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  1. Keiko

    Hello :)

    Thank you for your advices! Lesson learnt! I have been taking shots of the sign for my recent shots if they have one. I am also looking into apps that can identify pictures and will look into the scientific name for my future uploads. Thank you again for your advices!
  2. Keiko

    Hello :)

    Hi Richard, Thank you for your opinions, I wasn't familiar with stock photos and filtered photos are more likeable in social media like instagram, so I kind of using my editing habits +_+ But now with all your lovely advices, I am reducing my filters and try to keep them simple as original for Alamy =) Keiko Hi Paulette, I got an error earlier as well but its fixed now ( Didn't do anything +_+ ) I didn't put the type of the monkey in the caption or keyword as I don't know the type =/ ( as well as some of my other animals/plants photos ) Keiko
  3. Keiko

    Hello :)

    Thanks Ed, yeah Cantonese and English are my first language =) then Mandarin and Japanese =P
  4. Keiko

    Hello :)

    Hi Christoph, The pictures I uploaded are processed in different periods of time. Some of them that are processed before had applied quite a lot of filters and presets for my instagram use without re-processing for stock. For others that I processed recently, I did't apply any filters (matte, auto and etc). I guess I will re-process all my photos for future uploads, thanks for you opinions =) K Thanks Alessandra =) Nice to meet you!
  5. Keiko

    Hello :)

    Yeah, high 5 I go Portsmouth quite a lot as well. Love seaside and beaches =P
  6. Keiko

    Hello :)

    Hi Mark and Geoff, Thank you for your advices, I will remove the vignette filter for my future uploads ( tho there are still some sitting for key-wording. ) Cheers Keiko
  7. Keiko

    Hello :)

    I have a habit to put vignette filter in my photos, I have been looking at the others' but there are not really much photographers doing it. Is it not recommend for stock photos?
  8. Keiko

    Hello :)

    Thank You for the warm welcome Davey abd Alex! Nice to meet you!
  9. Keiko

    Hello :)

    Thank you Allan and Kumar for the welcoming =)
  10. Keiko

    Hello :)

    Hi John, Thank you! I saw you just joined not long ago as well, how did you uploaded and keyword all of them in such a short time?! I found key-wording so time consuming and kind of a nightmare for me ="( Love your photos btw =) Keiko
  11. Keiko

    Hello :)

    Hello all! My name is Keiko. Just joined Alamy and passed the QC yesterday so I thought would be nice to say hello and learn more tips about stock photos. I love traveling, food, and taking pictures. Nice to meet you and have a nice weekend everyone Keiko
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