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  1. Images that have been saved to a lightbox and get zoomed from within that lightbox are apparently not registered as zooms. Also all images that have been searched by their Alamy ref ## get filtered out. Previously there were long lists of just ref ## every day. Including ones that were zoomed from the ref #. So my guess is that the filter cleans the zooms as well. wim
  2. πŸ˜€πŸ˜ Thank you! The links and instructions were indeed included so that the other readers could follow our steps. And as an encouragement to check even simple keywords sometimes. Maybe we could coin a phrase here: what would The Client do? - Answer: you never know. From yesterday's searches: NOT umbrella [PH] [UK] NOT the NOT longest NOT day NOT money [PH] NOT clinton = 4 different searches. wim
  3. I had one cleaned: only 65 euros at the official Sony repair center here. wim
  4. Absolutely! But a bit sparse with keywords describing the children. Age? Ethnicity? Diversity? Also be sure to check in All of Alamy what clients are looking for when they use the keyword marvel. (It's pretty easy to guess, but I had no idea it was that clear.) In https://www.alamy.com/Customersearch/Customersearchhistory.aspx set the date back as far as possible; use %marvel% as the search term; click on UCO to see the most used keywords / search phrases first. While you're at it, try %child%zoo% and %zoo%child%. Ouch! - I would have thought it would be a wonderful subject too. So maybe the conceptual keywords learning and interacting will have to do the heavy lifting. Try them in AoA to see how clients use those. Hmm. Ok on the plus side there has been 1 search for zoo polar bear children in AoA for the running year. And this little series of three do stand out. However this specific image somehow is the last of the three. Still on 5th row (@100/page @10/ row) which is not too bad. There are one or two strong contenders on the page though. Only 219 images of polar bears and children in a zoo anyway. Wow! And not all images show polar bears of course. Nor are all images showing children. Like also on that first page: First page for zoo polar bear children remember. AlbertSnapper, Chuck, great image but keywording this one is not easy. wim
  5. From my last 100: 50 brilliant light (can be bad weather though); 8 bad light or bad weather; rest indoors or details in flat light. NL - US - UK - UK - UK (hmm looks like a pattern 😁) wim
  6. https://www.alamy.com/alamycontributorreports/Reports.aspx?Rep=2 This link is under that button Download sales report on your dashboard page. Which doesn't download right away (which is good), but leads you to a page where you can download the Net revenue sales report. Set the dates to today and 3 or more months back and play around with the Date paid; Date of invoice and Date cleared setting. Usually I find Date of Invoice most practical. (You have to be logged in.) wim
  7. NU Indoor display. That's a new one for me. Fee: ehmmm. My mantra for today will be that old Sinatra song: This I tell you brother You can’t have one without the other. Now something to fill in for the love and marriage bit. Novel use and covers? wim
  8. wiskerke

    similar stock images

    Next time you try this, make a note of which keywords you have used as search term. 10 to 1 it's those that are bringing up your own similars. For instance: search with 6 of your own Alamy ref ## and click on one of them. The other 5 will appear as your similars. wim edit: so maybe that's all there is to it with the population of the ordinary similars too: just search term and keywords. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ edit2: strike that: supertags or caption are still my best bet.
  9. wiskerke

    similar stock images

    But near indestructible subject matter. (OK I'm a bit very biased here.) When I looked at that first page of Visually similar results again I noticed that on the 5th and 7th position there are images of Honfleur. A bit further on Venice makes an appearance and even Verona, St Petersburg and New York pop up. However when you click on that thumbnail you'll notice that all Similar stock images underneath are in fact from Amsterdam. Which means populating Similar stock images is still done by keywords and/or captions. My bet now: it's done by supertags. wim
  10. There's one more important new feature on the VII: the video barrier of 5 min has been broken. Someone reported having been able to capture 4K for an hour I think. However cannot find the link. wim
  11. wiskerke

    similar stock images

    Google and TinEye use image recognition. As you probably have seen, Alamy now has search by image as well. Where this function is being used we don't know yet. Maybe it is indeed used to populate the Similar stock images. And maybe we did witness some trial runs. When I used the new function to see if the original of this one (found here) was on Alamy also: I got this page. Very impressive. However it says: Visually similar results (100). But also: Page 1 of 621. So yes it was on Alamy too. My birthplace is just outside of the frame, 3 houses to the left. wim
  12. Same error here. Only tried Firefox and Chrome. wim
  13. What Ed(o) said. However I try to stay below 800 ISO. As a remedy for high ISO hand held, I use image stacking. This is helped enormously by the 24 fps. If you can live with jpg only, the Hand-held Twilight function does the same with only a few images (4 or 6 -not sure) in-camera. Multi frame NR again does the same AFAIK, however you have to manually change to jpg only in the menu first. wim
  14. MF on the RX100 works the same. I use it a lot on the big Sony, but almost never on the RX100s though. The focus ring is plenty wide enough btw. It has DMF also. Useless hand held, but it's there. (Explanation in this 2013 thread on this most useful forum.) 2 things are really new: the new auto focus (eye) tracking and the single burst. For video there finally is a microphone socket, which may well be the decisive feature for many. The new autofocus works in video also and is looking very promising (see that 2nd link). Not enough for me to switch over to the VII. (I am currently using the V and the VI.) wim
  15. Congrats again AVpics! Here you go: All Challenges on Alamy Forum 2019 August is all yours! July - Children in Action June - Remembrance, Honouring, Celebrating May - The Thrill and Joy of Sport April - Women's Role in Todays Society March - Eating February - What is Love? January - Happy New! 2018 December - Converging Lines November - The City October - You Wear It Well September - Think Local August - NEWS July - FUN June - National parks scenery (pure nature) May - Twilight April - In or On the Water March - Without leaving the house (or garden) February - Winter Activities January - Music 2017 December - Taste November - Iconic October - Failure September - Critters August - On The Beach July - Street Art June - Festivals May - Transport April - Proverbs and sayings March - Urban Wildlife February - Urban Landscape January - Friendship and Friends 2016 December - Behind November - Trees October - River September - Our Native Land August - Digital Manipulation July - Pedal Power June - Help May - Worm's eye view April - City March - Joy of Travel February - The Blue Hour January - Silhouettes and Shadows 2015 December - Motion November - Solitary October - The Decisive Moment September - Concept August - Travel Magazine cover July - Skyline June - Environmentally Friendly May - Communication April - Little March - The Good Life February - I don't know why I like it.. January - Informal Portrait of a Stranger 2014 December - Festivities November - Autumn Colour (Color) October - Shoot Local September - Music August - Bridges July - My Favourite Place June - Perspective May - Rules April - Abstract/Minimalism March - Health February - The Unusual / The Weird / The Lucky Shot January - Sunset 2013 December - Peace November - Cold October - Harmony September - Triumphant August - Taking it easy July - Heat June - Night May - Excess April - In the Air Old forum: A Magical Moment Alone Forgotten wim edit: And thank you Colin for such a good challenge!
  16. No problem if you have deep pockets. Can I have a Tesla with it while we're at it? So what would a desktop Apple cost with two 24 inch 10bit displays; 32Gb; 1TB ssd; 20 TB hdds; 10bit graph... Ooohh wait stop - there is no desktop system: only iMacs. There's an iMac Pro 2017 starting at € 5.497,91 which sort of does what my machine does. Except for a second screen and the storage. The desktops will come though: this fall. The specs look promising and definitely faster than my machine. Maybe not for Photoshop. But if you're into CGI or video, it will be faster. We have no price for it. But this article states it's the price of the cheapest Tesla. Hmm I think I'll have the Tesla in stead and continue working on PCs for now. Mine was the price of a nice bicycle. Not my carbon road bike, but one of the decent ones. See my bikes are a bit like the Mac-Pc story too. Apple makes great iPhones; iPads (and iProfits). wim edit: Ha! I just sold a Tesla 😁 this one 😜 Probably PU. edit 2: No PU, but Presentation or newsletter
  17. To be clear: those are not my images. Just images of some of the same subjects with my keywords nicked wholesale including my name. It used to be a good idea to include one's name in the keywords and some of my images still have the old keywords. So the only thing I could do would be to ask to remove my name from their keywords. If the problem grows, I might. wim
  18. https://www.revistaad.es/arquitectura/articulos/francia-aprueba-ley-para-reconstruccion-notre-dame/23350 https://scienceworld.scholastic.com/issues/2018-19/021119/whats-in-a-scent.html#1020L This is just Google images with your name plus Alamy and -alamy.com. And I'm pretty sure you'll find more when you just drag your images that have sold into the Google Images box. Now your other pseudonym is a lot more difficult of course. You may be able spot your own images between all those vicars though. wim
  19. Wonder what Rewind would do. 😁 wim (who has a similar one with a torn curtain)
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