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  1. No difference on the Granger (if there is one I don't see it) but there's a difference on the Passport for me. The difference is in saturation not hue btw. This is on a color managed FF and wide gamut Eizo's. wim
  2. For me it's been a while. 😁 Actually it's from that bridge from Penn's Landing. I may have parked the car there. One of our friends used to live in Philly before moving to DC. And we visited it in the eighties. And we went to see Randy Newman in the Keswick once. wim
  3. Ah and here's the other. The 400 block of Market Street somewhere from the 200 block. City Hall is not visible anymore. But the landmark PSFS building (now a hotel) still is. wim edit: https://goo.gl/maps/gt8ctj6kokNmcMBS7
  4. The first one is here: https://goo.gl/maps/zsTEkNMPVCjhnLydA wim
  5. To Edo and MDM: AFAIK the histogram in the viewer / on the screen is based on your jpg settings. wim
  6. I have no idea. I have not used that since my first digital Ixus. Where in all those menu tabs would that be? It turns out it's in full view right there on the mode dial. And all my 4 RX's have it. wim edit: and this is what I did with it then: der KΓΆrperteil im Zeitalter seiner technischen Reproduzierbarkeit explanation on my ancient website here.
  7. The VII (2019) does away with the limit on video capture. The VI (2018) was the first with a 24-200mm equivalent lens. all side by side wim
  8. There are some agencies with lots of phone images on Alamy. wim
  9. Sometimes it's the people not the store. Like here. Discussion on reddit. Who would know that a McDonalds is considered a public space in Australia? And that Getty would charge $600? (Even if that may have been Aus $.) Anyways totally different from France or Canada. I'm somewhere in between Betty and Chuck on this. My problems usually are with security in large malls not inside stores though. wim
  10. As always AoA is your friend and advisor. Plus I would do a quick scan in Google Images for some of the subjects and see how many are used commercially; not in family blogs. And then go for some low hanging fruit. Try uploading that. If it works, maybe upload some more. After say a year or two you will know if there's a market. wim
  11. XAVC is video. There's a filmstrip sign preceding file format. Mine is at 4K; not HD. It only matters when you happen on something you need to film. There are some setup threads on dpreview. I would say that M6 M5 and VA are more or less the same in this respect. wim
  12. But was it zoomed? And was there only 1 zoom? Anybody had a zoom for Party Mix? πŸ˜‚ wim
  13. And my guess is that it says D O D G E on that chrome strip. 1977. Is that Agfa film that bad that it's unreadable? Now for that mountain. 😁 Maybe try state park campsite with Oregon or something. How would you travel from SF to Seattle? I largely went by the 101 with side trips through some famous state parks. From the slides you must have some clues about what they liked. So California Wine Country? Mendocino? Leggett drive thru Redwood? Bixby Bridge? Klamath Falls? Redwood State Park? Trees of Mystery? Paul Bunyan? Those are easy to identify. Try to guess if they stayed at commercial campgrounds or in State or National Parks. My guess would be mainly State Parks. Did they take highways or byways? Was it a one way or a round trip? You could of course unmount the slides and try to piece together the original sequence to satisfy your inner sleuth. πŸ˜‚ wim
  14. This is what that link says: Remove the battery from the camera. Set the power switch to ON. Press and hold the shutter button for 2 minutes. Set the power switch to OFF. Insert the battery back to the camera. Set the power switch to ON to see if the camera will turn on So those 2 minutes will probably be enough to drain that capacitor (= probably that internal power source). Ah I stand corrected: the exploded view of the MK1 says: Bt900 lithium rechargeable battery. Most probably it's still in the MK6 as well. The capacitor is there, but only to regulate charging via cable it seems. It seems the self-diagnosis function should start by itself. Any chance it's only displayed in the EVF? Now how does one force the thing to display error codes if it doesn't start by itself? wim
  15. Interesting stuff indeed! I do have images from Flagstaff and Seligman (on Alamy) So I must have come through Williams as well because these are to the East and West respectively on Route 66. Probably before I understood that touristy = good (for stock). We carry a tent as well 😁. We also did SF-Seattle long time ago. No RV - yet. Not in the US at least. wim
  16. In this thread there's a sort of hard reset in the 5th post. wim edit: also nothing in the evf?
  17. Where is it? Near Mono Lake? No not that many motels. Pity I can only view it at 1000px wide. The green car is one with a hood ornament. That narrows it down quite a bit. We seem to be in the late seventies? No it's a 1976 Plymouth Volare. I'm pretty sure you can read Volare with an Γ© on the side. Sure looks like a fine camping spot to me! wim
  18. Any warning messages? https://helpguide.sony.net/dsc/1750/v1/en/contents/TP0001117206.html Any error code? https://helpguide.sony.net/dsc/1750/v1/en/contents/TP0001117221.html The only trick I know is to hold it down with the lens on the table and a hand on the back while turning it on. But that's for re-aligning the focus drive-train. If the lens doesn't come out at all, that's probably no solution. Someone mentions a magic button trick: holding both shutter and OK for 30 sec. wim
  19. Ah the Fotosnaipr! Ha my Novoflex 600mm looks a lot like a bazooka. 😁 youtube on sonyrumours (with a french accent) (I have both versions with a 400 and a 600mm plus a shoulder rest, a bit like the Sniper. Which makes it look even worse.) We have the same terminology here. Both the English shoot or photo shoot as well as een foto or een plaatje schieten (shooting an image). Because very few people here have guns there's no real connotation of firing a gun. Personally I do not use shooting in connection with photography, but when I'm about with one of my super long selfie sticks, I use fishing for images a lot. (Still waiting for a German tourist to wish me Petri Heil! The traditional German fisherman's greeting: Hail Saint Peter. To which I can then answer Petri Dank! ) wim
  20. The white car in the middle reads F O R D ? It's a mid sixties 1964 Galaxie 500. wiki image wim
  21. At least more storage; 1TB minimum; I would go for 2 now. Remember all your programs will live on there as well. More memory is also better. 16Gb is fine for now, but nothing of the hardware is upgradable (Ifixit). Adding the 32Gb and 2Tb will set you back another 1000,- . Ouch. Which is why it's not upgradable. These are very standard components in spite of what Apple wants us to believe. And they are still way overpriced. (A decent 32Gb memory module is under 150,- and Apple wants an extra 400,- to go from 16 to 32Gb. Making it 5 times more expensive? A 2Tb SSD is $600,- more, but a very decent 2TB SSD on it's own is between 250 and 300,-. Yes I know Apple has taken the chips that go inside all of this and are soldering them on the main board by themselves. And we could never do that. But that could still be seen as a trick to make us pay through our noses. And not as a feature to make it smaller and lighter. Which it also is.) Yes I do use external drives too. But as a backup. And I somehow think that adding all those defy what that sleek beautiful Apple is all about. But hey I have 2 older aluminum 15 inch MacBook Pro's lying around here with 512 hdd and I'm taking an old plasticky beat up cheap windows laptop with me for travel. The old plastic one only weighs 1300 gram; doesn't look like it's worth stealing and holds twice as many images, because I have upgraded it to 8GB/1TB for very little money. But the MacBooks make me a pro when I get them from my bag. Nobody can see it's only 4GB/512GB. And as slow as my beat up plastic windows toy. (Honestly it's from a toy shop. But Aldi has sold the same.) wim
  22. Free money, what's not to like. 😁 Clever move. We're all in consumer economies now. Having a good machine in your current situation is clearly important. Still I would bulk it up some more. And check beforehand if you like that 6K for editing. wim
  23. Looks a bit like my setup. With a wallet sized 2 TB. And a stack of 5TB's at home. wim
  24. But that would have had Calendar as the usage. One of mine was Television. Are we missing a huge crash of the Dollar or the Pound somewhere? πŸ˜‚ wim
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