does not produce images technically strong enough" for alamy. What? My pictures looked great, and they passed. How could a glitch be so big as to allow 20 pictures to pass QC? I'd say this likely isn't an isolated incident, either.
  8. I have two of these samsung micro sd cards, samsung did a great design job as the micro sd fits perfectly within the card. I would be genuinely surprised if one of these cards I'm recommendin was enough of a defect to destroy a card slot. They are good quality, I get speeds above 50 mbps, only limited by my hdd.
  9. Sorry if I'm late to this, it's late at night and I can't read all of this right now. I have had no issue picking up LR/PS and I have quickly learned how to edit my photos. Mainly, I adjust exposure and DOF. I can't shoot in RAW with my camera, but I would if I could! RAW takes much more storage, but a 64 micro sd card with an adapter from Samsung on amazon is $20, which is a steal. As for editing programs, snapseed is an app for your phone. Its free and has many basic features that you'd need. Works well for me in a hurry!
  10. Appologies naughtygoat your post got sidetracked as sometimes happens on these forums. Yes if that is whet you want then who are we to judge. If you go that route then make sure the sensor is 4/3rds minimum and preferably larger 1" or ape-c. Please keep trying with Alamy. Allan I agree, sorry if this was sidetracked, that's partly on me. As Allan said, keep trying!
  11. Thanks, Chris & Callie. Ed, I'm not stupid. I've used plenty of forums before, rarely do they let you close threads. I was trying to stem the flow of discussion, which you didn't realize.
  12. Bill, since you're asking, I wasn't sure. However, there was a choice, the thread could take a "Bob misunderstands" direction or a "let's start a flame war" tack. A constructive discussion about why Bob's concerns were misplaced seemed like something worthwhile to do. Now I will grant you that in general, stock photography is a pretty mean and very competitive business but that doesn't mean that everybody is here to attack unless proven otherwise. Bob's questions were not worded as well as they could have been, but as I said, we should be willing to answer without attacking. Bob, the writi
  13. "Alamy, has, for better or worse, a no editting policy" A no editing policy? What do you mean? I've submitted 20 photos to date, and all have passed QC and the first four made it into selling stage with digitally modified set to "yes". So no editing pertains to... What?
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