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  1. Yes, I fear that may be a problem. I've been uploading, thinking that it's a numbers game, and that I should add as many as possible. Similar images and similar tags in too many cases I reckon... Will
  2. Chuck I will admit that not all my images are out of the top drawer, but the one you select for particular disapprobation is emphatically a strong one, and indeed has won an exhibition prize. The face fills the frame, has searing eye contact and a winning expression: what's not to like? You may have heard of street photography. Strangers, whose likeness you grab à la sauvette. Thus, almost inevitably, no model release. As for the lack of information, there were 50 relevant tags and geographically specific caption. Simple really. Will
  3. Hello Chuck Can't find the specific image you refer to. But at a guess I'd say I posted it because I thought it was good enough. Will
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I must say I was under the impression that having "UK" and "red telephone box" as separate tags worked just the same. Re the number of images, Chuck certainly implies that less is more, though my experience is that often an image that sells is by no means the one that I would consider the best from a particular shoot, so these days I tend to put all the technically acceptable ones up. BTW, I'll bet I beat you in the time spent researching and captioning images!! Even if I don't always get it right! Again, thanks for your time. Will
  5. I'd happily analyse my AIM data, but can't seem to find it. When I click on "Download your data" in the r/h column in AIM, I get the following gobbledygook: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at ASP.myupload_metadatadownloadhandler_aspx.Page_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e) Is it me being incompetent, or is it broken? Will
  6. Thanks, Paulette. I'll address my supertags and captions (though I often run out of caption space!) Will
  7. Hi Allen Yes: I'm uploading 80 - 100 images each week. Got a big back catalogue! Will
  8. I've been active on Alamy for about 3 years. I've now got over 10,000 images up there, and have sold some 100+ images in that time. But...quantity over quality? Is my tagging up to snuff? Too many similar images? Any comments/reactions/advice gratefully received! https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/114375.html
  9. I'm aware that a contributor's rank is not normally made public by Alamy; nevertheless I have a question! I've been an active contributor for about 3 years now, with a portfolio of over 10,000 images, and a QC rank which has been 3-stars for nearly all that time. My sales have been steady for a couple of years, averaging 4/5 sales a month. Recently however sales have dropped badly, and when I search for my images, I'm often struggling to find them, as they are buried, often many pages down the search engine. I pretty sure my tagging is up to scratch. So my question is: how can I try to improve my ranking? Any hints and tips to get my images more visible would be really appreciated. My pseudonym is will Perrett, by the way!
  10. Hi Marianne For what it's worth, since reading this thread, I've checked some of my older images, and found exactly the same problem of doubling up of tags. Also, the number of tags in AIM doesn't seem to equate with the tags seen when I open one of my images as a potential buyer. But with nearly 9000 images on Alamy, there's no way I can go back and repair the damage. Life's too short! Will
  11. Of course I'm fully aware of the upload requirements, after all I'm nearly 8000 uploads down the line! I'm not suggesting uploading large TIFFs; instead I was suggesting making "normal" 50 mg jpegs smaller: around 25 mgs (before compression). As far as FTP is concerned, I've tried it, and would continue to do so if I didn't get the message "Insecure server, it does not support FTP over TLS". I've tried Googling a fix for this, but can't find anything that I can understand! Any help with that gratefully received! And by the way, I always check that images comply with Alamy's requirements before uploading: I'm not that daft... Will
  12. One thing I've tried, with limited success, is to upload only small batches, typically 5 at a time, and then another 5, and so on. Also I've started making my images smaller, which goes against the grain as far as quality is concerned, but makes them uploadable - just about! Instead of my usual 50mg files (100 as TIFF, 16 bit files), I'm now reducing them to around 25mg...
  13. Please tweak the tags area to allow apostrophes: for instance, French place-names can become unidentifiable if the apostrophe is removed. And why not allow capital letters as well? Will Perrett
  14. Alamy has just sold an image of mine for $3.41. I was under the impression, according to the rubric by individual images, that the cheapest selling price - for personal use and presentation/newsletters - is £9.99, some six times more than Alamy appear to have charged a buyer for my image (note the selling price was in dollars!). Can anyone explain this apparent anomaly, or justify such a meagre sum. I know every little helps, but this is getting close to insulting! Will Perrett
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