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  1. Thanks Betty I'm going to be shooting in Arizona initially but may look at Oregon too. I'm avoiding places like LA and NY precisely because I would anticipate more problems working in areas like that plus things like model costs would be much higher. It sounds from reading posts above that my kit might not be all that 'ostentatious'; a D750, 3 lenses, 2x Nikon Speedlites and a few bits and pieces. It all goes into my carry on bag, a Tamrac rucksack
  2. Where it's necessary I would apply for permits and permissions etc although I rarely shoot on a tripod and out of doors use a reflector rather than lighting. The article that @Stockfotoart found is interesting and is probably most relevant to what I'm doing: what seems more important reads here: https://travel.state.gov/content/visas/en/employment/media.html it says Travel Purposes for which a Visitor Visa Can Be Used Instead of a Media Visa – Examples: Take still photographs, provided you receive no income from a U.S. source. That seems to give me some 'cover' for my situation.
  3. I think my worry is that if they take an interest then my kit looks pretty elaborate for a tourist. A quick scan of socmed will show that it's how I make my living and by then I'll have had already said "pleasure/holiday" and could risk being turned around. Im aware that even if the US embassy said 'go ahead, no problem' I could still have problems with a border guard who thinks differently
  4. Sorry, Cryptoprocta what I meant was, I'm not selling a product e.g. imagery, on the ground in the US. As you infer, (hopefully) the photographs I take could be sold globally but not 'just' in the US
  5. I guess the safest way would be to ask the embassy or try to contact the border agency in the US I'll let you know how it goes
  6. Yes, Wim thats what I meant to ask. Obviously I am 'working' on US soil but do I need anything other than a visitors visa as I'm not working for hire, taking work from a US citizen etc
  7. Hi Matt thanks for your quick response. That link seems to take me to an image only? There's no thread that I can see
  8. I'm UK based and It's my intention to travel to the US a couple of times a year for 3-4 weeks at a time to shoot lifestyle/business type stock. I've already made a couple of successful trips but after a conversation I had recently I'm a bit concerned about making sure I'm not breaking any rules in the US. When I've been through US customs before I've not been questioned so haven't had to explain myself but I would like to be up front with the border guards. Does anybody 'know' what the rules are in this situation? i.e. short trip to carry out commercial photography but not for sale in the States and not being employed as such by a US company. Also, I use local models who I pay an hourly rate, would that be a problem? Perhaps somebody knows where I might enquiry as far as the US government goes, to get accurate info thanks in advance! Lloyd
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