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  1. Of course I'm fully aware of the upload requirements, after all I'm nearly 8000 uploads down the line! I'm not suggesting uploading large TIFFs; instead I was suggesting making "normal" 50 mg jpegs smaller: around 25 mgs (before compression). As far as FTP is concerned, I've tried it, and would continue to do so if I didn't get the message "Insecure server, it does not support FTP over TLS". I've tried Googling a fix for this, but can't find anything that I can understand! Any help with that gratefully received! And by the way, I always check that images comply with Alamy's requirements before uploading: I'm not that daft... Will
  2. One thing I've tried, with limited success, is to upload only small batches, typically 5 at a time, and then another 5, and so on. Also I've started making my images smaller, which goes against the grain as far as quality is concerned, but makes them uploadable - just about! Instead of my usual 50mg files (100 as TIFF, 16 bit files), I'm now reducing them to around 25mg...
  3. Please tweak the tags area to allow apostrophes: for instance, French place-names can become unidentifiable if the apostrophe is removed. And why not allow capital letters as well? Will Perrett
  4. Alamy has just sold an image of mine for $3.41. I was under the impression, according to the rubric by individual images, that the cheapest selling price - for personal use and presentation/newsletters - is £9.99, some six times more than Alamy appear to have charged a buyer for my image (note the selling price was in dollars!). Can anyone explain this apparent anomaly, or justify such a meagre sum. I know every little helps, but this is getting close to insulting! Will Perrett
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