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  1. Thanks folks. I will have a study of this. Looks a bit complicated at first glance!
  2. I notice that any keywords added in Lightroom are transferred to the Comrehensive Keywords box in Alamy Manage Images. Together with the commas that you have to put in in LR to separate words. Also they are in alphabetical order as that's how LR re-arranges them, not on order of relevance which is how you need them to be in Alamy. Does anyone have any suggestions how to handle this? Thanks.
  3. I posted this question in the Alamy section, but I think it should be here. Please could the following be made more user-friendly? When I get an email alerting me that there is a reply to a topic I have posted, and I click on the link, it takes me to the right place, and I can read the replies. But I am not logged in so I can't reply. Now what is irritating is that when I log-in, I am then back at the 'Home' page of the Forum and have to remember and find the section and the relevant post, before I can continue with my reply. All unnecessarily time-consuming. Surely it should b
  4. Related to this post - I find this really annoying. - When I get an email alerting me to a reply to a topic I have subscribed to on any part of the Forum, and I click on the link to it, the correct page opens and I can read the replies. But I can't post a reply without logging in. I'm happy with that, but what is so irritating is that having logged in I am back at the basic 'Home' page of the Forum, and have to find the right part of the Forum and the right thread again before I can reply. Please could the sign-in then take you back to where you were, on-topic. Please!? I think this s
  5. Thanks Charles, very comprehensive answer. I'll go through my images again and try and make sensible choices.
  6. Thanks David and Chris. So I should change the Attributes on everything to 'Contains Property', but 'no property release'. Then the images can be used for everything except advertising - is that correct? I remember you David, you used to run a great magazine? I won all 3 of Barrie Thomas's tutorial CDs with a mono photo of the Louvre courtyard - back in the heady days of the first or second version of Photoshop! My, how things have moved on! Ruth
  7. Hi, More help and advice please. Almost every image will have some kind of property in it, won't it? Except maybe landscapes. For example I have images of a public cigarette disposal tray, a swimming pool at a holiday camp, a cup of coffee taken at a coffee shop, etc. I have at present said No, to the 'Does this contain property' question in Attributes. But maybe I am wrong there, maybe I should say yes, as they are all obviously somebody's property. So then what about property releases for that kind of image? Impossible to obtain I would say. Advise me please. Ruth
  8. Hmmm, seems a pity it is disbanded. Thanks for the answers.
  9. Thankyou all. So next couple of questions - What sort of pseudonyms do you choose? Should it be related to the kind of images you want to put in under that name? And can you move images from one pseudo to another, or from your real name to one of your pseudos? Thanks.
  10. Hi, Please can you explain what the purpose and advantages of having pseudonym(s) is, and are there any disadvantages? Thanks Ruth
  11. What happened to the old Forum? I was posting on it fairly recently, maybe 2 weeks ago, now I can't find it at all. Why has a new one been started? Often there is the answer to a query if you search a forum that has been going a while, rather than bother members with a question. Ruth
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