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  1. Maybe check AoA for those swear words or nudity; nude and naked as a keyword. Hmmm maybe do it myself. Not many searches for nudity in the rolling year: 19. Including this one: https://www.gettyimages.com/photos/lavender fields france provence?excludenudity But 7 pages (@100) for nude and 7 for naked as well. No results for strong language and only 1 search for swear words. A couple for swear or swearing (as in using swear words). Interesting. wim
  2. Thank you! You're welcome. I didn't do them in one go. Just updated them when I had to set a challenge myself. Somehow missing from that list are the only ones from the old forum I could find: Old forum: A Magical Moment Alone Forgotten There must have been more. If anyone remembers one or is able to find some more, please post them here. Maybe a nice project for a long cold wet winter's night? Trawling through the wayback machine? πŸ˜‰ wim
  3. Good challenge Ognyan! B8XWM9 - Washington DC - Washington Monument reflecting in the water of the Tidal Basin. EY1HY1 - Amsterdam - Singel Canal with DHL delivery canal boat. EEH4H3 - Chicago - United Terminal Pedestrian tunnel at O'Hare Airport. wim
  4. Micro $. Fog rolling in behind Bixby Bridge on the Pacific Coast Highway in Big Sur California. Do we get bonus points for [LU]? We'll see. Are they being nicked from there? Again, we'll see. Victoria Coren Mitchell would now have us all sing: Working for the Yankee dollar. Or the original. Or the LC version. We however will sing: Working for the Micro Dollar from now on. And if you're maybe like me this will stick in your head for the rest of the week. Earworm! (Aka Stuck song syndrome.) wim
  5. As I've stated before, it's mostly the lack thereof which forces me to note it all down. 😁 wim
  6. These documents are never asked for. Until the country you want to enter all of a sudden dislikes the country you're from. Or someone on the border thinks he (seldom she) can squeeze some money from you. wim
  7. Wow! My Brompton (with titanium parts) is worth about the same our car was - before it failed the MOT. My wife's Brompton is worth even more. Good catch! (Next time maybe if you spot a car...πŸ˜‚ ) - hmm maybe not. wim
  8. Yes, for me it's the Brompton or the Giant at the moment. (MOT - called APK here - is a great thing. Until, uhmm - you get the idea. πŸ˜₯) wim
  9. πŸ†πŸ†πŸ† πŸ†πŸ†πŸ† πŸ†πŸ† wim
  10. 8 wim edit: runners up: Arterra, Philippe 5 Michael Ventura 5 Wiskerke 5
  11. Come on Ognyan we'll talk you through it. πŸ‘©β€πŸ«πŸ‘¨β€πŸ«πŸ˜ Fresh blood is an advantage. In this case no need for you to have done your 10.000 hours of practice here. (Besides maybe the 10.000 hours is a myth too: 1; 2; 3.) These have been the previous Challenges on this Alamy Forum. Just come up with one of your own. (Or combine two from the past or give your own twist to an old one. ) 2019 September - Faces August - Climate July - Children in Action June - Remembrance, Honouring, Celebrating May - The Thrill and Joy of Sport April - Women's Role in Todays Society March - Eating February - What is Love? Januari - Happy New! 2018 December - Converging Lines November - The City October - You Wear It Well September - Think Local August - NEWS July - FUN June - National parks scenery (pure nature) May - Twilight April - In or On the Water March - Without leaving the house (or garden) February - Winter Activities January - Music 2017 December - Taste November - Iconic October - Failure September - Critters August - On The Beach July - Street Art June - Festivals May - Transport April - Proverbs and sayings March - Urban Wildlife February - Urban Landscape January - Friendship and Friends 2016 December - Behind November - Trees October - River September - Our Native Land August - Digital Manipulation July - Pedal Power June - Help May - Worm's eye view April - City March - Joy of Travel February - The Blue Hour January - Silhouettes and Shadows 2015 December - Motion November - Solitary October - The Decisive Moment September - Concept August - Travel Magazine cover July - Skyline June - Environmentally Friendly May - Communication April - Little March - The Good Life February - I don't know why I like it.. January - Informal Portrait of a Stranger 2014 December - Festivities November - Autumn Colour (Color) October - Shoot Local September - Music August - Bridges July - My Favourite Place June - Perspective May - Rules April - Abstract/Minimalism March - Health February - The Unusual / The Weird / The Lucky Shot January - Sunset 2013 December - Peace November - Cold October - Harmony September - Triumphant August - Taking it easy July - Heat June - Night May - Excess April - In the Air Old forum: A Magical Moment Alone Forgotten wim edit: Come on Colin, you're perfectly capable of doing some coaching here! (As the most experienced πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†winner of all of us, if I may add. 😁 )
  12. If this one is visible here, it's without watermark. But this is the largest un-watermarked image possible AFAIK. It's from AIM without zooming. Choose View image and drag and drop here. (Or on some platforms or with some browsers, copy and paste the link.) Normally this format would be pretty difficult to find from outside of Alamy or even the contributor's AIM. wim
  13. Bravo! At 61.44 your total average is higher than mine: 58.19. So don't knock it. wim
  14. Two more stone men with remarkably similar hairdo: Low $ - Finland doesn't pay very much either for Worldwide editorial website. The main station in Helsinki by Eliel Saarinen. The Stone Men by Emil WikstrΓΆm. wim - Sorry Pekka πŸ™„
  15. You mean that sculpture? Google thinks it's something else. πŸ˜‚ As for the soft focus one, it seems a popular theme on some agencies. Could they all be from the same contributor? (NSFW! - if you have safe search off.) wim
  16. Down here as well. At least Pseudonym summary / Your images. wim
  17. Look at a couple of issues at https://visitseattle.org/ovg/ and do a search inside. In some issues you'll find a couple of Alamy images. No cover yet afaik, but stipe's image would fit their style of cover images. (Which btw are of a pretty good standard - google what makes a good hero shot.) wim
  18. Try the November or December issues. It looks very much a Christmassy image to me. I put my money on the Visit Seattle Winter/Spring edition. (hint: they're a client) wim
  19. I have tried to replicate a regular search and also did a a search on AoA. Yes the ones that have been reported here seem to have been recorded in AoA, but no it's not possible to replicate such a search at the moment. It could be a coincidence however. Still, if this should pop up again, I strongly suggest contacting Tech. For now I think we may declare this a glitch. Sometimes however glitches have allowed us a sneak preview of what's to come. wim
  20. https://www.thesun.co.uk/travel/9806132/stunning-mcdonalds-around-world/ and on 30 other non-paying sites around the world including some in Korea. Google says About 25,270,000,000 results. Aarrghh. And you all know about the terrific fees that loss-making Sun newspaper owned by that famously poor Mr Fox Murdoch (he's not even on the first page. Actually he's on the third, with his family.) There are more Alamy images included in this feature, sorry for not reporting them in the images found thread. (- laptop; traveling; baseball on tv - you get the uhhh picture). wim
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