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  1. V/S = 276 for the rolling year across all pseudos. It has been at its lowest in 2017 at 244. Creeping up since. However one pseudo was at 1136 and another at 37 for the rolling year on October 1st. wim
  2. That could work either way ๐Ÿ˜‰ Many images from Alamy's own other sites or from distributors' sites, but few published images could easily lead to the needle in a haystack feeling. Hence the filtering. Contributors with live news pictures will even benefit more of filtering out those own sites. For my own images I found that also distributor dijitalimaj.com turns up quite a lot in a search. This could well be because my name is still in some of my legacy keywords. So (for me) the ideal string for the moment is: "your pseudonym" alamy -site:alamy.com -site:alamy.es -site:alamy.de -site:alamyimages.fr -site:alamy.it -site:dijitalimaj.com (Paste all of this in the Google Images search box of course.) wim
  3. Try this for a cleaner result: "your pseudonym" alamy -site:alamy.com -site:alamy.es -site:alamy.de -site:alamyimages.fr -site:alamy.it wim
  4. Sometimes a lens reset helps. Obviously not with an electrical failure. Shut the camera off. Put it on a table with the lens down. Press down lightly with one hand and turn the camera on. The focusing system should now do a calibration run. wim
  5. Look at a Google images result for the same search on Alamy.com. That's how it should come out. wim edit: maybe someone should alarm Tech. (Not me - I'm the local Cassandra.)
  6. Interesting result. No tricks or treats in your keywords. Could it be zoomed from the similar stock images below the original result? The original result is complete nonsense also. Except maybe for this one. Fuzzzzy searching finally came to Alamy. wim
  7. I'm with Doc Kumar here. ratio zooms/sales: 2007 17.2 2008 15.5 2009 7.4 2010 4.1 2011 3.3 2012 2.4 2013 2 2014 2.7 2015 3.5 2016 2.6 2017 2.5 2018 2.2 2019 2.6 However I think the ratio views/sales is even more important. Think of it as CTR for sales. wim
  8. Doc, you must have just broken measures. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Fortunately I have my data offline. Max monthly zooms: Apr 2008 - 114 Jun 2008 - 106 Mar 2018 - 116 Which is not saying a lot. So Average monthly views - zooms: 2007 - 3253 - 37 2008 - 7356 - 70 2009 - 3972 - 37 2010 - 5054 - 25.6 2011 - 4824 - 25.6 2012 - 4739 - 27.3 2013 - 6671 - 35.33 2014 - 8167 - 42 2015 - 8239 - 64.25 2016 - 8808 - 76.8 2017 - 6398 - 64.5 2018 - 7239 - 62 2019 - 7295 - 67.3 wim
  9. I have no idea what it means either. Leafing through the images I still have to find the first one from Alamy. The agency Cavan, which is on CV, however is on Alamy. I think it used to be called Aurora. I like reading the explanations with the images. They do give food for thought. And it's refreshing they are not just not going for the easy imagery, but trying to counter it. My guess is that they will get very little traction in the UK. At least in the mainstream press. Maybe in government magazines. Which would not be that bad, because they tend to pay better. wim
  10. The concern over how best to depict the climate emergency led us to seek advice from the research organisation Climate Visuals, who have found that โ€œimages that define climate change shape the way it is understood and acted uponโ€. https://climatevisuals.org/7-climate-visuals-principles https://climatevisuals.org/about towards the end: Paid partnerships: Alamy wim
  11. In principle yes, but it's unclear how much is one's own rank and how much is the rank of the image. So much is clear: sales are a very important factor. Duh again! ๐Ÿ˜ However very new contributors with very few images sometimes overtake all, images and contributors. That must be because very early on that image or the contributor had sales or maybe even just zooms. Because again and again Alamy has reassured us there's no such thing as a secret sauce. Meaning human intervention to favor someone. wim
  12. If you check on contributors that sell many images a month, you'll see that their images are much closer together than those 19. It works the other way around also: if you spot many images on the first rows by one or two contributors, you know they are really high sellers. Like really high. Like selling in a month what I sell in a year. wim
  13. That's about the going rate for a mk1 on Ebay as well. I prefer the mk2 or higher because they have a flip out back screen and wifi. (I had never thought wifi is such fun.) Mk1 also has no way of connecting a remote. Everything on the later models is a bit faster each time because of a better processor. Between each model most of the steps are really small though. Apart from the obvious changes in lenses. Only mk2 has a flash shoe. From mk3 on there's a pop-up viewfinder. If you need video the differences are a bit bigger between models. Here is a comparison between all the RX100 models. wim Edit: (I have the mk1; 2; 5 and 6 - I use the 5 and 6 a lot. More than my A7R2 at the moment.)
  14. Another mosaic floor: Roman mosaics. Sevilla, Palacio de la Condesa de Lebrija. Vertical stitched panorama of 3 images with 17mm shift lens. Mid $$ Worldwide editorial. wim
  15. Yep, hence the 24fps. Failed frames cost nothing. Except when you don't throw them away and have to store them. But even then. Last week I bought a second 10Tb hdd for 316 euros. wim
  16. 2 crops with simple defects: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8p5vtjk3vhrlaby/crop-ruined city 005.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/ssdy68a5eh8sb5q/crop-ruins 7k.jpg (Sorry don't know why dropbox insists on showing them this big - they're normal at download though.) I think the problem that QC has with these images is that at thumbnail size they suggest to be photorealistic. Anything that looks a certain way in thumbnail, but turns out to be totally different when opened at 100% by the client gets a rejection. So in general if you use parts of bitmaps, they should have the correct size at the definitive end size. So if you start with a 10x10 pixels piece of bitmap, but the end size is a 7000x4000 pixels, your initial 10x10 don't look so good. It's called uprezzing and yes you can, but only with very good files, like RAW files and then only to a certain size, say to a 14x14 pixels. It's not such a big deal with moving images, but still images are being scrutinized throughout the industry at 100%. So check your initial jigsaw puzzle bitmap parts, see which one got uprezzed the most, say 400% and then decrease the pixel size until you're at 100% again. Now see how big your end file is. My guess is about screen size at 4k. Do you have a Retina screen? Use at least 200% as a final control. wim
  17. Interesting. I do the opposite: I hold it like you would handle an old Rolleiflex, cradled in my hands and my hands or wrists held against my body. Not too firm though, because tension induces movement as we know from shooting. I use my thumb on the release button. My left thumb is in the same position on the left on top of the viewfinder which I never use. 1/2s is well possible in this position. The back screen is tilted towards me and usually the electronic level is visible. Plus always the one thirds lines. This position is stable enough to allow looking up without changing much the way the camera is pointing, say up to 35mm. If you hold the camera lower than your belly button, it will look very odd to onlookers if they do not spot the camera though ๐Ÿ™‹โ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿ‘ฎโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€โš–๏ธ - ๐Ÿ˜. My tremor is usually because of the lack of food or sugar. But any excitement or physical exercise will cause even more unsteadiness. It's a wonder I do manage to get any sharp image at all. Those image stabilization thingies are pure magic! ๐Ÿ‘ด๐Ÿ˜ Using the 24fps on the MkV and MkVI reveals how many images are actually blurred and how little are pin sharp in a second. So I use that a function a lot now. It does eat hard disk space though. Btw I only use full AUTO or A. On A I usually use exposure bracketing. wim
  18. You didn't say what the subject was nor the use. Does the subject move? At what speed? What light levels? Is the subject stationary? - could include models posing. Are the images going to be printed? Published on Facebook? Alamy? Billboard? You get the idea. So this is very general: Play around/practice at home at the expected light levels and see at what shutter speeds your images are sharp enough. And what level of graininess is acceptable for the purpose. Not RAW but very useful is the handheld twilight scene mode. High speed continuous drive and RAW will do the same, but then you will have to do the editing by hand: delete all less than sharp images from the burst and stack/median the rest in Photoshop. After practicing at home, do a test run at the actual venue. wim
  19. OK I'll bite: Seville Las Teresas - traditional Andalusian tapas bar. World English Language IQ - high $$ wim edit: Edo, I would go back for the winter ๐Ÿ˜Ž.
  20. All will be answered here: https://discussion.alamy.com/search/?q=rx100 , if you have a day or two to spare. Short answer: yes if your photography and editing skills are good enough and don't expect it to be a dslr. wim
  21. Or the other nice young guys. (The Halloween edition; the original. Or the binge version for a wet Sunday evening. Some very funny renditions.) wim
  22. Well spotted! It seems short term memory is the first to go. ๐Ÿ˜‚ ITMA? Aha. I've checked my sales since that thread and all 25 images taken outdoors have blue skies or otherwise brilliant weather. So no new examples of bad weather with good light. These are 19 of those sales: It's clear that light does play a big role. Whether that is in my images or in the taste of the buyers I'm not sure. It could also be color or just content, and mine was on the first or second row for their search. That content has something to do with it, could be deduced from these two: The one from the previous thread which has sold 5 x and this one from the same outing: which sits on 5th row @10/row @100/page for small thumbnails; or 8th row for large thumbnails. And has not sold once. I like it better though, but clients think otherwise. Or they just don't see it because it's too far down on the page. (There are 11,929 images for Gettysburg.) Could be content: ah yes that's a monument with some interesting light as a bonus. That's God's hand or Jacob's ladder or a Sun Harp (depending on where you live and which language you speak). What's the other - just a fence? Huh? (Fences played a role on that battlefield and they looked like this.) My image is #2 for Gettysburg fence. However nobody ever searches for that. Ever. wim
  23. Maybe post some thumbnails which have sold and which have done nothing. Hmm it seems that we have done this here? But where is it? Because I remember posting this one as an example: Maybe the topic was bad light, not good light. wim
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