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  1. You mean you did not put this portfolio on Alamy, but an agency did that? Or is leonello calvetti 1,440 images your own portfolio and there's an agency that sells the same images, but under a different name or pseudonym? wim
  2. No idea. I had a very specific reason this weekend, but no. Normally I'm in favor of keeping the old one up with a link to the new one. This has saved some sales for me in the past: clients actually liking the old one better or it had been in the pipeline for a long time. wim
  3. Not sure they're still willing do that. wim
  4. 42 for 1603 Which now is a very good month: best of the year. But it used to be just a good month. Monthly average $$ so far over 2019 vs 2018: -18.7% Monthly average amount of images sold (licensed): -4.6% wim
  5. At present - no idea. Historically all got lost: ranking was done at pseudo level. Now we have some sort of ranking at image level. If you have more than one pseudo, it's very easy to do a test: move an image from one pseudo to another and back again. Do wait until the database has been updated before each next step. Maybe do this with an image with many sales and one without. wim
  6. You cannot delete a pseudonym with images in it. wim
  7. I had five of those, all from/to Japan. All the same image. However the total of the last sales is significantly higher than the initial sales. So I'm not complaining. A simple search on this forum for refunds brings up 15 pages @25 with questions, outbursts and answers. Just refund: 26 pages. If one adds reason or why or Alamy, the list gets shorter. Don't forget to check the box All of my search term words in the +More search options tab. Is there a good answer? Yes many even. The most important one: we see those sales and refunds because the reporting is done almost real time. If you get upset, just don't look. wim edit: and guilty as charged, I'm in those threads quite often 😂😳
  8. May I suggest a wifi analyzing app on you macbook and going around the apartment/hotel to find the best place to sit? Could be the hallway or the entrance. It may look less weird if you use a phone to scout out the location though. (This is what I do, using wifi analyzer, but it's android.) https://www.netspotapp.com/best-apps-to-measure-wifi-signal-strength-windows.html is mac. You may even discover the device this way, in which case you could try the cable. Usually no need for a password that way. 😉 (The $1 cable -1 pound of course in your case- at Poundland at one point was a 15 meter Belkin cable 😁) Others have already suggested doing a speed test like from ookla: https://www.speedtest.net/ Always a good start. wim
  9. At 2087px (25%) it looks like it may have a chance. However that's far below the size limit for Alamy. S*o would probably accept it, but only if shot submitted with an iPhone. wim edit: sorry, I quoted the wrong image there. I meant to say the cabbage image needing resizing to 2087px. Your bluebells would just need some careful sharpening to counter the diffraction at f20. Yes, I just read that you believe diffraction is a fallacy, or in any case adhere to that notion. Let's not go there, other then saying the original (2013) article doesn't prove it's a fallacy, but only says it is, while showing the opposite. It does however come to the right conclusion that one can counter it's effects somewhat. And even indicates one must possess some editing skills to do so believably.
  10. Maybe try a $1 network cable first to see if that brings a solution. Lots cheaper. You do need access to the modem or the router though. Poundland maybe? wim
  11. 5 weird sales/refunds here as well. Positive outcome so far though. Quite a lot of sales otherwise too. $ - $$$. David, glad to see you back. Really sorry to hear of your loss, my condolences. wim
  12. Like a slider fuzzy <> exact. Or a fly-out with a larger color wheel with a narrow or wide eyedropper. Mostly b/w. That's probably what clients expect in a search as well. So would you use monochrome to describe an image with block color? Would you shoot monochrome color images to meet demand? wim
  13. I hadn't tested this feature before, could it be that the search by color isn't fuzzy enough? I get the exact color I'm picking, but nothing else. Which means very very few results anyway. Test it with this search phrase: blue colour. Result 839,072 images. Pick a blue color from the wheel under Image > color and in my case I get 14 images with the exact hex value color I've picked. Nice tool, but not for the masses I think. wim
  14. Any suggestions on what clients are actually looking for? Is this a new trend that we haven't heard about or a trend that's already over? Because for the rolling year there has only been 1 search for block color and 6 for block colour. Maybe it's a UK thing? Monochrome isn't widely searched for either. Not in the sense of one dominant color anyway. Alamy (under Image > style) has the option to search for a color/colour, so it may be to populate those results a bit more. If that's the case, keywords are not very important except maybe for that dominant color. wim
  15. https://www.mirror.co.uk/money/liverpool-wilko-stores-sold-out-14263583 😁 This is the only Wilko I know. But yours is a sort of Home Depot or Ace Hardware, I guess. wim edit: Maybe not quite Ace Hardware 😂
  16. Yep, this is the last one: - taken from another ferry of course. wim
  17. Thank you! So that was were it went. (Invoiced on the 12th) The last edition. Very sad indeed, but honored to be included. I like it too, but the other one from that day even better. Probably because it's even more Lowry (1887-1976) or Avercamp (1585-1634). There's a Lowry with a frozen canal and cyclists albeit not on the ice, but I have yet to find skating people by him. Maybe the one with the cyclist I seem to remember is not a winter scene at all. But then a lot of people he paints seem to be skating. Looking forward to the film Mrs Lowry and Son. wim
  18. It depends on what page you're dragging from. There's an easy test: in the Reply box, there's a weird little icon on the right of the row of buttons. It looks like a search button, but it's the preview button. If you cycle through the 3 formats and your image doesn't stretch, you've picked the right one. If it does stretch/shrink/deforms, try view image and drag from there. This one is from the view image page: (hold the shift key while right clicking) And this is from the zoom page: Now if you make your window smaller or just narrower, the second image will distort. The first one will just become smaller. wim
  19. E93GYX There you go. Just drag and drop. (PC) It won't work from your own hard drive though. Only from some other place on the web. In this case from here: https://www.alamy.com/search/imageresults.aspx?qt=E93GYX&imgt=0 wim
  20. Ahh Loengard! One of my all time favorite underrated photographers. I have his Beatles one from that show in color. wim
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