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  1. Hmmm. I have the RX100 V and the RX10 III. The thing that jumped out at me is that the addition of extra focal length has been at the expense of lens speed. I can't say that the RX100 VI would make me replace the V as a result.
  2. I shred the discs in a shredder that is capable of shredding plastic cards and discs - most modern shredders can do this. Otherwise, you could make a pretty wind chime from the discs, or use them as outdoor drink coasters :-)
  3. David, I've been using Lenovo towers for years now - the most recent version I have is getting on to 2 years old with a 128GB SSD and 2TB hard drive in the tower, 32 GB RAM and i7 processor, with 2 NAS units of 6TB each, that store my images (I managed to fill 1 NAS and now am on the way to filling #2). I run Lightroom and CC PS 2014, with the LR catalog sitting on the 2TB internal drive. I don't find that it is that slow to retrieve images from the NAS to work with in LR. The only time I use internal storage for images is when I'm making photobooks, and that is due more a performance issu
  4. I've had the Benq, Philips and Dells IPS panel monitors. My current Dell 27" replaced a Philips 24" which replaced a Benq can't remember inch over a period of a decade. I was happy with all of them when I had them. The Dell is fine, easy to calibrate, however the model I have has a built in USB 3.0 hub which is notorious for failing (as mine did). There's no apparent fix for it, but it still works as a USB 2.0. Annoying, but not the end of the world.
  5. Thanks for asking for input, Alamy! My wish list: (1) Lightroom Plug-in that means I only need to do minimal work in Manage Images. This would largely negate (2) and (3) (2) LARGE thumbnails, preferably delivered via a 'responsive' UI. For example, I do most of my work on a 27" monitor - the current thumbnails are tiny and I would like them to use as much of the screen real estate as possible. But if I move to an iPad for example, I would also want the thumbnail to occupy screen real estate in keeping with the size of the tablet. 'One size fits all' is no longer appropriate. (3) Al
  6. Better than average month - 5 sales for $600. Average price bumped up by last minute marketing use sale.
  7. I was an early adopter of this product and found that the connection speed increased significantly when my cat was purring. Must be the additional kinetic energy generated. Anyway, I have two cats, so #2 cat is now fitted out as a wi-fi repeater station, and I have high-speed coverage for when I'm up the nearest tree or hiding in the chimney. Brilliant product...I'm sure iinet ship internationally too!
  8. I have been to and can recommend Kwandwe Private Game Reserve. It's near Grahamstown and Port Elizabeth. If you travel along the Garden Route by car it's reachable - I took 2 days by car to get there...otherwise fly to Port Elizabeth from Cape Town and from memory the reserve organises shuttle transfers. Or they have an airstrip you can charter a small plane to fly you into :-). The image below is from a drizzly morning in April 2012. I'm going back in September of this year for 4ish weeks and spending 2.5 weeks on safari at three different reserves - Ngala (on the edge of Kruger), P
  9. John, It looks like red fringing to me. I use LR almost exclusively now, so I would use the defringing tool in LR to try to remove it. I spend a lot of time checking for purple and red fringing (my canon 24-105 lens and X-Pro 1 18mm lens are culprits), and I find that tool to be the quickest way to deal with it. Cheers Chris
  10. Hi Alex, the grey on grey probably doesn't help. I bought a RX100M2 at Christmas and I'm really happy with it. I find the image quality comparable to my X-Pro 1, however my shooting style has to change with the RX100M2. I have found that the degree of software processing in the camera can lead to some unexpected outcomes, and it pays to try the various settings to find what works in a given situation. Experimenting pays off I find. At night I usually shoot three images at different settings, as I find that the 'night' scene mode delivers good results in some situations, but paradoxically t
  11. 2001 or 2002 I think...I had my first sale in 2003. Ah, the glory days of mailing CDs from Australia :-)
  12. I've found the same thing with the X-Pro 1 - a day's shooting and it's in need of a recharge. Using the LCD screen to set the auto focus points seems to be a major battery drain. I'm used to a few days from my Canon DSLR's, so 300 shots or so was a rude surprise!
  13. Thanks.... That's exactly where we have booked our Casa Andina Private Collection. I'll be taking my X Pro1 as well as the Sony RX100. I'll probably use the Xpro with a 35mm and keep it out of sight and mainly use the RX100 when walking around. I stayed at the Casa Andina PC when I was in Lima in 2010. It's excellent accommodation in a good area. There was a great cafe downstairs with free wi-fi :-). One thing to be aware of, unless the 'rules' have changed recently, is that Peru customs cannot understand why you would need more than one camera, and if you're subject to their russian roulet
  14. Best month in 12 years on Alamy for me! Broad mix of travel guides, newspapers and corporate sales, with the odd website only usage.
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