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  1. Wonder what Rewind would do. 😁 wim (who has a similar one with a torn curtain)
  2. I give money only for a service. No beggars or con men. But small bribes otoh are ok 😜. This is the culprit of it all (not the photo fee, but the overtourism): 3; 10; 20; 24; 47; 100; 1001 Places to see before you die. Plus books & magazines. And aren't we proud when one of ours is featured? 😳 wim
  3. So it may have been a client bot? Bot client? And all this on St Boris Day. (The martyr not your new PM.) 😛 wim
  4. 3404 at 5 to 6 seconds that would take around 5 hours including going to the next page. (18,000 seconds is 5 hrs.) I would certainly check on your image to see if it starts surfacing in numbers. How good is your Russian? 😉 Maybe take a baseline measurement right now. (If it's not already too late.) However if I was writing for certain UK newspapers I would suggest it was some civil servant in Brussels. wim
  5. wiskerke

    similar stock images

    That's because it's highly unlikely that there's an image ref # in the caption or the keywords. In the case there is an image ref # there, it does show the other image(s) as Stock photos by the same contributor. I have some but now where to find those. Hmmm. It's all pretty simple: it is meant as a service to the client. So if you behave like a normal client, the site will behave normally too. 😉 Usually. 😉 wim
  6. wiskerke

    similar stock images

    Do you have some examples? Like image + the keyword/phrase you used to search for them? wim
  7. Try different keywords? Thesaurus. Also do an image search on Google to see if there's any regular interest. And what John said: it could be in the newspapers; instagram; lonely planet's top 10 list; or just on fire tomorrow. wim
  8. This has been the case for a couple of years now. If it hasn't hurt your collection by now it will probably have no impact in the future. Let's say that this particular brand of copycats is not the brightest. Until they're starting to come in before our own of course. 😡 wim
  9. wiskerke

    similar stock images

    That is very weird. Same photographer is working normally here. Like this. wim
  10. wiskerke

    similar stock images

    Could it be you just don't have images with the same words in the caption? Because when just I tried adult cookery class (one that was zoomed yesterday) I had none either. Nor had the next contributor. But when I left out adult, there they were. Only not with mine because I only had one image of a cookery class. wim
  11. Small fee, but nice image of.. Seville. Oranges in the Cathedral Patio. wim
  12. We do know who he is. With over 40,000 images he is (well was) easy to find on Alamy. Technically speaking we only know his pseudonym of course. Early on in this case everything was still searchable on Google. No I'm not outing him. You do your own research. wim
  13. True, but it was very little context to begin with. Then the intern at the Big Issue very well knew what he/she was doing when cropping the image. So while the image was absolutely borderline, the real culprit is the end user here. Or the intern. Not the wife. wim
  14. View on Mount Rushmore from the Sculptor's Studio. Book mid $$. wim
  15. Yes someone should really check out his contract. And maybe his prenups 😀. wim
  16. Blaming his wife. The photographer. Blaming His Wife. - OK I obviously was mistaken by thinking it could have been from Live News, because it had appeared alongside other Live News images of openings and shows in past Google and Alamy searches. His wife. Not the intern this time. (That probably was the one at the Big Issue.) wim
  17. It gets worse: I now seem to have really bad images on SS and similar sites which come up on Google Images. Yuk. https://www.shutterstock.com/search/wim+wiskerke https://www.barewalls.com/posters-art-prints/wim-wiskerke.html wim
  18. Some of them even copied my name in the keywords, not just the subject and the location. I have one really nice image that made it into a great cover once and was banned (for totally wrong reasons), but some of the copycats are still here. So yeah stuff happens. Not a lot that you can do about it. Except making images they will never be able to replicate. wim
  19. The image order is supposedly determined by past sales and zooms too. Or maybe mostly. Or maybe totally in Creative. Who knows? Maybe not even the creator of the algorithm. wim
  20. Did you count the sales and zooms of those images for those specific keywords? wim
  21. The main problem is when you're converting to CMYK: e.g. sRGB files can have duller skies. As for when people are assigning the wrong profile: that's just a mistake that cannot be avoided by the maker. Assuming he/she was not stupid enough to send the client a file without a profile. Not something a professional photographer will do unless the client specifically asks for it. And yes clients can and still do make mistakes. Usually not because they're stupid, but because they have their software set up incorrectly. wim (sorry about the double negatives)
  22. And yet another cautionary tale: https://www.francebleu.fr/infos/faits-divers-justice/il-retrouve-la-photo-de-sa-jambe-amputee-sur-des-paquets-de-cigarettes-1563387214 and on Twitter. This time about having/not having a release. wim
  23. Profiles are there for compatibility. Think of it as cutting off your power plug from your coffee machine to plug it in with just the copper wire. It will function as long as you're in the UK and the coffee machine is from the UK too. But don't try it with your US device in the UK. It's also a quality thing: your UK device will sometimes work in the US, but your coffee will be bleak. Maybe if you would tell clients that they could ask for it? Maybe even with a check box, like click here if you would rather have an Adobe RGB file (- this may delay the delivery). Or a pick list: profile: - none (sRGB) - sRGB with profile - AdobeRGB with profile (- this may delay the delivery) Maybe just put a question in the next customer satisfaction survey. You may well be right for the clients you have. OTOH maybe there still are clients out there... wim
  24. Congratulations from BMW-Porsche-Mercedes-land! wim (driving a modest Fiat 500 this week - in the pouring ☔ rain)
  25. Yes sorry about that. You were all right. Probably a case of correcting for worse. I don't have the originals with me so it will have to wait till next week. Again my apologies. wim
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