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  1. It is true. And the truth is that on second thought I have good sales (in the rest of the agencies) in travel photography of cities that I have visited, some from outside Spain, but I have taken few photographs of my city ... !! Pending subject for me 😣 Thanks John!
  2. Hi ed Definitely, I see that Alamy has a special way of showing images. At least different from other agencies. Maybe I should change the treatment of my photographs and take better care of sending them to Alamy. I know that commissions can be higher than other agencies, so I hope all the work I'm doing to improve my portfolio on Alamy is worth it. I do not have many photographs of Valencia, maybe having something very seen is not given importance, I should work more that type of travel or city photography, with the typical views and landmarks of Valencia Thank
  3. Hola @Steve! It is true, after taking the photo session I have had the habit of using photographs that had a decent quality, but I have not taken into account the issue of similar images and their position in the results, as you say. It may be interesting to remove a certain type of image to try to increase the ratios in the rest. If I understood correctly, perhaps that would be the result. Thank you very much!
  4. Hello Mark That is a good tip to keep in mind, thank you very much!
  5. Hi @AlexG It is true that sometimes I have similar photographs, with slight changes in framing or composition. Thinking of different uses, but it might be harmful. Lately if it seems that the visibility has improved. My CTR has gone from 0 to 0.49, a few zooms and a sale of $ 11. I keep improving the descriptions. Thank you very much!
  6. A heavy job but I think it is necessary because of the way to use that information. Just yesterday I started to edit the information of the images. I hope there is a sales movement, no matter how few they are Muchas gracias!*
  7. Hi John. It is true. That data is something I had not paid attention to. What appears as additional information is what I usually enter as a description in Xpiks, but I see that in Alamy it is placed as "not so important" information and I think it is the most important, keywords apart. I think modifying that information is something that I'm going to have to take very seriously in the next days. Very thankful!
  8. Hello MDM, your comments are very interesting. I take them very seriously and I plan to modify the information in the images. You know, I create keywords for all agencies and it may not be the best plan for Alamy. I appreciate your comment! Thank you
  9. Indeed, it appears to be so, but I have no sales here, at least for now. Maybe I should give myself more time. Thank you very much Brian!
  10. Hi. I recently wrote a post asking for opinions and criticism for my portfolio, of 1300 photographs but with only 1 sale. But from what I'm reading I see that it's almost normal. Maybe Alamy focuses on more editorial photography? Regards!
  11. Hello, greetings from Spain! I would like to know your opinion. I have been in stock photography for a while, although lately I am working more on it. With a portfolio of about 1,300 images, I have sales in several agencies, every day, but on Alamy I have only had 1 sale, in the last year. I know that the best thing about Alamy is not the amount of sales but the commission, but I've been thinking for a while that something I'm not doing well on the web !! ?? All my photographs are as optimized According to my dashboard, my portfolio has 3780 visits and 0.24 CTR. Any ideas? Many thanks! My
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