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  1. Yes sorry about that. You were all right. Probably a case of correcting for worse. I don't have the originals with me so it will have to wait till next week. Again my apologies. wim
  2. I did re-upload, and downloaded as well because of the message. and they're not corrupt. However there will be no preview available. Probably because of the profiles. If you download them with the download button on the page under the 3 dots in the upper left hand corner, you can play with them. Most useful: opening in a color managed program and a non color managed program side by side. Further possibilities: converting/stripping/assigningthe profiles in photoshop or any other editor that let you do this. wim
  3. Next time blur the cars in post. Or give the plants more prominence in the image and make the cars half the size. This is a well known case: clients could mistake your image for a photo of the car. So make sure the car is blurred even at thumbnail sizes. Flickr is indeed sharpening images, so no way to know if the foreground would be sharp enough for QC. But I'm pretty sure the real problem here is the ambiguity of the image re: the real subject. wim
  4. Much clearer now! Don't you think? I find that in general images it's the sky that suffers most from conversion (AdobeRGB > sRGB). To fully appreciate the whacked profile, just download the images from the link. Last letter S=sRGB; A is AdobeRGB and WS is whacked sRGB. I will not be keywording for at least a week. And with this outcome I will only keep 1 image and discard the other 2. No use to have 3 now almost identical images live. I am still hoping that the files that go out to clients have the full proper profile. OTOH maybe all the clients that would have wanted AdobeRGB (=better paying discerning print clients) have left the building. Or retired 🚮. Knowledge > 🗑️. Anyway it looks like I will have to brush up my knowledge of rendering intent. So looking forward to that. NOT. wim
  5. 30 mins must be enough to google free wifi in Liverpool. 😁 Or even cheap hotel with free wifi in Liverpool. That'll teach them. Is this a sign the hotel is still too expensive or is it the opposite? My best bet: the city library. Sometimes even the coffee is free (not in the main library where they now have coffeeshops). Could be they prefer warm brown water aka tea in the UK. wim
  6. 😂🤣🤐 Still not a bad idea to have them. Probably not very useful for real clients though. More for the marketing dept. Still important. Clients expect Google. Everything of it. Just all those things why everybody and his/her granny and grandchild are using it. wim
  7. Ian, could you maybe upload the original failed image to something like dropbox? wim
  8. Maybe do not invent any wheels. What do the others (industry leaders) use? wim
  9. The more traditional way of comparing color using a Macbeth chart is to use smaller boxes inside the reference image like this: The legacy Photoshop tool save for web also strips the profile, after converting to sRGB. So this may well be the tool that's in use at Alamy. wim
  10. OK my images have cleared. For the web version the procedure is clear: first convert to sRGB and then strip the profile. I have not bought/downloaded my own images. I don't think I will keyword all three, so no live evaluation. These are from AIM: whacked sRGB AdobeRGB. wim
  11. At the moment I'm traveling and only have a laptop with an uncalibrated TN screen available at the moment. Before I left I did upload something similar but just a general scene, no test patches. However I have included a whacked color profile image which will turn blue and green if handled in a certain way (let's not specify this any further at the moment). Could be that it will not clear QC because of the whacked profile. If it clears and is blue and green I will have some serious keywording to do. 🙂 I'm in Munich btw. wim
  12. It's the first image here. It looks like it may have been Live News. The opening of the show maybe? wim
  13. No I haven't. Good add-on. I'll test it for a while. Thank you! However that Javascript does something else and also useful. But it doesn't run on Alamy anymore. It still works elsewhere though, but not everywhere. wim
  14. Thank you for including mine! Not voting for my one either. Besides there is ample choice of good ones to vote for as Michael said. wim
  15. This is the source of that: http://jarred.github.io/src-img/ Is there any page on Alamy where this still works? I used to check the zooms in my Pseudonym Summary that way. How do you go about it? wim
  16. Just put in The National Trust Photolibrary in the Contributor name box in the Advanced search menu. And maybe do a search at their own website. wim
  17. 24 for 610 $$ half of last year's average. Not a good month. wim
  18. Think as, from the perspective of, a possible client. Maybe using Google Images with something like: UK farming technology UK farming economy or even: The Economist UK farming UK farming tourism UK farming schools UK farming export UK farming Brexit farming advertising You get the idea. wim
  19. AoA (All of Alamy) is your friend. Or should be. %elliot% gives many results, but not many seem to be looking for the Nobel Prize winning cat lover. wim
  20. Even just putting shadow noise in Google comes up with numerous remedies. If you put in the raw converter and photo editor(s) you use, you'll soon find a solution. This is how you learn without a school or teacher. The good thing: it's free and it keeps an exact pace with what you're doing. The bad thing: no warnings beforehand and it may take a few tries to get it right. (But that would equally apply to teachers 😀. -said the teacher.) wim
  21. I am and have been reasonably happy with all my RX100's. However I have never used the viewfinder except to see how it worked. My RX100's: Mk1; 2; 5 and 6. Here's a side by side comparison from Models I to VI. wim
  22. As the song goes: Variety and Quality. Now sing with me. Make it your mantra. (honestly) wim
  23. Haha whitetail deer in all those posh Frank Lloyd Wright buildings. That doesn't make the animal in the image whitetail deer though. However it's not my department. At first sight I thought fallow deer, Dama dama, which are abundant near here and a pest on the local golf links. They are native to the Ukraine and anywhere in between here and there. The ones we eat are usually from Poland, which is a few miles from Lviv, the location given in the portfolio. They come from farms. The animal in the images (there are quite a few) doesn't look like it's in the wild. Nor do all these lions and tigers. However the antlers don't look like fallow deer either, but maybe that's not what makes the difference. So you may well have been right with the Indian species. Indian is in the keywords btw. wim
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