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  1. No no you were perfectly clear the first time! I'm just trying to say that also the big names can and will screw you over. To be honest I have had no bad dealings with most except Hasselblad, and that was many years and owners ago. The thing is all those things do break (think Apple) and lifetime guarantee, if it's not already a thing of the past, comes with so many clauses that the book is bigger than the product. But it's good to hear there still are companies out there that do honor their pledge. wim
  2. From the previous thread: https://thecentercolumn.com/rankings/travel-tripod-rankings/ Click on any of the tabs to rank accordingly. Yeah Chuck, like Leicas; Hasselblads and Rolls-Royces, Gitzos can and do actually break. And contrary to common knowledge repair is very seldom free. It's probably even very expensive for all of those premium priced items, which they are in the first place. I still like my Gitzos though. 4 or 5 on recent count. Oops make that and a half, because of that old wreck of a Reporter in the corner of one of the lockers. Aluminium/Aluminum Reporters were junk. The legs would just shear off. My carbon Explorer is a bit like a wet noodle, still useful in some cases though. (I have a carbon bike that rides like a wet noodle according to most reviews. That's where I learned not all carbon is created equal. - But my bottom likes the wet noodle bike better.) There are good alternatives, have a look at that website. However Gitzos are still hard to beat. I like RRS a lot, but don't own any of their tripods, just some of their heads and plates. Recently I bought a Leofoto LS-324C after doing some of the ranking at the Center Column. I managed to shave off a little bit of weight by mounting different feet. But that's a test still in progress. It just about fits in my regular carry-on: removing those bulky rubber feet helps. My favorite tiny Sirui travel tripod comes in last or almost last. It's still really useful, but needs really careful handling. And an RRS ballhead. wim
  3. Maybe try something like userbenchmark to see if there's a hardware bottleneck or flaw somewhere in your system. wim
  4. Thank you! Btw this is the first time The Guardian is asking me to log in to view my image. Now we happen to have a digital subscription, but it's not accepting my log in. 😡 wim
  5. BCXCPE - Hand of homeless person, holding out paper cup with US flag begging for change on Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC. EPHHPC - Amsterdam: water everywhere. F4YF57 - Fallingwater road sign in the rain. wim
  6. Maybe give them some time to wake up on the West Coast. 😎 wim
  7. A quick look over at Google reveals a LinkedIn page. wim
  8. If you go over to his profile https://discussion.alamy.com/profile/8326-alexg/ you'll notice that he does check in once in a while. Maybe ask him in his most recent thread? wim edit: if you quote him, then the little notifications bell will go off or at least show up on his page when he checks in.
  9. If you want to do damage to the political party using it, contact the pr office of their opponents. Or a big newspaper in that camp. Make sure your story is absolutely correct: that there can be no doubt that they didn't buy the image or are in no other way entitled to use it. Then it's the perfect adding insult to injury story. Also make sure the story and it's consequences does not hurt your cause nor yourself. (How good are you at chess?) wim
  10. Te Ara - The Encyclopedia of New Zealand: https://teara.govt.nz/en/native-plants-fungi These are digitized books: https://floraseries.landcareresearch.co.nz/pages/index.aspx wim
  11. Right, the image going live only after the database refresh makes sense. In any case, if you want to delete an image, do it as soon as possible. Don't even wait for an email. wim
  12. AFAIK that only applies to an image that has been uploaded without keywords and/or a caption. With those metadata present, the image will go live immediately after passing QC and can only be deleted afterwards. Meaning it will remain online for 6 months. wim
  13. Ahh but they never said how big that pot of gold would be 😂 wim
  14. My guess is that something like this is the radiator cap ornament / hood mascot in #1: (image #7) wim
  15. Ah how time flies. As Marx* said: Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana. My first 2 on Alamy: sale 23/6/2005 - scanned 35mm Velvia - Phnom Penh, Cambodia sale 1/7/2005, a week later! - Amarapura Myanmar - again scanned 35mm Velvia wim * Groucho not Karl - but you may have guessed.
  16. You're welcome! I forgot to mention they're all converted to black and white. But it looks as if they were initially chosen because of their quality in color. wim
  17. CD booklet of Purcell: King Arthur 1691 by the Gabrieli Consort & Players - Paul McCreesh - released in October 2019 Online booklet here. The printed booklet has different crops (all square) and is missing the Botallack Tin Mine one. HXGMKD - Botallack Tin Mine, Cornwall - Paul Williams C985CB - Borrowdale, Cumbria - Washington Imaging H4994R - Dunstanburgh Castle, Northumberland - Adam Burton JABB3G - Thaxted Morris Weekend, Essex - Brian Harris PEXXW2 - Summer solstice, Stonehenge, Wiltshire - Beth Mercer CPX4H2 - Milborne Port, Somerset - David Noton B71Y43 - Caudale Moor, Cumbria - Ashley Cooper H6NT13 - Stockley Bridge, Cumbria - Helen Hotson BCT1BR - Fishermen, North Sea - Jeff Rotman CX70YW - Brighton Pier, East Sussex - Emma Frater E0B55H - Cricket match, Tilford, Surrey - Pearl Bucknall AHKW67 - Flock and shepherd, Yorkshire - Gordon Langsbury If you want to know what the music is like: Preview. Whole concert. (Without the flags at hoigh for the honour of Old England at 1:22:00 ) And another interpretation by Vox Luminis - check out that same part from 1:03:40. 😁 (I was sitting 1st row here.) wim
  18. Your chance to give one to her as a Christmas present has just passed. 🎅 🤶 wim
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