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  1. Hi, you can use the Google Image search to help in identification by uploading your image. The search engine will show you sim liar images and this may help to identify anything.
  2. Hi, Sold Cold instant blue pack isolated for $$ https://www.alamy.com/image-details-popup.asp?Imageid=2B1F6506-36A9-47B5-BBD1-745B8C6C6759
  3. Guys, it is now connecting thru FTP with normal speed
  4. Same here even thru FTP! Not possible to connect to their server
  5. Hi guys, There are many millions of pictures on ALAMY; how do you think you can help yours to be seing first? tags and titles are important, do you do any kind of marketing of your pictures and portfolio? I personally use social media like Twitter and Google+ but can see any benefit yet. any other advice? thanks have a nice day
  6. Hi . 2400+ images . 2 to 3 per months . Not enough . 90%-10% and few as exclusive I am on Alamy since a while but I started to upload pics only since a year and half. The sales were not regular and start to be after few months. I will advice to keep uploading frequently, check to submit in Live News as well (increase your visibility?) and try to marketing your pictures (more than 100 millions are on Alamy database). I am based in the Middle East and they are a lot of restrictions to take pictures. the question is how to make sure your pictures are m
  7. Hi, sold today for Newspaper Editorial print and digital use (Wadi in Oman) http://www.alamy.com/image-details-popup.asp?Imageid={B3DB64AC-BAAE-4953-91DF-9F3172BE2488}
  8. Hi, sold two times in two months (my wife driving in Wadi in the Emirates). cheers, http://www.alamy.com/image-details-popup.asp?Imageid={677CAE04-D896-4FD7-B6AF-1F14892CAA95}
  9. Hi, time to time I am using AdWords from Google and you can find help here http://arcurs.com/keywording/ (when it is not freezing). but don't forget to read again the keywords you are going to use and remove the useless ones. regards
  10. What kind of filenames do you use? Are they whatever the camera creates or are they custom? Yes I have specific file names
  11. Hi Guys, I uploaded some picture (a batch of 10). Once done I checked them on the AIM and the preview give me different images; they are not mine at all (soccer players)!?! The file names are correct and I will see once they are approved if it is ok. I was guessing it was an issue with my MAC, I tried on my iPAD and same issue... Someone faced this already? Regards,
  12. Finally it is updated today (was not since 25th)
  13. Hi, DASHBOARD is not updated for me since the 25th !? Stange!
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