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  1. 5 hours ago, CSC said:

    Question/comments related to this section so I am posting here.


    The "what to shoot" list seems to be mostly populated by well know people/places/things of which numerous images already exist. 


    With so many images of most of these subjects already in existence on Alamy, as well as many other sites, I dont see this list as being very useful. It seems that more specifics are needed for it to be useful in choosing what type of image to capture of most of these subjects.


    For example, a Google search for an abitrary seletion "Ace Hotel New Orleans" from the list turns up pages of images, many of them on Alamy. A search of Alamy also turns up many images/collections of this subject.


    So, if I find myself at the Ace Hotel in NOLA, what do I shoot?



    There are only 4 images for Ace Hotel New Orleans when I search for that on Alamy? Not pages. And all 4 are very recent, probably all shot as a reaction to the wants list.

    When I prepared my visit to New Orleans a couple of months ago, there were none, but I noticed that one of Alamy's clients had images (not from Alamy) of that hotel. I figured that this may have been the original search. Although the Ace was like around the corner of our hotel, I did not shoot it.

    Now if you compare those images that are on Alamy with the ones the client used. Which would you prefer? And could you do better or at least as good? If yes, go ahead and shoot it. And shoot lots of other hotels. There are quite a few in New Orleans. They may well be very happy with you checking them out.



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  2. 3 hours ago, Marianne said:

    We're #InThisTogether - our entire planet - offering a price break when the world's economy is tanking seems like a reasonable move, 40% of something is better than 100% of nothing at this point. When I think of healthcare workers risking their lives, with over 100,000 cases already here in New York, not to mention those suffering and fighting this pandemic in the rest of my country and the rest of the world, I feel lucky to be alive. 


    Some of us may remember the last recession. And that was one without any physical threat. Let's hope this one is over sooner. But let's do the math: this thing will be half way if they not only have found a cure or a vaccine, but have made it available to all of us at a reasonable cost. Half way because that's when the recovery will start.

    Hmmm let's maybe not do the math. ☹️



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  3. Why bother?

    Try the side by side panel in the review of the xt2 on dpreview: https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/fujifilm-x-pro2/7

    set it to RAW and the second camera to the Canon 5d. You can download the full RAW files. Try 800 iso as well.

    Maybe even select another older camera like the Nikon 810 or the Sony A7R2. The Sony will fit any lens you will pick up or diy yourself - with a cheap adapter from Ebay or even some gaffer tape.


    The 5d is cheap for a reason.




  4. Just now, losdemas said:


    Yup, that's where the Alamy Twitter post links to.


    Ah. That's strange. Showing / directing to what the competition is offering.

    All the more reason for offering 50% off I would say.

    I used to see the twitter feed on the dashboard page, but this has stopped a long time ago. The empty space is still there and there's a link to

    https://twitter.com/AlamyContent (which I never use).

    Looking for Alamy discount on twitter brought up nothing recent.



  5. 2 hours ago, losdemas said:

    This is the image: KA1NH8.


    Sorry I can only be of help with the paper editions: it's not in either of them.

    The Daily Telegraph Sydney of 2019-04-11 had the article about Rxxxn Exxxxxt but with a different image of a McDonalds Kiosk, same sort of crop, now with a woman's arm pointing.

    The Gold Coast Bulletin ran the article on 2018-12-04 by Ann Wason Moore about robots or kiosks, but with an image of a Turkish humanoid robot.

    Here are some you have probably found already:

    https://occupation-of-independence.blogspot.com/2019/02/our-digital-menu-driven-world.html (with Alamy watermarks).



  6. 15 hours ago, losdemas said:

    While we're on the subject of newspapers (and do forgive me for hijacking my own thread! 😂), but do any Aussie contributors here have access to the pay-walled Gold Coast Bulletin (part of News Corp Australia)?  Trying to hunt down a picture that I know is behind that wall! TIA


    I'm not in Australia, but I'm not seeing a paywall yet. The search function seems to work. Do you have a specific date or article you're looking for or just the image?



  7. Just now, LawrensonPhoto said:

    Thanks, I was trying to think of this guys name to post it up. Extraordinary levels of detail in his images.


    I was thinking that we had discussed his methods here a couple of years ago, but couldn't find it, at least not searching for levon biss, or oxford museum.



  8. 4 hours ago, NYCat said:

    Weird and wonderful (unless you hate it).  


    Not bad. Interesting!

    While I'm listening to my 40 odd versions of Bach's Matthäus Passion I can see where that's coming from. My personal favorite in that field is this young Dutch/NZ band, My Baby:



    They have played Glastonbury a couple of times. There's an introduction video here. The best part is towards the end where they're showing how they achieve their sound.


    I was introduced to them by this photographer/guitarist friend of mine who died last year. Months before corona. He was 70 years old.

    So I'm not the only old geezer who likes this band and can't sit still.


    OK back to Bach now. - It's that time of year again.



  9. 15 hours ago, NYCat said:


    Another nice one here. Much older: 2014.

    As it's the European Anthem it's not as popular as it once was, when it simply was the Ode to Joy. 

    Last Sunday in Amsterdam students played the St Matthew Passion on their balconies.  Very short video here.



    Singing songs while washing hands inspired one of my favorite newspaper columnists to suggest The End by the Doors to her children as it's 11:48 min. That'll teach them!

    Here the 3:48 min. version. That'll do.


    My favorite German singer songwriter Reinhard Mey yesterday posted this short video of a short living room concert.

    He once made fun of the Ode to Joy at the end of this song here.

    Ok one more for our German listeners out there 😁.

    The Doors did this with the same title: Ship of Fools.


    I'm with MarkK: The end of the world by REM;

    With Dyn Llun: that Tom Lehrer song. Well all of them.

    My favorite version of that Dylan song: this one sung by Pete Seeger. Once his mentor; once his adversary; still his admirer at 92 (in this video - he died when he was 94).


    After all this it's clear that Youtube knows a thing about me and my future. It suggests Comment Te Dire Adieu  !

    Which is a great song, but let's hope it's a bit too soon for that.




  10. You're not shooting film are you?

    So why not correct it in post. Takes about 5 seconds.

    If you insist in doing it in camera: turn on the level or virtual horizon plus the checker board or guide lines or whatever your camera display is offering.

    However the problem you will often encounter when standing in front of a shop window with all lines straight, is that your reflection will turn up right in the middle.

    A solution to this would be a shift lens. Or stepping aside a bit, shooting skewed and correct it in post. Which is where we started. 😁


    Ok one more possibility: do turn on the virtual horizon (Fuji-speak) plus the guide lines and hold your camera at waist level with two hands on either side; tilt up your display  and look down Rolleiflex/Hasselblad style. It's really stable and if you hold your hands underneath the camera with your thumbs on top, squeezing the release button with your right one, there's much less risk in dipping the camera to the side while you press the release button. Added bonus: you look much less conspicuous than with a camera in front of your face.



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  11. 13 hours ago, spacecadet said:

    Presumably this camera isn't dust sealed so it's a matter of probability. I'd rate the chances of being able to reassemble without introducing further spots as pretty low.

    Though I'm the sort of person who likes taking things to bits I've never done it to a digital camera that wasn't already broken. I'd leave it unless it's difficult to spot out in PS/LR.  You could get a quote for a professional clean- Wim paid about €60 a while back IIRC. However most non-manufacturer services won't touch a compact and I don't blame them.


    That was at the official service center. I had it done twice - once a M1 and once a M2. They may have introduced a blanket 350 fee now for everything like Nikon. Meaning for the earlier versions it's almost always cheaper to buy a good used one.

    Anyway, from that low 60 or 65 euro fee it was clear that it must have been a very simple procedure for them.




  12. 8 minutes ago, LawrensonPhoto said:

    Ok thanks, I guess lightroom will correct most of the image with lens correction profiles


    Yes and the corrections are good, but you cannot un-cook them in ACR. The corrections are baked-in in the RAW. Here's an example of the M5 with a straight out of camera RAW and JPG:





    (not wanting to hijack the thread)

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  13. Just now, LawrensonPhoto said:

    Would you think the M3 is capable for indoor shop pics, I don't like shooting inside shops with a 1DX and 16-35 lens 😀


    Maybe even better than the M6: the lens is the same as the one in the M5, which I prefer on the wider end. The image in the corners and the crop 24mm in the versions with the 24-200mm lens are largely computational. If you open an image in a browser or in anything else that does not take into account the baked-in corrections, you'll notice huge distortion and even de-centering (in my case): https://www.dropbox.com/s/znf1g2kytdhjuld/_DSC7127.ARW?dl=0

    The noise control depends entirely your own Photoshop skills 😉

    However this is where the later versions can make a difference: the frame rate of the M6 is 24fps. Great for image stacking.



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