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  1. GT7CF8 - Edinburgh Who needs Photoshop if you can just go there? E8W4JR - Otago region NZ KK512B - I-80 West through Bonneville Salt Flats near Wendover Utah wim
  2. The Wimpy in your image was in a building on the corner of the Rembrandtplein, Korte Regulierdwarsstraat and Reguliersbreestraat. It's now a Flying Tiger shop. Before it was a Wimpy, it was the self-service annex (across the street) to an Amsterdam afternoon tea favorite called Ruteck's. I've been there often with my mother. The address is Rembrandtplein 2 btw. I have never been to this Wimpy however. And that's because just steps away in the Regulierdwarsstraat there was and still is the really good lunch institution Eetsalon Van Dobben. Just steps away because it's a very short (Korte=short) street. In your image it's to the left. Traditional lunch here is bun with kroket (croquette) and a glass of milk. They do have cheese and pastrami and even fries, but the humble broodje kroket is their claim to fame. Take a note of it, just in case you should pass through this neck of the woods. Better: give me a shout and I'll join you, as it's by far my favorite lunch place. No way Wimpy could ever hold a candle to that one. Here's an image of the tearing down of Wimpy's predecessor in November 1968. Here's an image from the city archives. According to the caption it's from the opening on June 13 1969. However all the other info mentions March 1st as the opening date. In 1969 there were already 53 Wimpy restaurants in Holland. On Wikipedia. No mentioning of Albert Heijn here. But here's the beautiful first Wimpy in Amsterdam on the Leidsestraat 77 on the heritage site of the Albert Heijn company. It opened in 1963 (Albert Heijn history). Btw I have been an intern next door at the Canon Photo Gallery on Leidsestraat 79. (See Holland is a village.) This is a shot on Twitter from 1982, when Wimpy was still there on the Rembrandtplein. This book mentions that the then owner of that Wimpy (it's a franchise) lost money on it or maybe even went bankrupt in 1983. The last Wimpy in The Netherlands closed in 1985 in Zandvoort. The McDonalds in the Regulierbreedstraat is actually the back door of the McDonalds on the Muntplein 9. It opened in 1973. Before that it was a printing business, mainly of securities, Van Mantgem. Surprisingly some of it's work is on Alamy. Even it's end is on Alamy: it burned down in May 1972. And here's is the source of that image on Alamy. Otherwise it's from Wikimedia here. The image shows the backdoor on the Regulierbreestraat. The front of the building on the Muntplein is on Alamy too (and one more), but as the current McDonalds. (Note the number 9 of Muntplein 9 now on the top of the facade.) So there you have it: Wimpy is still there until 1983 and McDonalds is there from 1973 onwards. Right and about my own name: Wimpy - here one would write Wimpie - is the diminutive of Wim. Wim is short for William -here: Willem. In my case it is Wilhelmus. (Which is also the Dutch national anthem. 😁) I was named after both my grandmothers who were called Wilhelmina. (I was called after both my grandfathers too: my 2 middle names.) wim
  3. You know of course that Wimpy is the diminutive for Wim 😉 I know them well. Not far from my birthplace. And I think you are correct about the Rembrandtplein. The Mac is opposite of the Cineac in the Reguliersbreestraat and you are looking at the Munt tower with the lights there at the end. I'll look into the history tonight. wim
  4. Congratulations Losdemas! Thanks everybody for voting! wim
  5. Absolutely. It works with an app called Imaging Edge Mobile on your smartphone. Initially it was a different app called PlayMemories which is not supported anymore. Edge Mobile here. Now the caveat: If you use the smart remote on your older Sony camera, some settings like RAW/JPG and file size must be set from within the app when it's running. Very convoluted. These are the cameras with a tab application list and downloadable apps, which have now been abandoned. The menu structure however has been retained including the dual setup. The cameras with newer firmware/newer menu structure, have a setting control with smartphone. This does not have the dual setup problem. It has however problems with making or keeping a connection. Not always though. It may even have been solved via one of the updates. It also from time to time forgets the cameras that it is supposed to be connecting to. So once in a while you're being asked for the password or the QR code. If there's no QR code showing on the camera, it has missed a firmware update. There are things that must be set on the phone: Mainly download images or not or smaller size downloads (jpg only). The rest can be set from within the app afaik. What smart remote or Imaging Edge Mobile can do depends on the camera. Some will only operate in full auto, others can be operated fully manual too and everything in between. What I am missing is a bracketing function. It can be done by hand via the exposure correction, but I want a simple link to the setting in the camera. wim
  6. Let's hope it's one of these and that it's not because we've lost some of them to the virus. My guess is that it's the recession combined with the quarantine/lock-down that drives people towards possible online sources of additional income. Plus maybe the house and the yard have been cleaned by now and people reading this sort of thing are just trying their luck. wim
  7. Or put your rejected images somewhere online at 100%. Maybe with a watermark. Make sure it is the exact same file, not altered by the platform like on Flickr. Then put a link here. wim
  8. Alamy said here it will take 3-4 weeks. So how long have you been waiting? And yes not every country is as intelligent in dealing with this crisis as Sweden is. (I am not in the UK either, and here we have called it an intelligent lock-down, but our true numbers are much higher than the statistics.) wim
  9. Richard Wareham can very easily be found using Google. The first entries are his site on PhotoDeck and his LinkedIn presence. There are however other Richards Wareham. Like the one on GitHub and the one playing rugby. Who may be the same person, but I doubt it. Funky (his pseudo here) did a long walkabout down under before Corona. He came home on the last flight out. He sort of blogs on LinkedIn. Images from his last trip can be accessed through there as well. (I'm guessing he will not mind me posting this.) wim edit: he didn't 😎
  10. Is it impossible to change a vote? wim
  11. Yes I know, and I am perfectly content with someone else in our household (2) doing all these things. 😁 The point is: if you're looking for people these are the places to start. Plus LinkedIn of course. And: you/I/we may have lost connection to some people because you/I/we are not active (or not enough) on these social media. Then again these are trying times and someone who reports having a cough or a sneeze one day, nothing to worry about, can be on a ventilator the next. As we (Brian and me) have just witnessed in some other place. wim
  12. Only 179 images for Bahamas and Greenberg. 😎 wim edit: wow emojis can be italic
  13. I get 38,738 images of Miami for Greenberg. My guess is that the rest is there too. He posts at quite a few places. Even at Dpreview. I don't use Twitter, FB or Insta, but isn't that where most people hang out nowadays? wim
  14. Have you tried searching on Facebook? wim
  15. Thank you for including one of mine! A good challenge indeed. wim
  16. This must be the new post-corona fashion. A bit on the small side, but that's probably because it's for kids. 😷 wim
  17. null You're the second one telling me this today. See my memory is excellent! 🙈 🧠🚮 Ok just in case: I want a seat by the window, preferably looking out over water. And a cat. A real one; not one on batteries. Unless I really don't know the difference anymore. 🐱🔋🔋🙀 And some music with that: everything from Stile Antico with the wonderful Ashby sisters; Tallis; The Sixteen; Pluhar; Jaroussky; Sandy Denny; John Renbourn and those other guys. Maybe I should learn how to make playlists in Spotify now. Hmm could this work? Ok one more: Cohen/Antony. 😿 wim
  18. Amsterdam Canal Pride. PCXCX3 Graduation Day in Edinburgh. GT7CEY Tourists on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. GW5GE2 wim
  19. Late converts are always the most zealous. 😁 Glad you like it. Welcome to the club. 🏅 wim
  20. Wear a Possum, Save a Kiwi! On the Octagon in Dunedin. (I have no shares, but I do wear their jumpers and sweaters. Love them!) Taiwan book inside - Bdfr - $$ but distributor. wim
  21. 😂😷 Don't you oppress me! wim
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