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  1. Hi John The four-digit sale were in July 2019 (the same customer had already licensed the same image for the same campaign a year before at a lower four-digit amount and paid it within about 2 months), the two three-digit sales are from early October 2019. Joern
  2. Where did I say, I didn't trust Alamy for all those 16 years? You must be reading my lines correctly. But when the only really good sales of the last time, are not paid out, then that is of course not confidence-building. This should now bring this matter to a close. An Alamy colleague was kind enough to help me (outside this forum) to answer my original question.
  3. Because I have always trusted my agencies in the past, I have lost a high five digit amount. The times when I trusted an agency unconditionally are unfortunately long gone.
  4. Even though I've been with Alamy for a long time, how could I say for sure, that the payments will be made, as you write. I never had a chance to look into Alamy's accounts. I don't think you will have had that opportunity either. Maybe you should also note, that according to the contract, every image provider has audit rights to check the correctness of the payment. So there's no need to get so upset. Have a nice weekend.
  5. I hope that Alamy is not simply holding back these higher amounts to pay out later. I have been working with agencies for over 30 years and I have never had to wait this long to get my money.
  6. Does one of the forum members know the name of the head of contributor service including email address? Last year I had a high four-digit sale and two sales, each with a high three-digit amount. Until today I havn't seen a single cent of these sales. If I wanted to know why this is so, I only received succinct and unsatisfactory answers from the Contributor Service (I won't mention the name of the employee here).
  7. In Septmeber 2017, I wrote an email to the memberservice, alerting them to these dreadful translations. They told me that this is still being worked on, but nothing has happened since then.
  8. A sale from July has not been cleared to date. Has someone made similar experiences?
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