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  1. Thanks, I did not know that, although all the UK support is appears to be undertaken via IBM The kit is, until this (apparently well known) fault good, it’s the service is crap. When you pay nearly £2,000 plus extended warranty I have the old fashioned belief that Lenovo should sort the problem. But I guess that is me being old and cranky
  2. How do you edit? I find the phone screen far too small...
  3. An update on my laptop. Back today but in order to get it to work I have to reinstall Windows 10.... Why they did not do that is beyond me. Exceptionally poor customer service after nearly two weeks to repair. The Thinkpad X1 Carbon 6 gen is an outstanding laptop that could almost have been build for photojournalism but sadly their support, which is expensive, is appealing poor. Avoid like the plague or Covid 19 if you prefer..., Lenovo is part of IBM, you would think they would know better!
  4. Thanks for this. I have an IPad Pro so this may be an excellent backup solution. I do hate to think of the cost of an iPad XQD card reader though. Having thought about it for 2 seconds I could find a way to link to the camera.
  5. My experience with PA photographers is that they file direct from the camera using voice captions, to a picture desk in, I think, Poland. Thus I can understand the lack of keywords.
  6. Without wanting to go off (my own) topic. I often find that having filed “from the field” I reviews the images and think “I should have send that one instead”....
  7. Philip thanks for your response. I will have a think about this solution. It did bring it home to be how much faster a modern high spec machine is. On the old laptop it took nearly two hours to edit and file two stories rather than about 15 minutes on the high spec machine. That is why I gave up on the other stories.
  8. I don’t think there is a good answer to this however. As a news photographer I have a high spec lightweight laptop (Lenovo Thinkpad X1 6th Gen). This allows me to file within the hour window from the field. Sadly it stopped working two weeks ago. Fortunately I had purchased an extended warranty. But, due to covid they would not come and repair on site and I had to send it off. Overall I have lost two weeks work at a key time in UK politics. I did have the old laptop as a backup. But, it is big and painfully slow. Yesterday I did five covid related stories, but the laptop wa
  9. I watched some of this. It may work in an American context but not so much in the UK. I have undertaken security training in the UK and the approach is different. I would also note that I have had no problems with the British police (I know some who have) who generally know the rules regarding the press. situational awareness get in take the shots and get out. Keep moving while being aware of crowd dynamics and hot spots. Know your exit routes and “safe” areas. Maintain a low profile with non-aggressive body language. Always have an exit plan. However, everyone will have th
  10. The dangers in London are clear. I was at the BLM demo in Whitehall yesterday and got some photos of British police (the best in the world, Tom Robinson) taking the knee outside Downing Street (since published in the Telegraph). Fortunately I got out before the trouble started....
  11. Ian, that is not the fault of the photographers. There is nothing we can do to influence how our pictures are used. I had one of my pictures used in an article attacking a politician who is a friend of mine. Fortunately he saw the funny side. Like you I do find it funny when I am standing with my D5 and a 600mm lens and someone says “what are you doing” or “are you taking photographs”.
  12. Exceptional poor month. 11 sales for just under $250. Zooms up, 10 for pics of Dominic Cummings.....
  13. Sadly Phil looks exactly like he is working for the police. I am trying not to over play this (as is my way) but I am getting a sense that, and I can only speak for the UK, there is an increased hostility towards press photographers. At the start of the lockdown I had a number of aggressive incidents, this has calmed down. I am going to be photographing in Westminster, London on Tuesday and Wednesday including perhaps a black lives matter demo so we shall see. I have become more thick skinned over these issues over the years and have developed an assertive but not agg
  14. I don’t think infringement is any different than it ever has been. I had an image in New Scientist and it was “reused” by a lot of different news scrapper sites. There is seldom any value chasing
  15. I am both shooting less and shooting differently. I am a news shooter -about 95%. Before covid the vast majority of my photography and sales was Downing Street and Westminster. A small amount of time covering local events that had some national relevance. Now there is little Westminster news. My Downing Street photography is Raab, Hancock, Whitty and Cummings. Nothing else much is happening in Westminster. I have a Royal Parks Media Pass so I can photograph in the Royal Parks, but I am running out of ideas. Because of the low volume of news I have dropped from my normal outpu
  16. It will be interesting to see what happens to lockdown imagery when this is all over. Most “news stories” have a limited good sales window followed by a long tail of limited sales. This is quite different to stock methinks which I perceive to have a a fairly straight line sales usage. The virus imagery portfolio is now well saturated- the next news trend, I think, will be “the new normal, step by step”
  17. This is most interesting. I ran this against "Ian Davidson Alamy" and got a long list of books. However, when I tried to electronically search the books by the same I got no results. I recognise many of the authors as I have photographed them in the past. I cannot afford to buy all the books as each one costs more than I would get for a photograph. I shall have to get to the library when they reopen....
  18. I would echo some of the answers above. If you have to make a claim and you were taking pictures for gain (ie stock) then it is quite possible your claim would be refused. You need to check the fine print carefully. Of course, as soon as you ask the insurance company you will raise a question over your policy usage. The public indemnity insurance is an interesting question. If you hurt someone or damage something while photographing for stock I suspect it is quite unlikely you will be covered under your home insurance unless you specifically ask for this to be covered in whic
  19. I frequently put my Alamy watermarked photographs on both Facebook and Twitter. It is a form of marketing. I have, infrequently, seen zooms on photographs I have put on Twitter - although that could be coincidence. As I am largely a news shooter it can lead to “news leads” as happened just last week. I posted a Facebook picture and a contact got in touch and said he had seen the photograph and that I may be interested in a local covid related event.
  20. I did both and had some issues at Tommy Robinson events, but the frequency and venom is greater and certainly more frequent....
  21. I have had more name calling, abuse and threats from the public (not to mention the wife) in the last three weeks than I have in the last five years.
  22. I am revising my funeral plan so I have one if I die during the current outbreak (out goes the lone piper, fly past and the large choir) and one if I die during "normal" times. Three times now I have seen a funeral procession with just the Hearse, wicker coffin and no mourners . I have also seen (and photographed) bodies arriving at the local emergency mortuary. "In the mist of life we are in death".
  23. There is an Alamy Live News team who decide what gets sent out. I have always found them to be expert in the field of what sells. only a percentage that appears in the live news feed gets “pushed” out. As Phil states it is almost impossible to say what will be used by the newspapers etc. Just go through any print or online newspaper and look at the photographs. There is also a sales team who I believe send out IQ pictures that they believe may be of interest to clients. While most sales are “pull” from publishers there is also a lot of “push” from Alamy i nor
  24. The problem, at the moment, is that there is very little news to shoot.... it will be interesting to see what news photography looks like in the “new normal”. Chuck is correct that there will be demand, but it is the shape, nature and price paid for this demand that is, perhaps, most interesting.
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