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  1. Thought (female) contributors might be interested in https://fotodocument.org/fotoaward/. Possibly bad of me to post it in here, but the award thing is about a portfolio of work...
  2. https://www.nationalgallery.org.uk/whats-on/exhibitions/reflections-van-eyck-and-the-pre-raphaelites Oh, to make this event suggestion for NaughtyGoat loosely connected with the forum. I'm suggesting it for 'Keyword' and "Your lens will be 'fine' because someone from AFP might even get stuck in traffic - its all well and good having the best equipment, but its much better to be there" etc practice. I like Munch too. My favourites include Bosch, Holbein, Monet and Rembrandt.
  3. As I've mentioned before, in other forum posts, I try to keep things relevant. However, I mostly contribute to the live news feed, so I consider myself to be recording archiving stories, as well as photos (ok, not the whole story and by the time the photograph is in the archive, its just the image). Think about, for example, Theresa May. You can legitimately use the following to tag your images... Essential: Theresa May, Theresa May MP, Prime Minister Main: Politics, Politician, Government, Institution, MP, Member of Parliament Comprehensive: Party Politics, Conservative Party, Conservative
  4. Hey folks, Thanks for this. First of all, I'm now shooting raw. It means less frames, but hopefully I'll be better for it. Secondly, to those who asked about what I was asking... Its more that I was looking for tips and pointers. I'm not very good at explaining things as I usually get muddled up in knots, especially when its asking about something I'm unsure about and don't fully understand. I like to be very precise. In a way, I suppose that I was looking for reassurance. Thanks for the tips and the grey card is something I can definitely get. As regards a calibrated monitor t
  5. Huh? Newbie Twat me was asking the forum 'which lens should I get' - for my un-interchangable lens camera.... So I'm getting some filters instead now. I wanted my camera to zoom in further, without losing the quality. Am otherwise very happy with the rx100. I had accidentally bought a Nex 6 without the right (kit) lens first. Rather liked it though. Will probably try to get one for my next camera. I am not worried about having a small budget or buying second hand. My £200.00 second hand rx100 is good enough for (the strict) Alamy. I agree it's the skills of the photograp
  6. I didn't realise that light temperature changed with the lenses, but thanks for letting me know about that.
  7. Hi, How are you doing? I've started using Kelvins (the K setting on Nikon) for photographing. This is partly to force myself to think as much as photograph, so I ask myself about how to photograph, so I ask questions of myself and my ability rather than just splurge until something sticks in order that I become a better photo/videographer and reporter. Its also to do with my slight snobbery of not using the default settings. I originally used https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Color_temperature#Categorizing_different_lighting. Whilst I found it useful for an initial guide its too general. W
  8. Matt Dunham of Associated Press (who probably give their photographers the best of the best equipment) has talked about having to photograph William and Kate Windsor with a 800mm lens on hot day. He said that he was worried about heat haze and the worry of missing their 'first' kiss as a married couple (on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, echoing Prince Charles and Diana). The best lens to buy, is the best lens you can afford to buy for the camera you use. I bought a D610 with the lens which came with it. The D750 wasn't much more and had other things like wi-fi connectivity, but didn't have
  9. I think in terms of 'what' to keyword, its probably better to give a practical example from an anti-fracking rally I photographed. For Bianca Jagger, I used the following for Essential Protest, Demonstration, Rally, Bianca Jagger Main Politics, Chair, Founder, Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation, Goodwill Ambassador, Council of Europe of Goodwill Ambassador, Amnesty International, Amnesty International (USA) Comprehensive Environment, Energy, Alternative Energy, Gas, Economics, Economy, Natural Gas, Fossil Fuel, Fuel, Economics, Economy, Industry, Non-Governmental Organisatio
  10. Just wondering when its right to edit/not edit? When do people edit? Is it to draw out a particular effect? To improve an element of the image (exposure, clarity, reduce the shadows, increase the contrast in isolation)? I only ask due to my inexperience with editing software. Its been partly due to my purist perspective of 'get it right on camera' as well as always being desperate to upload post-haste.
  11. Ace! A similar situation to me... https://www.theguardian.com/society/2014/nov/05/mental-health-services-young-people-nikki-mattocks(I used the 'self-timer'). #Selfie!
  12. Reuters usually put restrictions on images, like: "Editorial use only. Not to be used in political campaigns." Take the image used on Nigel Farage's "Breaking Point" (http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2016/jun/20/sayeeda-warsi-quits-leave-campaign-over-hateful-xenophobic-tactics) campaign poster. Its from Getty Images, apparently. Getty complained about the use of the image being used on that poster. Using a Reuters-style restriction stops that happening in the first place. I know one photographer who puts a "This image is not to be distributed or syndicated" restriction on images.
  13. Sorry, Ed, I didn't realise you were telling me what I should and should not be uploading. What should I be uploading? One common problem for people autism is that, regardless of someone's tone, communication is taken on a literal level. Since we're covering different topics, on different sides of the Atlantic and all the differences that entails (this is not that, rather than better or worse) I figured: Probably sensible advice from someone who might have an agenda, but the sentiment is echoed by other people so its not totally wide of the mark. No-one else has said "Ignore Ed" or som
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