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  1. Sold two of these to the same magazine, one for the front cover and one for inside. Mid $$ one slightly less than the other
  2. Things will get worse and then worse again then worse again then....
  3. I know a lot of these PA togs from my Downing Street work. They are all good people, helpful and mostly kind. They are good or excellent photographers with a passion for their art. I was surprised that http://stefanrousseau.com/ was not on the list as he is the best political photographer in the UK and one of the nicest guys you could hope to meet. But, I do reflect they are on a good wage, expenses and mostly an expensed car. They are provided with a stream of jobs with inside information and access. I get $8 a pop for my newspaper print usage, I have to find my own stories,
  4. I have often thought that it is a minor miracle that any of our news photos get used at all... Not to mention the millions of photos held in the Alamy library. How does a photo editor begin to filter 35,000 images....(Asking for a friend)
  5. I agree. Before lockdown I would get 4 to 6 stories in a day in London, now I am lucky to get 2! I tag at the point of submission but as a lot of my pics are politicians the tags are limited and easy.
  6. To be fair to the Live News team, who I have always found to be very responsive, my understanding is that they are working with a much reduced staff. Their primary function is to get news photos reviewed and, when appropriate, out to publications. Despite the reduction in live news contributors, there is still a high level of contributor photographs that must be checked (title, caption, suitability etc) and decisions made as to clients to which they are dispatched, all in a tight time frame. I understand the argument that news items caught by non live news contributors can be most imp
  7. I am a. News shooter and get a lot of sales from the scheme. I agree that online sales do attract a low price, there are occasional high value sales. On this scheme it is about volume. It must be said that newspaper sales have dropped a little during the pandemic my revenue has remained steady.
  8. Thanks Win, you may well be right. I have been in an out of the Alamy Website several times today (sad I know) but the message only came up this afternoon. Anyway I have changed it......
  9. When I logged in to my Alamy account just now I got a message on my iPad saying that my password was in a data leak and should be changed for the Alamy site immediately. Is anyone else aware of this issue? I have contacted contributors relations.
  10. There is, in my view, nothing going wrong with Alamy, what is going wrong is world economics hit by the impact of covid. No one deserves “to be paid much more than this”. In Monetary economics the value of any economic item Is what someone is willing to pay for it. Alamy does not set prices, the market does this. There is massive over supply in our market and the price will drop until supply equals demand. some contributors, including myself are reporting normal or better revenue, some, maybe most, are reporting lower revenue but the contributors on here are a tiny, self select
  11. Iain, I think you are correct. The announcements appears to be moving Alamy into a key position as a specialist editorial stock agency. What I am unclear about is where that leaves Alamy news shooters? I have no idea....
  12. This should drive more customers to Alamy but also means more competition, particularly for news shooters.
  13. Tweet from Alamy Reuters, the world’s largest multimedia news provider, has joined our library so you can tap into the latest and greatest imagery across news, politics, entertainment and sports. Keep your content fresh with Reuters iconic imagery Live news anyone?
  14. Thank you, that is a good idea. I have been thinking of a D850 for a while. I dropped the idea of the D6 as there is insufficient difference from the D5 to warrant the purchase. I did see a You Tube video of the D6 with the new lens and the results were stunning, so if I ever win the lottery (and more than the £1.50 I won last week).....
  15. Nikon AF-S Nikkor 120-300mm f/2.8E FL ED SR VR Telephoto Zoom Lens Product Code: 3240450K Approximately £9,500 I would have purchased this had I not had some doubts about the long term future of Live News.
  16. 4Country: United KingdomUsage: EditorialMedia: Newspaper - nationalPrint run: up to 750,000Placement: Inside and onlineImage Size: 1/4 pageStart: 04 June 2020End: 05 June 2020Any placement in paper and online. One use in a single editorial article used within the print and digital versions of a single publication. Digital usage includes archive rights for the lifetime of the article $$$ Not quite sure why I got a red arrow for this... No matter
  17. This week I shot some images in a couple of gyms as they prepared to open. When I checked today I found dozens if not hundreds of PA Images on Alamy, on the same subject. It looks like I have some new, inevitable, competition on Alamy.
  18. I also use Google search like this "ian davidson alamy" -alamy.com -shutterstock.com -picfair.com -flickr.com This removes most unrelated photos. To be honest you will not find many. I am published almost daily in newspapers and newspaper websites (on average 4 times per week) I am lucky if I find 10% of my usage. The other approach that can work is to either Tin Eye or Google image search is to check all photos that are zoomed. Just be happy with your sales.....
  19. You may find that photo mechanic is the solution. Although designed for news and sports photographers, for you the opening, ranking and culling is Super fast. , You can download a trial version. It is not totally intuitive but it does not take long to learn and integrates fine with editing tools. It increased my workflow bu over 50%.
  20. I find it very hard to believe a 14% weekly increase in customers. That would equate to an enormous number of buyers. One wonders how they measure this and. Strongly suspect an arithmetic error. I could just about believe 1.4%. In addition, What percentage have they “lost” - the “churn” rate. Don’t get me wrong I strongly like Alamy and am grateful to them for the sales but I just find the concept of 14% without a similar churn to be difficult.
  21. Ed, unusually I disagree with you. One of the several things I like about Alamy is that news pictures drop into stock. This week, one of my old Brentwood FC pictures was purchased for a book published in Greece (Go figure). I do get my news pictures, which are more than 90% of my work zoomed frequently. My zooms have remained steady, mostly due to my Dominic Cummings pictures but my searches have dropped by more than 50% recently.
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