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  1. Plant big hedges or thick thorny bushes. Hang up specific sparrow nest boxes and feed them. Maybe add a bath and/or sand box. My hedge is thorny but not big enough. They are mostly attracted to my feeders. The bath was no success. Their chatter is lovely. wim
  2. People waiting in line at the Victor Horta Museum Brussels. Low $$ bulk deal - Puzzles. (With unreleased people in close-up?! Maybe they will crop them out.) wim edit: Puzzles from Brussels - actually not a bad idea. 😁 It doesn't work in German though.
  3. +1 for that combo. There's no 300mm (eq) for the Sony APS cameras anyway. It would all come down to what your subjects are. And your market. wim
  4. Oh but I do 😉 The widest end of the VI is mostly computational if you get what I mean. There probably is some of that with the V going on too, but the result is cleaner in the corners. In my experience Wifi connection is better in V. The buffer in VI is larger. In general it can be frustrating using 2 different models side by side, because Sony loves to tinker with the menus. So it's in one panel in mkV, but in a different panel in mkVI. I wish there was a 12-35mm and a 24-135mm (eq) version. 200mm is nice to have though. For the wider stuff I carry a A7R2 with a Canon 17mm TSE on a Metabones. wim
  5. Include a camera and maybe some expensive gear: photographer crying. Include maybe a pile of bills and the screen of one of the free stock sites: photography crisis. Include a couple of hands holding phones: disruption. - No I won't do it either. wim
  6. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Copyright_rules_by_territory/Denmark#Freedom_of_panorama wim edit: table https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Freedom_of_panorama/table
  7. Sorry, we can’t find anything for your search term. Looks like your niche has found you. Quack! wim
  8. 34 for 1293. A bit above average - or what we should call "the new average" as vpics said. 😁 wim
  9. Maybe add keywords Drophead Coupé. Or Coupe as they say across the pond. wim
  10. Yep: Sledmere House & Nostalgia Day on Google Images with license plate 847 YUC Next time remember to take a picture of the license plate. Makes things so much easier. wim
  11. Well spotted! A new app. - When was S*o launched? And a major UK paper calls it new? Surely this is not just the fault of the newspaper. (the app was launched Feb 2014, more than 5 years ago) wim
  12. They do not look at metadata. (Which is not entirely correct.) The rest we do not know. wim
  13. Maybe include Out_Of_Focus_ in the filename. wim
  14. You've probably googled yourself nuts by now, but just in case: expat health care in spain for non eu. and: https://www.expatica.com/es/health-insurance-quotes/ Once a resident, you can apply for seguridad apparently. Not sure after how long. I'm guessing all those British expats will find themselves in the same boat after Brexit. wim
  15. You could use the 24 fps with full continous af,, if it's not about the video, but the stills. Otherwise if it is about the video, but you would like to have a better quality still than a frame: https://helpguide.sony.net/dsc/1750/v1/en/contents/TP0001138325.html I have never tried this myself, but it looks as it's jpg only at 17 megapixel & XFine. (This is how I read the 17M from the menu.) Both the buffer and the AF in the M6 have improved over the M5: AFAIK the AF is not continuous in burst on the M5. wim
  16. In case you've missed it those 5 years + 3 days you've been here: A. We receive over 100,000 images a day so it’s simply not possible for us to check every image. We check a small sample of your images and if all images in that sample are ok then we’ll pass the whole submission. If we find one failure then all images awaiting QC will fail. We take the view that every image you submit should meet our QC standards so when we look at a random sample we expect it to represent the quality of all images submitted. Our top tip is to check all images at 100% (actual pixels) before you submit. (https://www.alamy.com/contributor/faqs/quality-control/?section=4) wim
  17. If your images are on Alamy,, you will probably have them available on your desktop/laptop already, so no downloading needed. If you're on a PC, my favorite is IrfanView. Just copy all image to one folder/directory/map and do this. You can even make an automated one with music, or a cd that starts automatcally when inserted (Irfan has been around for a while 😉) But there's a quick and dirty solution in the File Explorer here. And if you're on a mac there's an equivalent, just use the preview function of the Finder like so. wim
  18. Automated bike parking in Kyoto. Worldwide. Magazines and books.mid $$ wim
  19. Which tells you why. They sell. German clients buy from them. They speak German and their clients speak German. The clients know how to pay them with two or 3 clicks in 5 seconds. They may even have an account. wim
  20. Really interesting specifications and impressive reviews. I'll definitely look into it when I'm ready to shop for carbon legs for my BH-55. wim
  21. The Brexit recession?. Any chance there is a before 23 June 2016 trend and an after trend? wim
  22. OUT OF MEMORY: RUN ALZHEIMER.COM? (Y/N) Y Candela! Compact Disc! Creative Director! Ah cd: change directory. (and 250 other meanings) wim
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