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  1. You're completely right about Instagram i think. I don't use it. However for a brand it's a different thing. And even for photographers wanting to make money. Because all the influencers make more than all the those photographers just doing stock. I'm not sure Disney is to blame. They are just not interested in having a camera club. Or any community probably other than on Facebook and Instagram. And looking at it from a business standpoint probably rightly so. Which is where the rock comes in. This has been going on for years now. Young people are on Instagram and it does function as the modern equivalent of a camera club. (Older folk are on Facebook and it serves as their community.) Flickr otoh is like an old fashion camera club and is the perfect place to move to with a platform like Yourshot. Will you be safe there, now that's owned by Smugmug? Of course not. That too is a company that needs to make money. So why not set up your own website TPFKAYS.com The Platform Formerly Known AS Your Shot? My guess is you already know the answer. wim
  2. Exactly right. So there cannot be any discussion about that. As the others have said, you should re-fresh or re-calibrate your eyes to what's good at 100%. There's a guide somewhere on Alamy with samples, but I cannot find it, nor my link to it. But someone here may still have it. Otoh there have been many discussions here about what is sharp enough or what's over-manipulated according to (most of) us, but most importantly according to QC. wim
  3. Liverpix, just a quick question: what do you think is 100%? wim
  4. At the 2048 x 1354 on Flickr with the standard Flickr sharpening it looks terrific, However 2048 x 1354 is not enough for Alamy. And no idea what the actual file was like when Quality Control looked at it. wim
  5. Shouldn't we be happy they're closing down their supply of free images? After all they did/do pay us over here for use in the magazines. I'm quite sure some of ours were even shown as if coming from that community, but were in fact bought from Alamy. How would I know? Hmm what do you think ๐Ÿ˜ I'm pretty sure Disney is not shutting down Nat Geo Traveler at all. As for the YS website, they're moving over to Instagram. It's a simple case of the king is dead, long live the new king. I'm guessing they didn't even have to do a lot of research to decide to move to Insta. If at all. I mean have these users been living under a rock the size of Mars: -via Oberlo (hmm maybe I'm getting my analogies mixed up here). Anyway under that Petapixel article there somewhere was a link to a new formed Flickr group, which seems a very appropriate platform. wim
  6. A D# from 2013 but sold for the first time. $ Australian newspaper. Amstel River, Hermitage Museum and Skinny Bridge with a Dutch Oma-fiets = Granny bicycle. Amsterdam. wim
  7. Maybe the first to start this thread next month could name this the Brutally Honest Monthly Report. ๐Ÿ˜ Oh wait I think we know a worthy candidate. ๐Ÿ˜‚ wim
  8. 23 for 844. Both under this year's average. Which is under last year's monthly average. Which was just above the average of 2017. Which was a lot under the average of 2016. wim
  9. Yes thank you! Very helpful. Found it in 2 seconds now. wim (slaps forehead)
  10. Great! Does yours have profiles for Olympus lenses? Mine doesn't and somehow I'm unable to locate them. wim
  11. Good image. Good crop too on the front page. Do these things lead to sales? Pity the image is still not linked to it's zoom page and that the info button does not provide a link either. Like to more from this photographer or even his/her portfolio page if there is one. wim
  12. Are the same images that are selling here, selling over there? wim
  13. Just updated myself after reading: And so far everything seems fine. Under setup, just above lens profile, do you have an option reset lens profile defaults? Mine is greyed out. I'm guessing You do have Enable Profile Corrections checked, otherwise that whole section is greyed out or dimmed out. The recent RX100 cameras have a profile built-in and are showing Lens Profile: Make: Built-in. It's possible to go to the make list, but there's no camera profile there: the RAW is precooked and no way to un-cook it with ACR. But that has been the case all along, so nothing new. Googling camera profile and matrix in ACR bring up many messages going back many versions, so it's not specific to this update. It's all about missing profiles. Could it be this is the same problem we had before with two versions of Photoshop running? Probably of no help, but here is the new features page on Adobe Help. And from there the list of supported lenses is here. wim
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    Close enough: wim
  15. Region since 2004: EU = 19% ROW = 15% UK = 29% US = 37% Countries is a long list which I may do at Dec 4th, because then it's 10 years since I did the list I was able to find. (I know I did one here since, but cannot find it.) In 2009 I even calculated total $$ for each country. (Country as given in the spreadsheet. Like Country: UK & Commonwealth excluding Canada or Country: Texas. ๐Ÿ˜) Why would I do that list in December 2009? Was that when the US office opened? Probably just because someone asked for it. wim
  16. Maybe because there is not much interest in it as a festival in Melksham? AoA for the running year: melksham 3 melksham train sation 1 melksham train station 1 melksham train 1 Melksham Assembly Hall 1 So I would shoot generic small town/park festival stuff. (try %festival% in AoA: 81 pages @100 !) wim
  17. It looks like the Town Council owns the park. (Says Google and the Town Council's website.) wim
  18. Why not ask Melksham Town Council ? wim
  19. I am yet to upload. Well the Bauhaus. I did upload some Dessau pictures, which is why I noticed this one. No lukewarm horses in mine so far. Maybe in Italian or Spanish? Worries I can do without. ๐Ÿ˜€ wim
  20. Moses Bridge - it is more impressive when the water level is higher, but I have only seen that in pictures. Maybe in winter. Worldwide book. low $$$. wim
  21. Alamy has asked us in an email at some point if we could provide translations of our own keywords in other languages. Not sure what the outcome of that project has been. In this forum people sometimes make fun of the translations into other languages, when they happen upon Alamy.de or Alamy.it. Yesterday I noticed the opposite can be true also: This is the second result for Dessau, a city in Germany where the Bauhaus is located. Caption: Germany, Saxony-Anhalt, Dessau-horse-lukewarm, Bauhaus, Excuse me Dessau-horse-lukewarm? Ahh the proper name of Dessau is Dessau-RoรŸlau or Rosslau, because in 2007 the city of Rosslau was consolidated with Dessau. And somehow Rosslau gets translated into horse-lukewarm. No idea if this is Alamy or the agency that's the contributor. (Which is also the Alamy distributor in Germany btw.) wim
  22. This is what your https://vehicleenquiry.service.gov.uk/ says about the Super Seven: Vehicle details Vehicle make: WESTFIELD Date of first registration: March 2017 Year of manufacture: 2017 Cylinder capacity (cc): 2000 cc COโ‚‚Emissions: Not available Fuel type: PETROL Euro Status: Not available Export marker: No Vehicle status: Tax not due Vehicle colour: RED Vehicle type approval: Not available Wheelplan: 2-AXLE-RIGID BODY Revenue weight: Not available Actually even in this resolution the brand name Westfield can be read on the front. My guess: a Sport 250, but these things can be kitted out in so many ways, it's difficult to pin down without actually looking under the hood. Anyway the engine is stated as a 2000 cc, so it's not a Hayabusa/Megabusa motorbike engine based model. Both the Mega S2000 Honda and the Sport 250 Ford engine based models have 2000 cc. And have the same air intake. The Honda often, but not always, has a flat triangular screen in front of the intake. The S2000 can come with either windscreen, the aero or the full width one from your image. Roll bar seems to be the same: one can order any of the models on any of the cars. wim edit: I forgot to mention that before you decide to caption it a super seven, take a look at the Caterham-Westfield wars/courtcase about the Lotus heritage. I would definitely keyword it a super seven though.
  23. Have you done a Google Images search for the zoo in question? An Alamy search? AoA? AoA for just zoo, to see what clients are looking for in zoo images? And all Paulette said. Except I don't have a lot of zoo images and have sold very few for only small/tiny sums. wim
  24. Lake Habeeb in Rocky Gap State Park near Cumberland Maryland. Totally quiet the day after Labor Day weekend. (Almost that time of year again! ๐Ÿ˜Ž) US Book. Mid $$. wim
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